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  1. One of the first things the Kickstarter video said was that it was using a bipedal testing mode, and that the actual fully featured game will have you going around on all four legs like a bear and standing up only to examine things. Did you watch the video at all?
  2. I don't believe it works for IE if you have Enhanced Protected Mode running; basically the 64 bit version of IE.
  3. I became very curious after seeing your background Tas, and immediately looked up and watched the first season of Vikings. And damn, it is a fantastic show; I am likewise looking forward to Season 2!
  4. Hello Qwertius, welcome to the Piriform community.
  5. Still Nautilus on Ubuntu 13.04.
  6. Yep, installed Steam. Tried out TF2, and FPS was abysmal compared to Windows. It's a shame too, I really liked the Unity interface and everything.
  7. Loved it overall, but can't game at all. My FPS on Ubuntu is at least 80-90% less than it is on Windows 8; maybe just the terrible AMD drivers for Linux.
  8. Latest desktop running Ubuntu 13.04:
  9. Recently switched back to Ubuntu, currently running the latest daily build of 13.04 and working great:
  10. Icedrake

    Life of Pi

    Life of Pi was definitely an excellent movie, I'd also recommend Lincoln to anyone who hasn't seen it yet,
  11. Yes, the speaker configuration is set to 5.1. Everything checks out when I test each of the speakers, including the subwoofer, but they don't work when I play anything outside of the test noises for the Realtek Audio manager.
  12. It doesn't work with sounds that should have 5.1, because I have music that should specifically play in a 5.1 surround sound system. And the test file that Nikki gave doesn't work either. The subwoofer, center speaker, and the side/rear speakers don't work, only the front left and the front right.
  13. Hey Hazelnut, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, there is no option available for me for speaker fill, as that was the solution presented in that thread.
  14. Hey guys. I've run into a problem with my surround sound 5.1 speaker set when I connect it to my computer. The problem is that the Realtek HD Audio Manager that comes installed by default with my soundcard detects the speakers, and if I use the test option to test all the speakers and the subwoofer, everything works fine and the subwoofer, the center speaker and the rear speakers (or side speakers) all work and give out sound. However, when I just randomly play anything, the subwoofer, center, and rear/side speakers don't give off any sound. What's wrong?
  15. Been using Windows 8 for a few weeks now and I'm loving it. Once you get used to the new interface, it's actually a great operating system.
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