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  1. Shockwave Player is not widely used; there are just a few public games that are based on Shockwave. Due to its low usage there are very few users reporting problems at the Adobe forum. Flash Player (also known as Shockwave Flash) is very widely used for videos and games. There are a number of different problems reported in the Adobe forum, but there is no known general remedy for these problems. However, in many cases the problems can be solved by doing a "clean install" as described in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/928315
  2. I think you mean date format: YYMMDD.
  3. Speccy v1.01.132 on Windows 2000 Professional SP4. Now under Network, Speccy is claiming "You are not connected to the Internet". How come? Of course I am connected to the Internet, via LAN. How else would I post here?
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