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  1. I do agree with your methodological analysis in using the program, however the point of my post is to suggest doing away with the little popup window which is superfluous as it gives no meaningful extra information than what is already displayed in the main window.
  2. As stated above "Post your suggestions here for Defraggler improvements and new features." Maybe just me but, I find that little popup window in the middle of the screen to be very annoying. (as well as unnecessary). Most times I just grab it and drag it out the way as the main screen tells me everything anyway. I use Defraggler pretty much daily to defrag files only. I use a different app occasionally for a more thorough consolidation and rearrangement of files.
  3. Yeah, sorry Dave. Have already dealt with this issue with nukecad's help on another thread. Was just surprised that I've not had this issue before.
  4. Sheesh! I didn't have this problem till last Tuesday. Just lucky I guess.
  5. this is fixed in latest version 5.75
  6. I use the RAM drive mainly to keep some of the junk off the HD and consequently it is NOT backed up each night to my external HD. Mostly Internet cache but temp and other stuff could be directed there too. I don't have experience with SSD drives but I'm thinking that "less is more" principle could be a factor here since there would be less read/write on the SSD which could result in more lifespan. Just my opinion. I don't use the laptop much so not really concerned about it. The desktop is used constantly. As for browser, Firefox is what I'm using at the moment. Have tried a few others - Vivaldi is next to try. Will never use Google.
  7. Sigh. Yeah I do realize that. I hung onto XP as long as possible. I never went with Vista or Win 8 although I did have to support them. I'm also a die-hard Internet Explorer user that is now being forced to change. Haven't found one that I feel at home with yet. All the chromium ones seem to build up a lot of crap in the user profiles directory. I can direct the Internet cache to a RAM drive but, there's still a tonne of other caches and logs that are meaningless to me. I'm hoping CCleaner will help me deal with the overload. Anyway, thanks for your help and maybe this thread will help someone else.
  8. Slim install did the job. I am now running v5.75 FWIW. I don't really see any difference but the .dmp files are gone. It occurs to me that in the future, all I really need is to replace the CCleaner64.exe file with an updated version from the portable package. What the regular installer did NOT give me is the screens here.
  9. I'm thinking there might be a problem with the installer as it nuked two (that I know) system files. And it did not even create a CCleaner folder on the root - Just dumped all the files right on drive C then gave me the option to run the program which I did not do because I also wanted to update WINAPP2.ini. I doubt this is because of Win 7 now being EOL as there are still a lot of users yet on that OS and there will be lot of pssst off users if your installer is breaking their systems due to EOL. I think I will try the slim install after my Macrium backup later today. Will post back the results.
  10. OK, I'm back again with some new issues. Was happy to see that the extraneous .dmp files issue was apparently fixed in this updated version. Downloaded the FREE version and installed on Windows 7 64 bit system. Kerish Doctor immediately pops up a message that a protected system file had been changed. "02:04:47 PM - Restoring object "C:\Windows\syswow64\mswinsck.ocx"". I continued the installation whereupon CCleaner was unceremoniously installed on C:/ - yeah right on the root of the system drive. It did NOT give me the screen to install or customize the setup nor did I get the screen to opt-out of AVG. I proceeded to delete the files on root and attempted to use REVO Uninstaller to remove v5.74 before re-installing. Now Revo won't start because HHCTRL.OCX is missing. Tried doing a search for the missing .ocx file but the search app won't start due to the missing HHCRTL.OCX. At this point I restored to this morning's Macrium backup. I re-downloaded the file again and the result was exactly as above. Again I restored to my backup. With an Internet search I was able to find and download v5.73 which I installed with no problems after using Revo to remove v5.74. Apparently prior versions cannot be downloaded from Piriform.
  11. That's the version I have. I'm also on Windows 7 64bit. Maybe there's a difference? The .dmp is created immediately upon closing CCleaner.
  12. v5.74 always creates a .dmp file after it is run. Until this is fixed I have added the Option to Include "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\*.dmp". Problem solved (except for the new one).
  13. Hello... just sliding in with my own comments. Still using v5.40.6411 on Windows 7. Thought I'd check the forum before I updated since I've had some issues in the past. Glad I did! I think I will stay with my current version for now. Also, I've been using Avast free AntiV for some time now. This whole debacle now has me wondering if I should also find an alternative Antivirus program. Seems to me that Avast are the ones whose trust is in question. After scooping up their competitor AVG and now Piriform, it appears that having a much larger database of users to sell their merchandise to is more important than actually delivering a product that is supposed to protect the user from the very behavior that they are pursuing. It's an interesting conundrum. Learn the techniques of the spyware you blacklist, only to try using those tactics yourself in a skillfully crafted manner against a long-time loyal customer base which is almost akin to a "cult" status. This is a huge breach of trust IMO. For those wanting to check out alternatives, Google [removed] Found this site a couple days ago.
  14. Yahoo! Problem seems to be solved. Looks like Internet Explorer More* was the setting that caused my issue. As for parsing the winapp2.ini, I generally use the trim.bat file to do this. I am wondering though if I should maybe trim the ccleaner.ini file as well. This one is generated from CC itself and has many software entries listed that I don't really need.
  15. Thanks for the responses. Okay we are narrowing it down. Definitely an issue with Winapp2.ini. The file I posted was not this - it was ccleaner.ini in the same directory. Anyway, I downloaded the portable version as Andavari suggested. It ran without the issues described. Then I copied the ccleaner.ini which is posted above into the portable directory. Again no issues. Then putting the Winapp2.ini in the directory - the issues come back again. I know that Piriform does not support winapp2.ini. If I cannot figure out which settings are causing this, I will ask for help in that thread. Anyway, thank you all for the help here. Would not have thought to do that since the older CC v.5.22.5724 works fine with the same two ini files.
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