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  1. Thanks @hazelnut , got it. Hope Mike's doing okay.
  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike.
  3. The update nags are getting really annoying. I am using the Slim version.
  4. I must be missing something. I've taken those steps but still get the reminder.
  5. That's why I didn't use hostman years ago. How do I disable that "feature?" Also, the hostman version on the MVPS website is: HostsMan_4.7.105.zip I found that I had an old saved copy from 2019 that is a later version: HostsMan_4.8.106_installer.zip I'm not sure which to use.
  6. I think the URL to the MVPS website is coded into HostsXpert. Not sure I can change that. I ended up doing it manually.
  7. Strange. I tried to update using HostsXpert like usual and I get an error that says it cannot connect to the website. I'll have to try again later.
  8. Yup. I wondered what happened to the "old" forum and Google led me here. Updated the bookmark.
  9. FWIW Mozilla just told us it will use Rust directly within Firefox rather than in a separate Servo project: "Going forward, we will be writing many new browser components in Rust directly in Firefox rather than in a separate project." Tweet from The Register:
  10. Another article here: https://www.theregister.com/2020/08/14/mozilla_google_search/
  11. Got it. Thanks for keeping me up to date @hazelnut HostsXpert still working on Windows 10 1909. I haven't updated to 2004 yet, so...
  12. Keeping my fingers crossed that HostsXpert continues to work.
  13. Thanks for the reminder @hazelnut Got it downloaded & installed.
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