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  1. Thanks, Andavari. FileHippo's archive is somewhat corrupt or something because whatever file version I click on it always returns the same result link https://dlccleaner.filehippo.com/ccsetup563_pro_fh.exe I think I've found the solution to the problem. It had nothing to do with Chrome background service (which was turned off in my case). I tried to install a new version of CCleaner while CCleaner itself was running in the background from the tray area. Once I exited CCleaner and cleaned Chrome's data for the past 24 hours, the problem successfully resolved.
  2. HI there, Till yesterday I had been using CCleaner v. 5.53 or so. Now once I installed the latest version I've noticed new CCleaner does not clean all the session data, so I stay logged into forums even once the cleaning is done. Is there anybody else to confirm this observation? Where do I find the archive of previous versions of CCleaner? System information: Windows 10 Home 1909 64-bit, Chrome 64-bit the latest version Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Nergal. Version 4.5.1 seems just fine
  4. So the question remains, where do I download it from? Ideally I would expect an answer including the link
  5. Hi all, Please advise where I can download CCleaner which would be compatible with older Androud versions such as Android 4.1. Thanks.
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