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  1. Ran the program and now my internet locks up at times and I get several "unresponsive script" pops up on some sites and some operations. Also, when typing, it takes a long time for text to appear on the screen. Here is just one example - Script: https://googleads.g.doubleclic…fx=0&fu=148&bc=1&ifi=1&dtd=164:0 I went to debug and tried to copy the whole string but it will not highlight. They all have to same start to them but different endings. Sometimes if I wait long enough the problem will go away and other times I have to shut down. Have ran Ccleaner several times and re-booted but problem is still there. In the past, I would get this "unresponsive script" once in a while but not like now. And also, I have win10 and went to go back to a restore point but there are none. I thought restore points were automatic unless changed - I have never changed them since I got this computer with win10 on it.
  2. jeb1

    Ran Defraggler

    Started it at 5:30 and when I went to bed after midnight it said it would take >day to finish. This on a drive with 174GB. Also, before it started it said 10% fragmented. At midnight it said 11% fragmented and this morning is says 10% fragmented again. What is going on? Is this normal to take that much time? Also, I have been having my computer come up with "not responding" of late - usually when on the internet. I started playing WoT's and it comes up there all the time. It did this in the middle of the defag as well - stopped for about 2 mins and continued.
  3. jeb1

    What's going on?

    Ran in Debug and have about the same results - as it has done in the past, every time I run defrag it comes up with a different number of files that need to be defraged - maybe 56 then 138 then 44, etc. Ron wanted me to send him a file - how do I find the file? tks - jb
  4. jeb1

    What's going on?

    Tks, Keith - will do so right now. - jb
  5. jeb1

    What's going on?

    Ron, how do I do this? I just went back to the program and don't find a way - and nothing in "help" either. And, Don, over half the drive is showing red - it is not just a couple of files.
  6. jeb1

    What's going on?

    I have an Acer machine which has 2 partitions on it (C and D) and another hard drive as slave. When I defrag the C it now shows about 1.4 lines of mostly blue but some red then 3.6 lines of white followed by 2 lines of mostly red. I have ran the defrag several times and it does not improve. When I defrag E it shows about 1.1 lines of all blue with only two reds but several blues scattered throughout the rest of the white and a few reds as well. At the bottom row right are 4 reads and several golds. Every time I click on defrag it starts and runs for about 15 mins moving stuff around but when finished not much seems to have changed. What is going on and what is the solution? (I did an update before I started.) - jb
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