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  1. The feasibility of a Linux version has been considered previously. For our consumer products the focus is always going to be on the most popular platforms - presently Windows, Mac, Android and potentially iOS in the future. So I would say that Linux would be highly unlikely at this point. Possibly in the future as a by-product of any work that might be done to produce an Linux agent for CCleaner Cloud, but that would be quite a chain of "if"s.
  2. I've kicked this up to the developers to see if it's already on the list for the 6.13 June release, and to investigate if not.
  3. ... and this was solved a year ago in CCleaner 6. From the release notes: "To avoid mishaps, CCleaner will always be installed to a /CCleaner/ folder" - to prevent users declaring root folders as the CCleaner installation folder.
  4. Also @superchip there was an update to CCleaner released today (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-v6-12-10490) that: See if that helps?
  5. CCleaner 6.12.10490 is currently in the process of rolling out now: https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-v6-12-10490 New goodies include enhancements to Driver Updater, faster load time, and some other bug fixes. None of which are in 6.12.10459, since that was really just still 6.11. Unfortunately, MajorGeeks and other such sites who pride themselves on being the first with the news are now going to be a month behind, since they seem convinced they already have 6.12 so are unlikely to be distributing anything new until 6.13 some time in June :-P
  6. The size of the CCleaner UI has not increased recently. What version did you update from? Also what is your screen resolution and are you magnifying your screen in the Windows Display settings? eg:
  7. Wellllll you do get customer support and that warm satisfied feeling from supporting the ongoing distribution of free software, although the latter you already get from paying your CCleaner Professional licence. I should also note that the free products are for home use only. If you are a business then you have to use either the Professional or Business Editions. There is an assumption in some people's minds that there must be a catch to free software - with the increasing awareness that "if you're not the customer then you're the product", etc, etc. That's not the case with CCleaner. It's great when customers pay for the extra features in CCleaner Professional, but those who don't will still recommend CCleaner to other people, who in turn may buy or recommend. Even though most folks keep using the free version, which does cost us money to maintain, enough customers buy that it all works. And 100M satisfied free users are a lot more cost-effective than a Superbowl ad. Anyway, back to Recuva - more than happy to take your money at https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva. But we're just as happy if you use the free version and tell a friend about it before they spend $80 on some other recovery software :-)
  8. Dark mode for Windows has had enough requests to be on the development "to do" list. Indeed, I even saw an internal demo of this a couple of months back. BUT the present UI rendering framework would make this a total PITA to maintain, so while dark mode will happen at some point, it is unlikely to appear prior to a complete overhaul of the CCleaner UI - which is presently intended for CCleaner 7 (which does not have a release date yet, but probably won't be until 2024).
  9. If you don't want CCleaner to automatically update, you can switch off automatic updates. This only gets overridden for emergency security updates or (as is presently the case) the End of Life of CCleaner 5.x - the likes of which you wouldn't be seeing again until about a year after the release of CCleaner 7 (which itself is probably at least a year away). Note that if the older version you installed was CCleaner 5.x then yes you have prevented any updates with those steps. Although a) if you're on CCleaner 5.88 or below, you'll need to be using a third party source of cleaning rules such as winapp2 for it to keep functioning and b) given that CCleaner 5.x has been End of Lifed, you may start to see some unhandled errors and bits of the infrastructure get switched off. If the older version that you installed was CCleaner 6.0x then you weren't going to see an override update again until mid-2025 at the earliest, so disabling or removing the emergency updater probably wasn't necessary in that regard. Unless there's a Windows vulnerability that we need to do a security update for between now and then - in which case you should keep an eye on the https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history after each release to see if need to do a prompt manual update. If you haven't used CCleaner for a while, you may have missed the news that you can switch off the "this update brought to you by" messages under Options > Privacy > Offers in CCleaner. Not really. The 2010-2019 approach of forcing everyone to do manual updates every month was far more lucrative - since users had to navigate through multiple "buy me" screens on the website and then view website banner ads in order to get their free update, which would then show a small, banner sized offer for a browser or AV in the installer that some folks would accidentally accept - unless you bought CCleaner Professional that included the automatic updates as a paid feature. With automatic updates part of the free version since 2020 those steps are removed, the updates are optional, as are the sponsored messages, and the sponsored offers can't be missed and accidentally accepted any more, eg:
  10. There had been several notifications of this, although if you'd blocked CCleaner notifications or hadn't used CCleaner for the past year or so you may not have seen them. I would assume the latter if you had not noticed that your copy of CCleaner had not been working for the past 16 months or so. If the update reminded you that you may have old software running on your computer that you are no longer using, I hope you took the opportunity to use CCleaner's software removal tool (Tools > Uninstall) to remove any other unused software at the same time. CCleaner has a monthly release cycle to keep up to date with changes in where operating systems, browsers, etc store their temp files. Some of our users may have very good reasons not prefer not to be updated every month and prefer to manually update less frequently and at a time of their choosing. That's great for us if some people do that - saves us money. But once you get to 3-6 months out of date you're bound to start seeing some performance degradation. Getting as far as 12 months out of date with any software and you've probably got yourself a security issue. If you had been actively using a copy of CCleaner that was 2.5 years out of date, I would encourage you to try running a cleanup using the latest version - you'll find that it removes substantially more junk.
  11. CCleaner for Windows? You might see an post-install or post-update offer for AV, a web browser or a VPN - but a) Telegram isn't one of these and b) anything that is offered won't try to install unless you specifically click the "yes I would like to install this" button. Possibilities: Did you already have Telegram on your computer and you ran the Software Updater (via Health Check) that updated the copy of Telegram that was already on your computer? Did you get CCleaner from somewhere other that https://www.ccleaner.com ? Other third party download sites are known to wrap CCleaner with their own adware.
  12. Assuming that you are trying to cancel future billing on your subscription, if for whatever reason you can't get the manage subscription button to work, you can also do so from either your original Cleverbridge order confirmation or billing reminder email, or by contacting support@ccleaner.com
  13. I have passed this back to the VPN team for action/comment with regards to any planned action that may need to be taken on blacklisted IP addresses (communication by us with RBL list maintainers, picking up fresh IP addresses, etc)
  14. The same reason that any publication wants to scoop their rivals for the latest news. That we publish our builds in a known location with a known naming convention makes it easy for someone to keep hitting ccsetup[currentversion+1].exe until it no longer returns a 404 error - but that's not such a great idea since that method misses patch releases (like 6.11.10455) and can inadvertently pick up release candidates that are subsequently withdrawn before release, or that are stray files never actually intended for release. (Better instead to put a monitor on the announcements section of this forum site, or on https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge?c=release-announcement.) CCleaner version releases are approximately monthly and are generally 3-5 weeks apart. As such, you'd reasonably expect to see the official CCleaner 6.12 release at some point in the back half of May. 6.12.10459 is not a release candidate or even a beta, but a work-in-progress build - not released and will never be released in that form. It is likely to be missing elements that will later appear in the official 6.12 release and has not been subject to any QA. If you mistakenly installed it from a 3rd party website, we recommend uninstalling and reverting to the latest official version, which is 6.11.4055. Moral to the story: If a new version of CCleaner hasn't been announced here or on ccleaner.com, then it's not official.
  15. @Apesbrain: winapp2 is a community-created and maintained ruleset for CCleaner, which makes it a little tricky to diagnose if this is a bug or a feature. Have you tried running native CCleaner, without the CCEnhancer/Winapp2.ini? Do you get the same thing happening?
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