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  1. V1.30.730 I am a bit disappointed this has not been resolved. It has been going on with every version of Speccy since I built this system in Oct 2015. Speccy reports: +3.3V 2.028 V +5V 3.367 V +12V 0.048 V CMOS BATTERY 1.524 V If my PSU was outputting those voltages, this computer would not be running. Note HWiNFO reports: +3.3V 3.305 V +5V 5.010 V +12V 12.168 V VBAT 3.048V Those voltages are right in line with my multimeter readings. Since other HW monitors report correct voltages, it is not the sensors. I mus
  2. My apologies for dredging up an old post, but my question seems applicable. Many of my colleagues are unhappy that CCleaner free attempts to foist unwanted add-ons on our systems if users do not select the custom install option. I personally don't have a problem with that AS LONG AS users have the option to opt-out - and CCleaner provides that opportunity (without having to wait for the Slim version). I understand and accept that developers need to feed and shelter their families too so if I have to uncheck a couple options to prevent unwanted stuff foisted on my system in order to get
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