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  1. Kas


    Thank you so much for that comprehensive reply. You have explained all I need to know.
  2. Kas


    I use Defraggler regularly, normally on a quick defrag. It defrags OK, but the file list shows files still fragmented. I then defrag the file list and that works OK where the fragmented files are then defragged. Question ? WHY does Defraggler not do its job properly in the first place and not leave fragmented files to be done separately ?
  3. A quick defrag took 13 minutes. Windows seem to calculate % fragmentation on number of files. They gave fragmentation at 3%. Total number of files on PC is 295,000, they gave 7,900 fragmented. 7,900/295,000x100 = 2.7% Defraggler seems to consider GB, they gave 13% fragmentation - 6.9 GB out of 53.9 GB used. 6.9/53.9x100 = 12.8% After defrag, Defraggler gave 14 files @ 4.8 GB still fragmented with 48 fragments - saying it is still 9% fragmented ! 4.8/53.9x100 = 8.9% !!! IMO "number of files" is the correct basis on which to consider fragmentation, NOT GB. I will
  4. Impossible to use Defraggler, it takes longer to defrag than a Windows Feature update.
  5. Having sung the praises of Auslogics, I must advise of an aspect of this program which is so unacceptable that I dumped it. Progressively over the years I have repeatedly noticed using Malwarebytes, that Auslogics implant a huge number of Pups into the users system. Malwarebytes recently found 61 Auslogics Pups on my system. That was the deciding factor - I completely uninstalled the program.
  6. Fair enough Nuke. All I can add is that after a defrag with Auslogics, an analyse check with Windows built-in Defragger shows 0% fragmentation.
  7. Sorry Nuke but you have it all wrong. I have only used Defraggler a few times since December last when I got my new PC. I have consistently used Auslogics many, many times, even after a massive Windows Feature update from 1809 to 1903 when fragmentation was in abundance. Auslogics also did the hard slog with difficult and large files and did it well within 10 minutes - every time. Defraggler cannot even tackle routine defragging remotely like that - Defraggler always takes ages to complete a defrag - even the simplest. Its no use voicing the virtues of Defraggler I hav
  8. "We will soon be starting to plan for a new release of Defraggler. Are there more things that you wish Defraggler would do for you? Post your suggestions here for Defraggler improvements and new features." NO COMMENT !
  9. Having had Piriform Defraggler for many years with my XP computer, I find that with my new Windows 10/1903 computer Defraggler is a big NO-NO. In my latest defrag of around 4,000 fragments in 380 files, Defraggler was taking longer than a Windows Cumulative update. After 45 minutes with around 1,000 fragments left, I could feel myself growing older and killed it as being a time liability. Auslogics and SmartDefrag complete a defrag in a few tolerable minutes. With sadness I bid Avast Defraggler a permanent Goodbye !
  10. The trials of a PC - CCleaner is now working. Problem not solved but has disappeared.
  11. My CCleaner is not responding after installing the latest version. Panel appears but just lifeless. Windows 10 - 64 bit I have never in 13 years had any trouble with CCleaner until now.
  12. I jumped the gun and uninstalled Defraggler using Revo-Uninstaller which scooped up all the leftover Registry items. I re-installed Defraggler version v2.19.982 and run it. Analyze first, then Defrag. It went fine with no problems. See :- All OK now without needing any diplomas. Thank you all for your comments. Just one of those hiccups I guess, these things happen. What went wrong ? Only God knows and he `ain't telling.
  13. Thank you for your comments. YES I do have that item enabled. Do you reckon if I uninstall Defraggler and re-install, it may cure the problem ? See :-
  14. Analyze : Defrag : Says Defrag Compete - wrong, it has done nothing, just another Health check. Conclusion - Defraggler does not work. Solution - Used [Moderated] for a perfect defrag with no problems.
  15. For years I have - 1. Analyze Drive 2. Defrag Drive under Action and all went OK to defrag.. But now, it does not defrag.. The Analyze works OK but not defrag. It gallops off doing a Calculating Disk Performance and stops there with a nice green GOOD. Clicking Defrag on the bottom button or Defrag Drive under Action makes it gallop off yet again to Calculating Disk Performance and no Defrag. If I View Files and check them, then hit Defrag Checked, it defrags them. But it did that before. Please advise. Version v2.19.982
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