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  1. It is quite obvious to me that this CCleaner browser is a half hearted attempt by the developers to have a Chromium browser just like the big boys have. Posts in this group are not being responded to at all in a timely fashion and they are quite frankly not being responded to or acted upon at all. The favicon issue is one example. We need favicons for websites to be shown. Are they yet ? I do not plan on installing this browser again until there is confirmation that they are now showing.
  2. And Majorgeeks is for sure not that kind of site. They have an impeccable reputation.
  3. I did not risk anything getting it from Majorgeeks. Those guys are totally reliable. But I do agree that one must be careful.
  4. I got the new version mentioned above at Majorgeeks this afternoon.
  5. Thanks, so the builds site must have just updated.
  6. There is a well known software site that this morning is hosting a new build of CCleaner. As of now, the main CCleaner site downloads the previous 5.56.xxx version. Any info on this ? Was this new 5.57.xxxx version pulled ?
  7. Because you have it set to monitor your system at all times. Go into the options and turn that off. This is how I prefer to use CCleaner. I do not let it monitor my system.
  8. I just checked. Yes, both columns on mine (beta version) are populated with cookies.
  9. Yes, of course. No issues with the beta. The cookie keeping and cleaning works as it should. I did not have to recreate anything in the right column.
  10. There is a new Beta release that fixes this issue.
  11. Yep. I decided to roll back to that version also. There is another cookie post in this forum where on March 19 it was stated that a new beta would be out "next week". That week has come and gone.
  12. Well I am just reporting that this is working for me. The best that I can tell is that CCleaner is working normally for me and that cookies are being cleaned from the browser I mainly use and that is Vivaldi. (CCleaner detects that as being Chrome) As a long time CCleaner user, one thing that I have always used it for is saving some cookies for selected sites that I visit often. Oh, the exe that I am using is from the portable 5.52.6967 version. So to sum up, I did a clean install of the newest version and then replaced the exe file in my CCleaner directory in my Programs and created a
  13. This is what I have done for now and it works.
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