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  1. Meaning...that all this infections come about right through the protection... and once infected some other tool does the catching and cleaning job...that I know also from my personal experience..exactly what brought me to that question I asked...gain and lose are not clear here....
  2. Nope,but then I do not trust any body with priveleges on my pc, maybe sandboxing would be less of a security breach although not air tight.....
  3. Hi, It is a long time question that I`m having, and up until now it remained puzzling: We use an antivirus or anti malware software hoping to keep our pc safe, and secured, now the question: The antivirus has unlimited privileges that no other installed software has, isn`t that in itself a huge security breach?? somewhat like letting the cat watch the milk? m` I being paranoid or, or having realistic logic grounds for doubt? and if yes, what are the alternatives?
  4. Didn`t help I`m still getting BSOD, so it was not the AV the culprit....
  5. Hi So I did yesterday, I uninstalled the AV and installed another, now I`ll wait and see if my money was on the right spot...
  6. Thanks Hazelnut, somehow I suspect the new antivirus I installed does the thing, because it started since then.
  7. Hi I got about 3 BSOD`s this last week while only browsing the internet. I`m sending the Bluescreenview report. I`ll be glad to get some ideas to fix that. Thanks. Bsod.txt
  8. So far, I don`t feel Panda`s presence ...very low on resources [didn`t try the deep scan yet] and the disk space it takes is about a one third of roboscan`s space, nevertheless, I would expect it to have even less, since it does not have to collect daily signatures like a regular AV.
  9. Ok so I`m going to get rid of Roboscan since they even did not bother to answer and go for a panda ride.
  10. May be panda cloud based AV be lighter? If yes, being cloud based makes it more opened to threats from it?
  11. I did, I`m waiting for their reply and let u in.
  12. Ok, a little change: since I have two operating sys I have it installed twice but still under the main OS it still got 1.95Gigs. Hi Hazelnut I`m using everything search engine, that shows hidden files as well. The most heavy: rsrtsrv.rse.dmp, and plugin folder.
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