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  1. Windows 7 x64 SP1. I have a retractable taskbar (auto-hide). When CCleaner 5.0 is open, moving the pointer to the bottom of the screen will not bring up the task bar. No other application does that. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  2. CCleaner 5.0 works fine on all my XP-SP3 and Windows 7 systems.
  3. All that counts for me is the functionality; I really don't give a damn about the UI. It's not like we are looking at that software all day long; I use it once a day before shutdown. I have no problem using it; it works just the same way as with the old UI (but it does seem faster!).
  4. It doesn't, actually. I just tried to download CCleaner 5.0, and the download link http://download.piriform.com/ccsetup500.exe gave me a 'Server not found' message on all browsers. I actually had to go to Filehippo to download the installer.
  5. You think they would drink out of it if they did...?
  6. The thing about "registry errors" is that they are mostly unused entries. They do not do any harm, nor will they slow down your computer, nor will they take up more than a few bytes of disk space. My advice: just forget about "registry cleaning". Even with CCleaner. Modern Windows systems can very much take care of the registry.
  7. Make sure you watch it in full screen mode! http://youtu.be/uFxnBrO9n7o
  8. The same thing is still occurring: ran an MSE scan ran CCleaner with MS Antimalware checked; it deleted the three folders Quick, Resource, and System shortly thereafter the MSE tray icon turned yellow-orange, with the balloon "your system is potentially unprotected" (or something similar)
  9. Thanks, Hazelnut - I knew there was a way to delete old images; I just was not sure where exactly to look. I deleted a bunch of old pictures (that were there, somewhere, but I could not view them anyway). Here is another lenticular cloud over Mount Fuji, seen from above. This time it's summer, obviously
  10. That was the last photo I could post
  11. Another amazing photo; no birds this time... Lenticular clouds hanging over mount Fuji [borrowed from Facebook]
  12. What exactly means "machine language"; can you post a screenshot? Most likely the file association launches a different program than it should. With rich text document you mean .rtf, or is it .doc / .docx? What program opens it?
  13. Of course you wouldn't backup to SSD, but an external HD.
  14. If you uninstall, you may lose your settings. I have never uninstalled.
  15. I had similar troubles yesterday, all day long - every site was unreachable, except for Google and Gmail.
  16. Another interesting picture - photography or design? (picked up from Facebook)
  17. Apparently not; look at the new DriverMax 7
  18. The German version http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpendohle has a photo of a bird in flight; also a video of a whole flock (further down).
  19. Also what exactly means "problem"?
  20. I have difficulties to accept that copying a 32-bit dll to the 64-bit folder can be a "solution" for anything.
  21. "mountain jackdaw" is the Google translation for "Bergdohle", the name of a common bird in the mountains of Switzerland. However, looking it up in Wikipedia, the English name there is Alpine Chough; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_Chough
  22. Welcome to the Piriform forums! What's the address of that Google page? Can you post a screenshot how it looks?
  23. This is a real photo - the helicopter is in the background (lower down), the mountain jackdaw is near the photographer. [from http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/]
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