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  1. I would look into if it's actually safe to defragment a Raid 0 to begin with - especially with a 3rd party defrag tool. I know it doesn't help you here but, better safe that sorry. Here's a search if you're even interested: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=defragmenting+raid0
  2. I don't know about the other stuff with how they detect a hard disk drive (HDD) vs solid state drive (SSD), and like I've stated in some older posts even Windows 10 can get the detection completely wrong especially with external/portable SSD (although I think that's because of how an external/portable SSD was formatted, and the filesystem it uses). All of their software has that issue. Install one version and it detects them wrong, install the next version and it detects them correct. Luck of the draw I suppose with it being hit and miss and there's been allot of posts about it over the years. My thoughts on using the computer while it's using a secure erase (Drive Wiper, or Wipe Free Space) based on track record with other tools I've used I wouldn't want to induce any activity of my own on a machine while such a process is working. I've seen similar tools over the years trash a hard disk resulting into it needing to be formatted because something went horribly wrong -- and that's really bad if said hard disk has Windows installed on it.
  3. Kind of bad you had to let it "phone home" to Avast in order for it to work. If that's the case for some people (I didn't have that issues using the Portable ZIP version) maybe they should update the system requirements to state an active working Internet connection is required -- that is if it isn't just another of the bugs both software-side and network-side they have to fix.
  4. See here for a solution: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/5739-solution-when-ccleaner-wont-install-or-download-windows/
  5. It happens often enough so I've downgraded to CCleaner v5.63.7540. Glad I archive old versions of software for some time!
  6. Reproduced for the fourth time now. More Info: When it happens the GUI quickly flashes text. Screenshot Proof:
  7. See here how to configure it: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57017-new-cckeaner-interface/?do=findComment&comment=315852
  8. You can use the "old-school" way by doing this: 1. Open CCleaner. 2. Click Options. 3. Click Settings. 4. Enable/Tick: Custom Clean Now when you open CCleaner it will default to Custom Clean instead.
  9. CCleaner v5.64.7613 has a cleaning duplication doubling bug I've been able to reproduce on three separate occasions: Using Custom Clean, and then clicking Analyze it will sometimes duplicate and double what it states it can clean. It will show two identical results for things like built-in default cleaners such as; Internet Explorer, Temporary Files, etc., and also this doubles the amount of disk space it shows will be reclaimed. Closing CCleaner, and starting it again remedies the issue, until it happens again.
  10. Well if it's a USB drive sometimes Windows regardless of how ancient or brand new it is will require a reboot when USB isn't working correct, i.e.; like the drive not mounting ("showing up") - although sometimes Windows just needs to be given time to detect and mount the drive, I've lost count how many times I've seen that with a USB drive.
  11. Oh so sad my local account isn't going to be compatible, good riddance!
  12. Got it, thanks Nergal.
  13. Not sure exactly which Windows OSes that Disk Management may make you reboot in to do this but it can be very annoying in some older versions of Windows. Nirsoft's freeware DriveLetterView can also change drive letter's and I've never seen it require a reboot.
  14. That isn't unique to CCleaner's registry cleaner, allot of them have that happen when you allow them to remove one reference it invalidates another that may have been pointing to it, etc. Been that way as long as I can remember. However has Nukecad stated registry cleaning Win10 isn't something that should be done.
  15. Even easier - in Windows 10 to quickly open Disk Management: Right-click the Windows icon/logo in the Taskbar, and select Disk Management. -------------- Something else: If that drive is in an external/portable USB HDD or SSD (not one pre-made by a drive manufacturer) that you DIY made yourself with a loose drive and placed into an external/portable enclosure try switching to a different enclosure. Sometimes those inexpensive USB HDD/SSD enclosures can have a controller failure. Also sometimes switching a drive from one enclosure to another without re-formatting the drive can cause the drive to fail to be recognized.
  16. Usually 3rd party partitioning software that has more features than what's built into Windows own partition tool have the ability to hide/unhide partitions. In those 3rd party partition tools however you have to remember to click the Apply button though in order for them to follow your requests otherwise they won't do anything.
  17. Is CCleaner running on an Admin account, or a limited user account? It has limited capabilities if not ran with Admin privileges. I don't personally use it, but when hit by a road block of Windows I'll just Take Ownership in Windows 10 of a file or folder.
  18. In your first screenshot I originally had that run off of the text at the bottom when I got a 15 inch laptop with a 1080p screen. There's a ton of programs that are in need of an update to natively address Windows 10 scaling, so I usually dabble with either great or limited success manually changing the High DPI Scaling Override of programs. You can change them on a shortcut, or the actual .EXE file by right-clicking it and selecting: Properties > Compatibility Screenshot:
  19. As the topic title states: Alphabetize the cleaners listed in CCleaner. It's odd because when I make my own winapp2.ini cleaners they're perfectly alphabetized, whereas the defaults aren't. Also if possible a long time wish has been for alphabetization of CCleaner.ini, especially for those of us using the portable version.
  20. Re-apply new thermal compound! Search YouTube on how to do it.
  21. Hmm, let's make a Paraprosdokian out of this for the fun of it:
  22. Yes it's easy to make on your own if you already have a portable version to copy from. But they might consider posting that info as an illegal means of doing it or some form of circumvention. At least that's what I've been told previously by another moderator when I posted those instructions and promptly deleted the post I made. The moderation team was told years ago that they'd phase out the portable versions, maybe they're doing that now, but I've no ideal and can't speculate because they haven't told the moderation team anything either.
  23. Sometimes with Win10 restarting the computer will cause it to refresh the icons.
  24. YouTube in the original Edge browser for Win10 was usually the only smooth experience for low-end hardware like entry-level budget laptops since there were fewer issues like dropped frames, even Chrome wasn't as good for it. Don't know what low-end hardware will use with Edge Chromium taking over as the main Win10 browser. Firefox on YouTube has never been a smooth experience for me even on good hardware, it's always had some slow loading lag (supposedly induced on purpose by Google/YouTube if we are to believe reports), whereas in my preferred SRWare Iron (based on Chromium) it's a complete non-issue other than RAM usage.
  25. PicPick Portable URL: https://portableapps.com/apps/graphics_pictures/picpick-portable License: Freeware (Personal use) / Paid (Business use) Supports: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ---------------------------------------------- Edit - some annoyances it has: * It can be tricky to get sized correctly with its awkward GUI design. * It stays running resident in the task bar when you think you've exited out of it, so you have to manually close it using the task bar icon (near the clock). * When manually closing it in the task bar it will sometimes cause it to throw an error dialog the next time you run it stating it wasn't closed correctly the last time. *... other than that it's good. ---------------------------------------------- I was only looking for a good and simple color picker, and I ended up finding PicPick Portable. It's really impressive, and way better than what I was originally looking for. Features Screen Capture: Take screenshots of the entire screen, an active window, specific region of the screen, free hand, scrolling window and more. Auto-scroll, dual monitors and sound effect are supported. Image Editor: Intuitive User Interface (Windows 7 Ribbon style). Standard drawing, shapes, arrows, lines, text, and etc. Effects are supported as well. Blur, sharpen, hue, contrast, brightness, color balance, pixelate, rotate, flip, frame effect and more. Color Picker and Color Palette: Various color code type (RGB, HTML, C++, Delphi). Photoshop style RGB/HSV conversion is supported. Pick and Save your favorite color. Screen Pixel Ruler: Horizontal and vertical orientation. various units (Pixels, Inches, Centimeters). DPI setting (72, 96, 120, 300). Screen Magnifier: Zoom 2x to 10x option. Stay on top, smooth display, and sizeable window. Screen Protractor: Helps you find angles on screen. Pick a center, then a location, then the angle in degrees away from the first. Can be used in a variety of photography, math, and graphics applications. Screen Crosshair: For aligning objects in graphics or design applications. For calculating relative coordinates on screen.
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