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  1. For anyone using Firefox ESR Portable from PortableApps here's the exclusion (assuming you're also using CCleaner Portable) Example 1: Exclude1=PATH|C:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile\*\|*.sqlite-shm;*.sqlite-wal||0|0|24 Example 2: Exclude1=PATH|P:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortableESR\Data\profile\*\|*.sqlite-shm;*.sqlite-wal||0|0|24
  2. Thank you for posting that, been awhile since I updated that cleaning entry. Just cleared up a little over 93MB.
  3. ESET had detected it for years even before other AVs did, and it seems like most versions of CCleaner released will get someone posting about ESET blocking it, however ESET is likely trying to protect their users from accidentally clicking Ok/Yes in a software installer that contains additional 3rd party offers of potentially unwanted software. Your best bet is to use the link Nukecad posted, and bookmark it, so that you can always download the Slim setup file.
  4. If you don't have an actual backup disk image of the drive in question with a disk imaging tool such as Acronis True Image, Macrium Reflect, etc., you're unfortunately probably out-of-luck. The "quick format" that Windows does wouldn't wipe the drive clean, but since DBAN had already ran even for a mere 10 seconds I doubt you'll have much if any success using consumer-grade recovery software be that freeware or paid or Recuva or whatever else.
  5. What version of Win10 with all updates? I.e.; Windows 10 v2004, Windows 10 v1909, or Windows 10 1903.
  6. I've recovered multiple times before from a USB Flash Drive but only with videos, which I seem to keep accidentally deleting with my Sony PS3 (still good as a video player even in 2020 and that's all I use it for). If the USB Flash Drive has corruption, or was accidentally formatted that could lessen your recovery chances. You'll get better results trying to recover immediately and always onto a different drive.
  7. The in-built Win10 tools for snipping is what I started using after my recommendation a few posts up about PicPick Portable, I have less issues using the tools Win10 already has. Although for older systems PicPick Portable is still useful. albeit with a few annoyances.
  8. Windows Defender has some false positive issues lately, for instance it will detect a custom HOSTS file that's clean as a hijack.
  9. Third party antivirus (Avira, etc.,) would use that area to download updates, I don't know if they still do because I haven't bothered installed any of them on my Win10 laptop. Tons of programs in the past at least use that area.
  10. Windows Defender was having a few false positives with a version of the definition files released this morning. Have Windows Defender update to see if it's still detecting the file.
  11. I wonder if Windows power settings could've put the drive to sleep if the PC was unattended and not in use long enough for that. Even on my laptop I've turned off powering down the drives, and I've disabled USB suspending because it always eventually causes issues with external backup drives.
  12. It would be worth also doing some S.M.A.R.T. scans on the drive, then again those Dell utilities you mentioned probably already do that when checking the drive. If I'm remembering correctly from twenty years ago it is or was called the Dell Hard Drive Confidence Utility.
  13. Aw you could've played on that a little bit, and said I was a resident A.I. or something to make everyone scratch their heads.
  14. Look in the program folder that the cad software is installed into, and if you're very lucky they used a standard installer that will have a .EXE file you can double-click to start the uninstall. They are usually named something like: unins000.exe, uninst.exe, uninstall.exe Edit: The other option is if you by chance had System Restore enabled is to restore a very recent Restore Point which will restore the registry data needed for the Uninstall to work.
  15. How did it kill your HDD if it eventually was listed again by Windows and was usable? If it had actually killed the HDD it would be unusable and need replacing. To cause the issue did you shutdown the PC while Defraggler was still defragmenting the drive? If so that's a big no no with any disk utility from defrag software to secure disk wiping programs. Some disk utilities don't like that at all since in some it can be like pulling the plug, and in some cases can set a disk as the RAW format. Although like most disk defrag software Defraggler uses the Microsoft Defrag API which means it
  16. Something else for them to fix then.
  17. Trium, try the Builds page: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  18. Do you have the portable.dat file (it's 10 bytes) and should be in the directory where CCleaner.exe is stored? It tells CCleaner it's portable, without it registry data will be created. portable.dat contains this in it (should you need to create it for yourself): #PORTABLE#
  19. You're answering a question from 7 months ago!
  20. I wonder if the last XP/Vista version would instead work:
  21. I don't know how restrictive Windows 7 is with old versions but on Windows 10 it won't let you install or use versions that are too old. Some things to try: 1. Restart your computer. 2. To rule out any disk errors run Windows built-in tool ChkDsk on your disk drive, here's how. 3. Try the CCleaner Slim installer again and if it fails again try the Portable ZIP. Both of those can be downloaded here. The Portable ZIP should be unzipped into its own unique folder (don't run it from within the ZIP archive), example unzip into: C:\CCleanerPortable
  22. It doesn't allow excluding using a wildcard in Duplicate Finder from what I can tell looking at the GUI. It would have to be a feature request for them to implement in the future.
  23. Post a new question about CCleaner in a new topic instead of resurrecting a 15 years old topic about another software that ironically is blacklisted in modern versions of Windows because it's incompatible. Topic locked.
  24. You could try the Corrupted Recycle Bin Fix: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/42673-corrupted-recycle-bin-fix/
  25. My guess is like Nukecad's with it being a gaming rig would be the GPU since they don't last forever, however maybe it needs to be re-pasted if it's causing shutdowns - that is if it's actually the GPU but who really knows. You might want to try a computer hardware gaming forum instead where they might be able to walk you through troubleshooting issues, and don't forget there's probably a myriad of YouTube videos and Google searches for particular issues where you can look at a video or pictures of what to attempt.
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