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About Me

Former professional Mechanical Engineer, BSc.Eng, M.I.MechE

Location :- UK - London

Interests :- My home,  my pipe, my beer, my wife and  my wallet. Not in that order of preference.

Occupation :- Retired and loving it. No more clocks, targets, record breaking achievements, kok-ups or even those dreadful, depressive news papers. A virtual Shangri-La of euphoria in a world of chaos. Eureka !


"Kas" was my beautiful, loving and very large German Alsatian. He died suddenly a few years ago in the prime of his life at 6 years old. Had a normal day, then in the evening was taken  ill and was dead in 6 hours. It was bloat. The memories of that dreadful night are still vividly with me every single day and always will be. It hurts to have this username, brings back every horrific detail of the night I lost  him every time I logon. 




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