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  1. I,Received an email from Piriform,asking to set (anny languages,in my case dutch,to English, and the problem was resolved. Qoute from the email:" Is your version of CCleaner in French? If so, please can you change the language to English and see if this works? This is an issue with the latest version of CCleaner which we are working on fixing. Regards Jack
  2. By means of experiment,and to exclude the installer,I ran the portable version. 1/The Problems,rest the same 2/There is no alternative to clean the crappy software ----->Ccleaner V.5.00.5050 As,President of a Large Computer Club,and als consultant for different magazines, I 'l Instruct the members,readers to remove this version of the program Reagards Roger Van Nuffelen Legal Counsil
  3. WinXP SP3 System I have read many forums,and they all agree,that: 1/There several bugs in the latest version 2/That it is impossible for WinXP users,in some conditions to run this version
  4. I,was very angry seeing such beautiful program,wrestling with a new Ugly Interface and the fact that this program freezes (analyze,clean Up) and this on Windows XP © Computers. You most take in account that still more the 1/3 of the world population is using XP. I,hope sincerelery that this can be cured. TIA Roger
  5. Indeed the latest version of Recuva has a problem with the language interface,In my case Dutch,it stays in English. There will be a solution,no doubt. TIA Urko
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