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  1. Yeah a lot more updates to come. I found it was better to do a few things per update, that way if any unforeseen problems happen I will know exactly what caused it. And with the huge list of things I want to add to the Windows Repair it will take some time to get them all done. When I do a ton of things in one update it is too easy for me to make a simple coding mistake, and I would prefer to not do that lol So I have sort of set my self on a release on monday or tuesday schedule. If I am able to get the time to get the update done during the week I release on one of the following mon
  2. I added the mof and mlf files to the WMI repair, so any 3rd party software that added itself to WMI should get added back now :-) Which was on that link Willy2 posted for /f %%s in ('dir /s /b *.mof *.mfl') do mofcomp %%s Good find bud :-D
  3. Panda will write itself back to the WMI when it does an update. I followed the instructions on MS website on how to repair WMI and deleting the folder was one of the steps. Also on http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2009/04/13/wmi-rebuilding-the-wmi-repository.aspx you will see the xp and 2003 they have the steps removing the old repository. But I will look over that link again and see if I missed anything :-)
  4. In case your wondering about the bug Willy2 is talking about he posted it here to let me know http://www.tweaking.com/forums/index.php/topic,643.msg5358.html#msg5358 I will be looking to it today or tomorrow. Keep in mind the program is still safe and fine to use. The odd bug he reported is after you open the repair window, close it then go back in. If your wondering Willy2 is one of the best testers I have ever had. No one picks apart my programs like him, he is kinda anal about it lol But he does help make my work better :-) I can fix any bug that I can replicate. So I ill be
  5. Yes the advanced monitor runs in the mini monitor and is separate from the task scheduler :-) I also activated your email on my forum. :-) Shane
  6. Let me know what your email is and I can check :-) The advanced monitor int he mini monitor is the best way and easiest way to do it. To do it manually you will want to put cleanmem in a 2nd folder. There you put the settings in the cleanmem_settings file. And have the task scheduler run the cleanmem.exe from that folder. Dont use the cleanmem settings exe, it will simply overwrite your current settings on the system. Shane
  7. CleanMem v2.4.2 Released! http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem v2.4.2 Cleaning of the File Cache is now disabled by default. There are times where cleaning it helps improve performance and sometimes it doesn't depending what the system is doing at the time. So best to let the user decide to have it enabled. Added a new menu option to the mini monitor to manually clean the file cache. This new option is part of the free and pro versions :-) CleanMem and all of its exe's are now terminal services aware.
  8. Adding the menu option to manually clean the file cahce would give me a good reason to make a new version. PLus since cleaning the file cache is part of the free cleanmem and the auto feature is part of the pro I will make the new menu feature part of the free as well :-) SO I will make v2.4.2 today, have file cahce off by defult and have a right click option on the mini monitor :-) Shane
  9. Yeah me and my wife, and we are very happy. Have a healthy family with 4 kids and I get to provide for them and pay my bills by doing what I love and helping others its a win/win :-D Shane
  10. That is what is odd. Cleanmem runs from the task scheduler than closes, it isnt running in the background. So disabling the file cache shouldnt have made any different for a little while since it is only ran when cleanmem runs. None the less I am still going to disable it by default :-) Listening to users is how you make a program better. Shane
  11. Odd, I have the clean file cache option set on mine and never get the slow down. Also clean mem only cleans the file cache when cleanmem runs, so disabling ti and immmeditaly seeing a differance shouldnt of happened. In the mini monitor it has a timer and cleans the file cache as well when it is enabled. This is seperate from cleanmem. The main reason why I added the clear file cache was from my own system. When ever I did a backup my system slowed to a crawl. I checked the file cache and it was huge. When I cleared it everything increased in speed again. So I added that option to clea
  12. Should I have the file cache cleaning disabled by default? Shane
  13. I like how my name is in double quotes lol Shane
  14. I use the task scheduler to launch cleanmem and the mini monitor because of the UAC. It is the only way to have them start without the UAC prompt asking for permission. Shane
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