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  1. I still have to go to my command-line and type winver to get it?
  2. Hello Please remove from [Internet Explorer *] the line: RegKey4=HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl It contains some settings that can be useful and are used by some of us, either through group policy or otherwise. The way to clean something is not to wipe all the settings. These settings in particular are used (queried) not only by IE, but also by many programs that access the Internet (or try to or are badly written to try to). You can check with Process Monitor, nearly every program uses them. For Windows 7 I am sure that many programs use them, and I see the queries also on Win10, don't know if they are used to the same extent, but they are used. I remove the line manually for nearly a year since it was introduced, enough is enough.
  3. Hi, I got Ccleaner pro but the option to do a hidden cache clean isn't there in the scheduling menu. How to solve this??
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