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  1. Solved, it was my av, Bitdefender. I added CCleaner64.exe to the excluded processes list. Thanks all.
  2. Windows 8.1 Pro x64 CCleaner v5.05.5176 Bitdefender Internet Secutity 2015 The files are either teporary interner files, system temporary files or the recycle bin. The files are not active, I can delete them using Windows Explorer and then empty the recycle bin.
  3. When cleaning any folder or Recycle Bin of any .exe or .dll files the system hangs and is unresponsive when it encounters the first .exe or .dll file. It must be powered down, using the power key. After powering up, all files prior to the first .exe or .dll file have been deleted. I can manually delete the .exe and .dll files and empty the Recycle Bin, CCleaner does not delete them.
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