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  1. Do you have a browser-independent download manager installed? These sometimes make entries in the registry, even though the corresponding browsers have not been installed. These unwanted registry entries must then be removed manually. Brave: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BraveSoftware Opera: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Opera Software
  2. Thanks for the modified/revised entries. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/e1d8a1adc7ba5d8727a4c3f7378116569c9091b2 https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/26cc78022b3c8f2dc81ae1fb73441cd8cdbda299 Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/6923d56a2484d251220193548f6e0be56b7a48f1
  3. I also only ever use local accounts. This is the complete Winapp3.ini entry: [Edge Installer *] Section=Dangerous Edge Chromium DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge* Warning=This will prevent successful online updates. You will need to download the installer for a reinstallation. FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge*\Application\*\Installer|*.7z FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Edge*\Application\*\Installer|*.7z
  4. The entry [Edge Update *] removes cached installation files, however I have never had problems with this on my systems. [Edge Update *] ... FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Download|*.*|RECURSE FileKey5=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Install|*.*|RECURSE Is it possible that you are using the Winapp3.ini entry [Edge Installer *]? This is known to cause the problem you describe. [Edge Installer *] ... FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Edge*\Application\*\Installer|*.7z
  5. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/7d499d570f1c17a2e43c91190215c047fc729ac1
  6. Thanks for the new entries. Ok, then the graphics driver seems to always install the GCC service, no matter if the "Metro App"-based settings GUI gets installed or not. In my humble opinion, we should stick with the LangSecRefs specified by CCleaner for Winapp2.ini. Introducing special sections for different manufacturers (Intel, AMD, Adobe, Cyberlink, ...) would only make the display in CCleaner more confusing. The entries in the Winapp2.ini file are sorted alphabetically, so that you have at least in this all entries of a manufacturer together.
  7. Thanks for the updated entry. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/d1fe2808efbf19ff9b169e32320375b5b8d21c0c
  8. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/30a76685265d325d9dc7c763bd2cbfa19181b755
  9. Thank you for your reply. Ok, got it. Never mind.
  10. An entry for removing these empty "tw-*.tmp" folders has existed for quite some time: [System Profile Temp Folders *]
  11. Thanks for the revised and new entries. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/0201f9a9c56a86d046e70fd5c84f8cf854a6d80d https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/5c5c1a8ce81c1e0824350024a37d3f1b8e143880 Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/9bceee426d96829e17486be01c9aae2a86e674d6
  12. This entry already exists, as it does for all other Chromium-based browsers. [Edge Bookmarks Icons Extras *] LangSecRef=3006 DetectFile=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge* Warning=This will delete all the icons of your bookmarks. The icons will be rebuilt as websites are manually re-visited. FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge*\User Data\*|Favicons However, these entries were moved to "removed entries.ini" after you reported in October 2019 that CCleaner now correctly deletes orphaned icons (from bookmarks that no longer exist). If this is no longer the case, then you should report t
  13. Thanks for the revised entries. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/feef4b9f199a4eba3d15a748621d82c739350276 Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/2ae1ef092d5bee672f76c38c7e831f94ed8c48b5
  14. Just my humble opinion: Since the category (LangSecRef, Section) has no impact on the function of an entry, but only on the visual sorting in the user interface, this effort is not really worth it. In addition, the categories between the different lists (winapp.ini, winapp2.ini, removed entries.ini, winapp3.ini) are now well aligned, so a mass change could mess things up again.
  15. Just to be sure: These folders are Chromium-based and use LevelDB. The *.log files are therefore not usual logfiles but important database files. Therefore, all files of a database (*.ldb;*.log;CURRENT;LOCK;LOG;LOG.old;MANIFEST-*) should always be deleted or only the real logfiles (LOG;LOG.old). https://github.com/google/leveldb/blob/master/doc/impl.md
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