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  1. @flotty: You may find some useful information here: How many computers can I install CCleaner Professional Plus on? and How to register and activate CCleaner Professional You can download CCleaner Professional Plus onto additional machines via this link: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccproplus, or if you have already installed the free version of CCleaner onto your second computer you can go to Options > About > Upgrade to Pro inside the CCleaner console and enter the licence information from your order confirmation email
  2. @circle110: This a public peer support forum for CCleaner products. Matters relating to purchases are best handled with customer support (support@ccleaner.com). I note that you contacted support out-of-hours on Tuesday, received a response and opted for a refund. Your case was already queued for refund processing and you should receive a followup once the refund has been issued.
  3. Hi @HugoM: We have a lot of CCleaner for Android users, so we have been looking at putting together a privacy-enhanced CCleaner Browser for Android as well. Too early to give any realistic indications of timelines yet - but good to see that there is some interest in this.
  4. @HugoMCould you clarify the problem that you are experiencing? After you open CCleaner Browser go to the link to that extension on the Chrome Web store and you click "Add to Chrome" it would add as an extension to CCleaner Browser. Are you seeing an error message of some sort when you do this?
  5. @Andres Lara: You might need to provide a bit more information about your system configuration for someone to help you, such as: What version number of CCleaner are you using? (If the issue was CCleaner-specific then it would have impacted other users, and likely have been solved in one of the releases since April) What version of Windows are you using? If Windows 10, which update version (1809, 1904, 20H2, etc) What AV and firewall are you using? Are they up to date? Have you set them to block any CCleaner services?
  6. @Mark1960: Best to check licence-specific issues with support@ccleaner.com. But this sounds like an issue that was specific to new format CCleaner licence keys (the ones that don't start with a "C" or a "P") on versions of CCleaner 5.74 and below. Check your CCleaner version number (top left hand corner of the CCleaner console) and if it is 5.74 or lower you can grab the latest CCleaner Professional (5.76 at the time of writing) from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro
  7. The "Important Update" is only available for versions from 5.50-5.73. 5.74 and above use the "Automatic Updates" process. But both have settings for people who want to do their updates manually via the website and/or not receive notifications. I'll open this up for investigation to check if this is a 5.75 bug re the notifications or a client configuration issue of some sort.
  8. @lucpeeters: Which CCleaner version are you on? This was solved for most impacted users with CCleaner 5.75/5.76. If you are on CCleaner 5.75 or higher and this is still happening, please contact customer support (support@piriform.com) and they can assist you.
  9. @Eric S: and when you do, please confirm with them what version number you are using (top left hand corner of your CCleaner console, should be CCleaner 5.75.8238 if you are on the latest version)
  10. You can configure how you would like new sessions to start when you open CCleaner Browser: With regards to your favourite Chrome store extensions, these should generally be loadable into CCleaner Browser in the same way as you would with Chrome (eg: through links such as the one that was provided in the original post).
  11. This seems to have been related to some garbled vendor information for three specific software packages - which were fixed today. @MartyRoss, @ebolisa, @Ray Tibbles, @CWFreack: As previously impacted customers, can you confirm if you are still seeing this error please (you may need to restart CCleaner) so we can confirm if this was indeed the cause or if there is still something else going on?
  12. Note that this should now be fixed as of 10:00 GMT January 4th. XP and Vista users should no longer be invited to update past the sunset build of 5.64.7577. @djpaulwb: please let us know if you see this issue recur.
  13. Quick update: Found three culprit software definition entries. Two fixed, one WIP ETA later today. I will post back shortly when it should be ready to retry. Update 2: These have now been fixed @Mr Underhill, @GregBickel, @2Prestones: please try HealthCheck again and let us know if this resolves the problem or if there is something else afoot.
  14. @Indiana Okie: That one-day sale was a limited-time offer for one day only. But if you contact support@ccleaner.com before Monday they may be able to help you out with something.
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