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  1. Hello... just sliding in with my own comments. Still using v5.40.6411 on Windows 7. Thought I'd check the forum before I updated since I've had some issues in the past. Glad I did! I think I will stay with my current version for now. Also, I've been using Avast free AntiV for some time now. This whole debacle now has me wondering if I should also find an alternative Antivirus program. Seems to me that Avast are the ones whose trust is in question. After scooping up their competitor AVG and now Piriform, it appears that having a much larger database of users to sell their merchandise to
  2. Yahoo! Problem seems to be solved. Looks like Internet Explorer More* was the setting that caused my issue. As for parsing the winapp2.ini, I generally use the trim.bat file to do this. I am wondering though if I should maybe trim the ccleaner.ini file as well. This one is generated from CC itself and has many software entries listed that I don't really need.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Okay we are narrowing it down. Definitely an issue with Winapp2.ini. The file I posted was not this - it was ccleaner.ini in the same directory. Anyway, I downloaded the portable version as Andavari suggested. It ran without the issues described. Then I copied the ccleaner.ini which is posted above into the portable directory. Again no issues. Then putting the Winapp2.ini in the directory - the issues come back again. I know that Piriform does not support winapp2.ini. If I cannot figure out which settings are causing this, I will ask for help in that thread. Anyway,
  4. Been almost a year and many versions later. Have not updated CC v.5.22.5724 until today when I thought I'd try the latest version hoping that my issues had been solved. They have not! Even though I leave ALL checkboxes unticked for Internet Explorer, it still deletes all IE Cookies as well as the Internet History. It does not honor the cookies I want to keep nor does it respect that History is not to be touched. I can re-import the Cookies easily enough but I like to keep History for 30 days. This is not retrievable by any means I am aware of. The standard reply I was getting back last Nov
  5. Think I'm gonna wait and see. How can such a great program become so unreliable?
  6. Just installed v5.24 and the IE cookie issue is not fixed. First time running the app, all the cookies I have selected to keep are still in the cookie folder. However, IE will not recognize them. I need to re-sign in to all sites, whereupon a new cookie is added to the folder. Running Ccleaner again deleted everything in the cookie folder including the new cookies. Re-importing all the desired cookies just repeats the same scenario. I did make sure that IE was not running at the time. Furthermore, all IE history was deleted as well, which is something I have not selected to happen. I do like t
  7. FWIW - I got trim.bat to work again. Uninstalled Ccleaner and reinstalled. Mission accomplished.
  8. Yup. Did that. As I am only one on this machine UAC has been turned off for some time. Right click, runas administrator still gives no joy. I do remember not too long ago removing the Ccleaner task from the Task Manager. I created a new task but, maybe the parameters are incorrect? Can someone advise proper setup for this?
  9. Hi... trim.bat has stopped working for me. I realize the version of winapp2.ini is a little behind the times but, I've installed some softwares and uninstalled others since the latest iteration and was just trying to re-customized the winapp2 file to more accurately reflect my current setup. Upon re-downloading the latest winapp2 file from the website, I am encountering an impasse when trying to accomplish my mission. http://i64.tinypic.com/4raqzr.jpg
  10. Just an observation in regards to Revo Uninstaller. Revo creates registry backups of uninstalled apps. I personally do not need these and manually delete them. There is an entry in Winapp2.ini to remove Revo's backups but, it does not do as I expect it to do. The registry backups are NOT deleted with this entry. What IS deleted in the database file that Revo uses to analyze the programs to be deleted. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what this entry is supposed to do - perhaps it's an error. Have instructed CCleaner to ignore this file (rupilogs.rupldb ) but, then the whole thing is redundant as
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