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  1. AVG isn't resource intensive anymore?
  2. I used Cloud AV a while ago right around when it was first released, but then I switched back to Avast since I didn't know how well Cloud AV compared with Avast in terms of protection. Another AV that's been interesting me as of late is VIPRE. Has anyone used that before, and if so, how does it compare to Avast and such? I've heard it's extremely light.
  3. Why the hell would you need to have 500 tabs open on any given normal day?
  4. I agree. On both my computers, they boot up very, very fast, I'd say even less than 30 seconds.
  5. Lol, I was referring to not having to upgrade over the small fix. But that doesn't matter anymore, since upgrading is so simple.
  6. That's a relief. Since this is my first time using CleanMem's portable version, how would you go about updating it? Do you just download the new version and overwrite the folder containing the old version? Or completely delete the old version and start fresh with the new version?
  7. Running version 2.0 RC, and it's working great. I've set it to auto startup and automatically clean RAM if it gets too high (which still hasn't happened on my Win7 box yet. ).
  8. Hello Shane, Just started using CleanMem, and it is a brilliant little program. Only problem is that the 2.0 RC portable version's link is broken.
  9. Thanks Hazel. I've forgotten to check.
  10. How the heck did he even find it? I thought the forum pruning software got it.
  11. I can't seem to find the old hosts file topic, so I decided to create a new one. Anyway, the MVPS Hosts file was updated on December 4th: http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm I know this is late, but hey, better late than never.
  12. Sure! Here's what Panda Cloud Antivirus is all about: It's a great antivirus from my personal experience. I even like it better than most of the other free av's like Avast and AntiVir. The only reason I switched to MSE after using Panda Cloud AV, was because I liked MSE's appearance better. And they are both excellent AV's so in protection terms, it wasn't really a big deal.
  13. Use Panda Cloud AV. Not only is it one of the BEST freeware AVs, but you also don't have to update it, since it's cloud based. From my personal experience with it, I'd say go for it. I liked it a lot! It's also good for dial up users since there's no updating!
  14. Well, after my AV cycle, I ended up with MSE.
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