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  1. They now offer DDLs for all programs, without any membership needed ; there's a small link below the "download" button. This "downloader" makes me hope some developer included a special don't-ever-package-my-software requirement in his license and will attack them. That'd be awesome.
  2. Got 14 The address bar is enough to spot them...though I took some time before seeing the AA one was a fake. @Corona: AFAIK you can't choose your DNS server in Windows in any other way...
  3. No snow here in Switzerland...we even have some sun. Not very warm, but not cold either.
  4. Thanks, but no. My problem was the one caused by CCleaner on Win7 x64 some time ago, using one of the advanced options. A guy from MS gave a solution to fix it - delete every scheduled task. Not really an option :/
  5. I understand. But these kind of fixes need big red warnings. Remember, if it becomes popular you'll have people trying to "fix" their computers by checking every checkbox, ruining their computer in the process. PS: Any idea how to fix a non-working Task Scheduler that says it can't find tasks (this: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprogeneral/thread/a9e485d3-06ba-4038-a9b8-1b58e73ea4dd except I don't want to delete every single task, because that makes the Task Scheduler useless)? If you do that, I'll build an altar in your honor.
  6. I hope they won't do that. A service to update Firefox is already stupid enough, and they're even talking about an OOo-like functionnality which would slow Windows startup down by loading Firefox files - you'd boot slower, but if you wanted to use Firefox it'd be faster. Great.
  7. Some of these "fixes" look weird. Reset File Permissions: "The repair will grant administrators, system, users and everyone full rights to every file on the C: drive." WTF? The whole point of Vista/7's strict rights are to avoid getting in this situation ; the only account which should have all these permissions is TrustedInstaller. Otherwise, a virus infecting one user can do anything it wants without having admin rights. Unhide non system files: "This repair will unhide every file on the system that is not a system file." This one should get a big red mention "don't ever do that unless you are really, really sure it's gonna help you".
  8. Aethec

    Google chrome

    Or just use IE9 and enable ActiveX filtering to disable everything but the ones you really need, and then enable others on a case-per-case basis. Just like you would do with NoScript. By the way, the "ActiveX exploits" are the same as the NPAPI ones, unlike what many free software fanboys want you to believe IE hasn't got any super-critical unpatched vulnerabilities...
  9. For bonus points, cook your 3D-printed meat using a PS3:
  10. One pass with zeroes is enough to prevent any quantity of data from being recovered.
  11. That link says weird things... "At the moment it can be 25-30 seconds of boot time before you see the first bit of OS sign-on"...wtf?
  12. Good news for TouchPad owners - some guys are working on an Android port: http://rootzwiki.com...read.php?t=3327 Also, you can get 50 GB of free online storage for life (seriously): http://www.zdnet.com/blog/mobile-news/new-hp-touchpad-owners-go-get-your-free-50gb-of-lifetime-cloud-storage/3903
  13. Yes. The "x86-64" architecture is commonly referred to as AMD64 because AMD invented it, even when talking about Intel processors. Checking for the presence of SysWoW64 is a hack, and might stop working in the next version of Windows (Intel's 64-bit architecture is the Itanium, which failed in the consumer market because it lacks compatibility with 32- and 16-bit instructions - which is also the reason they created UEFI since the standard BIOS is 16-bit only)
  14. 2 GB of RAM should make a difference ; anything above will have a smaller effect. SSDs are awesome ; your disk is usually the performance bottleneck, and netbook/notebook drives are usually slow (5400 RPM vs 7200 on normal PCs) Win7 x64 probably won't install on your netbook, many Intel Atoms are x86 only. Do not, ever, ever, ever disable Aero if your graphic card can run it. It offloads the work to the GPU instead of having the CPU handle everything. PS : A dual-core processor @ 1.66 GHz != a single-core processor @ 3.32 GHz. Multiple cores are much more efficient, because they can do multiple things at the same time.
  15. To answer the OP's question, you can check if %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% is AMD64 or not.
  16. Flash is already unstable enough... these should be called alphas
  17. An interesting read: An In-Depth Look at What's New in Firefox 5
  18. I don't like their new release schedule...from a user's point of view, nothing was added.
  19. If you can install the OS again, DBAN + reinstallation will make sure nothing is ever recovered.
  20. Well, it might happen. Since Duke Nukem Forever was released, all those impossible-to-reach deadlines aren't impossible any more
  21. Aethec

    Windows 8

    "a version of WPF built on top of Direct2D" The writer doesn't know anything about WPF... Direct2D was created because C++ programmers wanted hardware-accelerated graphics since C# programmers had them with WPF, not the other way around. WPF is already fully hardware-accelerated. Some tech writers need to calm down, think, and realize .NET isn't going to be left behind.
  22. That MozBackup program I mentionned in your other thread can also backup and restore Thunderbird profiles
  23. Use MozBackup (there's a portable version) : http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/
  24. Aethec

    Thunderbird 5

    What on earth were the Mozilla designers thinking when they designed this?
  25. There's something about a network protection that requires Vista or 7. I don't remember what, though.
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