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  1. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/f46ecbdee14c02bda07b99ff4a61fbea5d0facd4
  2. JFYI: CCleaner has not yet built in its own cleaning rule for "Microsoft Teams", therefore CCleaner does not recognize it and no box for it appears.
  3. Thanks for the info. But the entry [Microsoft Teams *] is correct and works as it should. I have just tested it again. "Microsoft Teams" still stores its program files under %LocalAppData% and the user data under %AppData%. The mentioned thread has nothing to do with Winapp2.ini, because the thread starter nowhere mentions that he uses Winapp2.ini. The fact that no "Microsoft Teams" box appears is simply because CCleaner has not yet built in its own cleaning rule for "Microsoft Teams".
  4. Thanks for the new entry. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/0be2ad829d9aaf7a52dc2d4f259d5f85c0a9003f https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/4b2c6c3131c8e60801255f794bde3dd3aa1fc16d
  5. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/372cf1554ec8fb6ef9f35ffae45048478f53dcc9
  6. It's good that you checked again. Thank you!
  7. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/5ed45e83460a3df14ede1fd3c2be59a5b67458a3 Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/575ab4eeb82c56f99a3bf3ea4b655fe6bfef031c
  8. I can't really imagine CCleaner having any effect on this by deleting simple temporary files. Does your PC have an Intel graphics chipset? There has been a known problem with this for months: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000058381/graphics/graphics-for-8th-generation-intel-processors.html
  9. Winapp2.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/d1a0b4aa258ecf5ef2e860eb91b8dcc862bb5f80
  10. It depends on what follows the wildcard folder: If another folder name follows, then it can be multiple folders. "...\*\FolderName|SearchPattern" Although this could theoretically cause a problem, it has never happened in practice. If, on the other hand, a search pattern follows, then it is only a single folder. "...\*|SearchPattern" However, the wildcard folder cannot be omitted because the "Default" folder is no longer named just "Default" when different browser profiles are used. The "Service Worker" folder is already cleaned by CCleaner itself (by the "Internet Cache" entry).
  11. The Winapp2.ini entry uses "\Code Cache|*.*|RECURSE". This means that everything from this folder including all subfolders will be deleted. Only a completely emptied folder "Code Cache" remains. Therefore, the entry [Code Cache *] deletes even more than your "Custom Files & Folders", which only deletes the "js" subfolder. Only my opinion: I have no idea how and what CCleaner counts. I would not take that so important. I am only interested in the real result after running the cleanup. And whether a folder has been completely emptied, you can easily determine via the Explorer. The entry [Edge Code Cache *] also cleans the beta versions, hence the wildcard after Edge ("\Microsoft\Edge*\User Data\").
  12. Ok, well, mistakes happen. Great! Glad it works now.
  13. Again, the [Blob Storage *] entry does not clean the "Code Cache" folder! You have to use the entry [Code Cache *]. I have already explained why nothing is displayed for the [Blob Storage *] entry:
  14. The entries are actually the following: [Blob Storage *] [Edge Blob Storage *] Are you using a current version of Winapp2.ini? The "Blob Storage" usually only contains an empty subfolder, which is why CCleaner then also shows no disk space. However, the "Code Cache" is cleaned by the following entries: [Code Cache *] [Edge Code Cache *]
  15. There is nothing to be surprised about, wildcards have always been functional. The mentioned Winapp2.ini entries also work without errors.
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