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  1. This is probably an accurate count. If you would like to go digging, you can validate this yourself by comparing your Health Check and Custom Clean scan results. For example, if I run a HealthCheck scan I can see: I click to remind myself the types of files that appear under this category in HealthCheck: If I run a Custom clean and compare the results they look pretty much the same: ... and if still skeptical, I can click through and of these rows to get the complete list of actual files to triple-confirm, eg:
  2. For the benefit of future readers, note that extraneous renewal reminders of this nature will generally be due to one of the following things: If an automated subscription extension has just taken place, it can sometimes take up to a few hours to sync this information back to your PC If you have upgraded and received a new licence key, you may need to enter it into your copy of CCleaner, so you don't keep getting reminders about the expiry of the old one. If you have upgraded or purchased a new licence key under a new email address, you may continue to get renewal reminde
  3. @Campermanwhich version of Kamo are you using (can be found under Menu > Settings) eg:
  4. For almost 11 years (since late 2010), when you install or update the free version of CCleaner, there may be an offer for Chrome or some other software shown. Your assumption is correct - as we declare at the top of the display: CCleaner has quite a large free user base (we don't publish the numbers, but it's larger than the population of most countries) and this helps offset the costs so that we can keep CCleaner free available to everyone. They are marked as an "optional offer", there is no obligation to accept them, and you can certainly click the big blue "decline" button if yo
  5. You will get occasional renewal reminders coming up to your expiry date with links to loyalty discounts and/or exclusive renewal offers. If there is a sale on, things get a little noisier for a couple of days. The current cashback promotion for renewing customers ends today, so you won't hear back about this one after the "last chance" message. Our cashback offers let us give much bigger effective discounts that we normally be able to provide. There are a couple of extra steps that you need to go through after the purchase, but we have tried to make the process and quick and straight
  6. Most of the larger brand antivirus software keep their whitelists up-to-date so that shouldn't have been a problem - although occasionally there can be issues when we release a new version and they are running behind. As per the help guide at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional, you can redownload CCleaner Professional from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro - or download the free version from the CCleaner website and register that. Note that you may need to register it again to unlock the Pro features - if y
  7. @cchater: This sounds like a different topic to the free update reminders in the thread above. There are only two types of emails that are sent by CCleaner: our public newsletter (if you have signed up for it), and service notifications relating to paid subscriptions - ie: renewal reminders which will generally include some form of discount loyalty offer. Both of these will have an "unsubscribe" link down the bottom of the email if you do longer wish to receive them. There is also a billing reminder issued by Cleverbridge prior to annual subscription billing taking place. Note
  8. If you are using CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Business Edition, note that those are unmanaged endpoint products and not designed for that sort of thing - as the assumption is that all of the devices would generally be in the one household or business premises. CCleaner Cloud is designed specifically for businesses with 10+ computers, or where some form of remote management is desired - and you should be able to see client usage information in the management console.
  9. I am using CCleaner Browser v91 beta and I am seeing the Adblock counter ticket up as I browse through YouTube (and no ads displaying) so that looks promising on that front. Video downloader fixes still seems like a work in progress though.
  10. Alas no - not yet. We extended CCleaner Professional Plus licensing to cover both PCs and Macs back in 2019, but we are still working on integrating the mobile licensing. It is coming - but not soon.
  11. When you go to Custom Clean > Applications do you see Avira on the list under either Applications or Utilities? Are you using CCleaner's native cleaning rules, or have you plugged in additional external cleaning rules (eg: winapp2.ini).
  12. Just checking: Was this the automatic update, or did you manually update from the website? Were these notifications after the 5.80 update had already been applied? Or did they prevent you from updating to 5.80?
  13. Some games embed a web browser when they run, so closing the game may trigger the same behaviour as if you had closed a browser. What is your experience on closing one of these games vs closing a web browser? And to confirm, your settings under Options > Smart Cleaning are all off?
  14. Do not post personal information on a public forum. Any requests relating to your CCleaner Professional subscription will be handled promptly by an email to support@ccleaner.com. If you are contacting support using an email address other than the one that you registered during your purchase, please be sure to include one or more of your licence key, your Cleverbridge order number and/or the email address that you originally used to purchase. Note that there are also self service options available. For example, checking your licenses can be done via https://www.ccleaner.com/support/lice
  15. I gather that Microsoft's support for 64 bit applications on ARM devices is still a work in progress: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/windows-on-arm-this-is-how-well-64-bit-emulation-is-working/ - but I note that this is the 32 bit version that you are running. I'll see if support has had similar cases.
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