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  1. It looks very good Shane.
  2. Hi Shane I think that it would be a nice idea that whenever you are out with a new version that you`ll announce here [of course if it is not too much of an inconvenience to you]. Thanks
  3. I`d put is as an option,not by default,but then again you are going to get a lot of users questions....:-)
  4. I`m on 64x2 AMD dual core processor 3800+ and I personally don`t notice any change that I can tell about,after all it takes only about 1 second to complete the task. I`ll roll it back to you, the question is if you think that cleanmem hits the CPU on that scheduled operation so that it will justify the effort.
  5. HI Shane A suggested change:Set a level of CPU activity to delay cleanmem cheduled task when CPU is very busy. Thank you for your exellent product.
  6. I think that if you`ll read here from :about cleanmem and on,it will be self explanatory as to how cleanmem works and may clarify the clouds of doubt.
  7. Isn`t the small monitor you are relating to, the clenmem log? If yes, are you saying that in version 1.65 this function is absent ?
  8. Hi 'Willy2', I can see a substantial system performance improvement already .Thank you.
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