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  1. Thanks for that affirmation, Alan. It doesn't seem like a cockroach, just a tiny bug like a common ant, but I think it's worth either changing or explaining (if it can't be changed without affecting something else).
  2. The latest version of CCleaner is still wiping out the Firefox Cache folder, not just its contents. Is there some explanation for this? Is there something about the FF Cache folder that makes it necessary to delete the *folder* in order to clean it out?
  3. Sorry to have bothered anyone. I found it as Enable Jumplists in Options. I should read more carefully. Thanks
  4. I had a neat CC shortcut pinned to the Start Menu (Win 7 Pro SP1) that had a flyout that said Tasks at the top, and below that had links to the four categories in the CC window: Cleaner, Tools, etc. I accidentally deleted that shortcut somehow, and have tried to get it back, but with no success. All my various tries at methods of getting a shortcut-with-flyout pinned to the SM have resulted in a plain vanilla shortcut with no flyout. Can someone tell me how to get the fancy shortcut back? (I'm thinking it was probably put there during installation, and I'd get it back if I re-installed, but I'd rather not do that if there's a clever way. Thanks.
  5. It's okay. It's done. Not very cleverly, but done. I made a new folder called CCleanerM, copied the CC files ( .exe and .ini, where the settings are stored) to it, and then made a new pair of shortcuts (in addition to the original one for settings and the original one with the /auto parameter) to the new copy of CC, one for settings, and one with the /auto parameter. Then I opened the new copy and set it for the extensive weekly cleanup, and it stored those settings in its own .ini. Now Ctrl+Alt+T runs the daily minimalist cleanup, and Ctrl+Alt+M runs the much more extensive maintenance sweep, and each run is independently configurable. Works. 'Course you gotta have the two .ini files, not the registry settings, to make it work. And if you move a login cookie to the keepers list in one (the daily, say) you have to remember to move it in the other (the weekly) or you'll lose it when you run the latter. But that's only an issue until you get your two keepers lists complete and stable.
  6. I want to run CCleaner from a hotkey (Ctrl-Alt-T) every night, with minimalist choices in the program settings: clear Temps and clean browser caches. Easy. But once a week, I do my maintenance and system + data backups, and during the maintenance routine, I'd like to run CCleaner with many more of the options checked in the program settings. I know I can go into the program and adjust settings, then run it, then reset settings for the nightly minimalist cleanup, but there ought to be a better way, and I haven't yet found it. (Be patient; I'm a CC newbie.) I thought about installing a second copy of CC in another location, and setting a separate hotkey for that copy. Not a clever way to do things. I thought about parameters for the .exe, like /auto1 and /auto2, but I haven't found any coverage of that possibility here. And I *have* read the FAQ. And the .ini file route seems interesting, but the one Nergal offers doesn't seem to address this two-different-profiles possibility. I'm looking forward to hearing how simple it is to do what I want to do. Wisewiz
  7. Thanks, Nergal. May you sleep well in Serenity tonight. (Oh, and fix the word "explanation" in your sig when you have a min.)
  8. So is it possible we could have a 3.28.1 with the Firefox-Cache-deletion tweaked?
  9. It may run smoothly, but it has to create a new cache folder every time you use CCleaner with Internet Cache checked under Firefox. That's just more writing to the disk, and fragmenting. It's no really big deal, but since I check my caches for all three browsers every night before I shut down for the night, when I started using CCleaner to replace the antique Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3 (which has the options of emptying any folders INSIDE your cache and leaving those folders in the cache folder, or emptying the whole cache, folders and all, but leaving the cache folder itself there), I immediately noticed that I saw an (almost) empty TIFs and an empty Chrome Cache folder, but got a popup from Windows that said "There AIN'T no Cache folder there no more" or words to that effect when I tried to check my Firefox cache folder. Thought it was worth checking out here.
  10. CCleaner empties my TIFs folder (IE cache) and my Chrome Cache folder and leaves the folders on the drive, but if I tick Internet Cache under Firefox, it deletes the Cache folder. I know I can leave Internet Cache unchecked, add the Firefox Cache folder in Options/Include, and set it for files, but I don't have to do that for IE or for Chrome. Why the necessary workaround for Firefox? Anyone? Wisewiz
  11. Thank you so much. That answer gave me more than I hoped for. I'm off to tweak away happily now.
  12. My FF cache folder is where it's supposed to be in XP SP3, not in a custom location. CC finds it with no trouble, but deletes the whole cache folder, not just the contents. FF is slow to start the next time I launch it. The first thing it does is create the new cache folder. Is there a setting (I'm just getting started today with CC, and love it, but have lots to learn) that will make CC empty the folder but leave the folder? Wisewiz
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