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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that HostsXpert continues to work.
  2. Thanks for the reminder @hazelnut Got it downloaded & installed.
  3. I'm holding off after reading this zdnet article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-2004-were-already-looking-into-these-10-issues-says-microsoft/
  4. After reading this zdnet article, I will NOT be installing Windows 10 2004 even though it's sitting on my PCs ready to be downloaded and installed. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-2004-were-already-looking-into-these-10-issues-says-microsoft/
  5. Thanks @hazelnut that did it. I had already unchecked the option in the OneNote Options, but the second part of checking the Windows Startup folder is where I found the .lnk file. I deleted it and it no longer appears in the CCleaner Startup tab or in Task Manager Startup tab.
  6. I disable it in Task Manager, but it keeps coming back Enabled and I can't delete it from there.
  7. Why can I not delete the Send to OneNote.lnk from Win 10 Startup? I have another Win 10 PC and this entry doesn't even appear.
  8. I use HostsXpert to update, so I didn't even see the date type-o on the website.
  9. AOMEI Partition Assistant says they can do it, but I've never needed to try it myself. https://www.diskpart.com/articles/recover-files-from-unallocated-space-0310.html
  10. nikki605

    No SSD NVM info

    Same result for my Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD installed in a Lenovo T490.
  11. nikki605


    Back in January, I purchased a new laptop that came with an SSD. In February, I replaced the HDD in my desktop system with an SSD. I don't even have Defraggler installed on either machine. Both systems automatically run the TRIM function periodically.
  12. Thanks for the telemetry agent info. I changed the options in Firefox. I also deleted the scheduled task but I wonder if it will be recreated on subsequent Firefox updates. @nukecad said it didn't on his, so I hope it continues that way because I'll forget to check.
  13. Okay, thanks. So it's not just me. I'm sure the internet is overloaded.
  14. Has anyone else noticed a response time slow down this morning. Most pages are waiting for content.invisioncic.com
  15. Let's see... I am using a local account and have Cortana disabled from day 1. I think I'm okay.
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