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  1. V1.30.730 I am a bit disappointed this has not been resolved. It has been going on with every version of Speccy since I built this system in Oct 2015. Speccy reports: +3.3V 2.028 V +5V 3.367 V +12V 0.048 V CMOS BATTERY 1.524 V If my PSU was outputting those voltages, this computer would not be running. Note HWiNFO reports: +3.3V 3.305 V +5V 5.010 V +12V 12.168 V VBAT 3.048V Those voltages are right in line with my multimeter readings. Since other HW monitors report correct voltages, it is not the sensors. I mus
  2. Unchecking Recently Typed URLs under IE (my default browser) fixed it. Thanks. BTW, I tried to thank you by clicking the Like This button but it said I have reached my quota for the day. Interesting since I have given none.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I used the URLs. For example, https://www.wellsfargo.com. CC wants me to close IE to clean so I will post back.
  4. I have the Address Toolbar enabled in the Windows 10 taskbar. I like to keep links to several sites I visit frequently in the Address Toolbar but they are gone after a reboot after cleaning with CCleaner. I have added the links to the Exclude list but that does not work. What controls the links in the Address Bar? That is, is there a setting under Cleaner > Windows I can uncheck to keep those entries? Currently, none of the Advanced options are checked. Under system, only Recycle bin, Temp files, Clipboard, Dumps, Chkdsk, and Windows Log files are checked. It would be great
  5. I just ran Speccy 1.27 (with no problems) for the first time in several months then realized it had been awhile since I checked for an update. I saw an update was there so I downloaded and installed 1.28. When I ran it I almost immediately got my first BSOD ever with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It also reported the same error with CPU-Z as others here have noted. A quick Google search led me to this thread where I decided to add my "ditto". I am glad to see that Piriform is aware of the problem and, based on past experience with Piriform, I am sure an update with the fix will be released soon.
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