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  1. Yeah a lot more updates to come. I found it was better to do a few things per update, that way if any unforeseen problems happen I will know exactly what caused it. And with the huge list of things I want to add to the Windows Repair it will take some time to get them all done. When I do a ton of things in one update it is too easy for me to make a simple coding mistake, and I would prefer to not do that lol So I have sort of set my self on a release on monday or tuesday schedule. If I am able to get the time to get the update done during the week I release on one of the following mon or tues. Each update is improvements or new repairs. Since it is a repair tool I am always adding new things for more repairs. So with this program, updates are a good thing :-) Shane
  2. So MS sees XP as such a threat to 8 that they put 2 nags screen in lol. Even though it has been a while, I dont remember any other nag screens like this for any other old version of Windows, am I wrong on that?
  3. Odd they would add a nag screen to it when they already added a nag screen in xp itself from another update.
  4. 3 Fresh installs of Windows 7 today (3 different computers), all updates and the new version hasnt done anything bad to the systems. I haven't tested it on XP yet as I haven't had a xp reinstall in a while. They went from 4.4 to 4.5 I wonder if there was any improvements, to bad MS doesn't put out change logs for it.
  5. Windows defender on 8, which is just this, is still at the 4.4.304 version. But I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 on a customers machine, installed 4.4.304 from my installs folder and the new version does come up in the Windows updates. Yet MS still hasnt updated their main download page with it yet, odd.
  6. I checked Windows updates and no offer to update it and I am still on 4.4.304, I also checked their site and that is still the version they offer to download. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5201 Maybe the update is still rolling out across their servers and will be available later today or tomorrow?
  7. reimagerepair.exe isnt my Windows Repair program :-) You clicked on the ad at the top of the stie instead of the download link just a little further down the page. The actual file name for Tweaking.com - Windows Repair installer is tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio_setup.exe or the portable zip file tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio.zip When you run my tool make sure to have it do a registry backup first just in case. System restore really isnt needed as no files are replaced or moved with the repairs, 95% of the repairs have to do with permissions and the Windows registry, which is where about 99% of Windows problems come from lol Let me know if the program was able to help you at all. And a side note for anyone else, my Windows Repair doesnt not require internet access what so ever. The only time it accesses the net is when you first open it so it can check if there is a updated versions, which you can even turn off. Other than that it never touches in internet and has no need to. Shane
  8. Happy to help. I use MS on all my systems and all my customers (I run a computer repair business) I had noticed high spikes in CPU when doing anything and it happened more on XP than others but it happens to them all. So I started digging and found that trick, tested it and wow it worked lol. So now I do that as my default every time I install it. Of course me being somewhat OCD and a performance nut I couldnt ignore it lol Shane
  9. Sorry about the site going down, freaking apache has been crashing for some reason. Site is back up now :-) And now I need to deal with apache lol Shane
  10. I added the mof and mlf files to the WMI repair, so any 3rd party software that added itself to WMI should get added back now :-) Which was on that link Willy2 posted for /f %%s in ('dir /s /b *.mof *.mfl') do mofcomp %%s Good find bud :-D
  11. Panda will write itself back to the WMI when it does an update. I followed the instructions on MS website on how to repair WMI and deleting the folder was one of the steps. Also on http://blogs.technet.com/b/askperf/archive/2009/04/13/wmi-rebuilding-the-wmi-repository.aspx you will see the xp and 2003 they have the steps removing the old repository. But I will look over that link again and see if I missed anything :-)
  12. In case your wondering about the bug Willy2 is talking about he posted it here to let me know http://www.tweaking.com/forums/index.php/topic,643.msg5358.html#msg5358 I will be looking to it today or tomorrow. Keep in mind the program is still safe and fine to use. The odd bug he reported is after you open the repair window, close it then go back in. If your wondering Willy2 is one of the best testers I have ever had. No one picks apart my programs like him, he is kinda anal about it lol But he does help make my work better :-) I can fix any bug that I can replicate. So I ill be looking into this as soon as I am done with my jobs today. Shane
  13. Yeap pcwintech and tweaking are my two sites :-) Shane
  14. Of course mine does :-) You think I would leave that out? LOL http://www.tweaking.com/articles/pages/tweaking_com_registry_backup_online_help,3.html Shane
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