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  1. I did delete those tasks. Maybe no need, but afaik no harm either. Will run it a bit to see what happens. Quite so. Should be easier to get rid of when they expire.
  2. Hi, Ishan. Great to see you again. How time does fly. Stay safe.
  3. Thanks again, nukecad. ADW cleaner did indeed work just as you said. I was afraid it would run before I was ready, but it waits for you to "say go". Still, fwiw, I make a trial run with software like that just in case. Macrium reflect images make that easy. As I recall, Hazelnut recommended Macrium. What would I do wihout you guys? This computer runs much better without all that stuff.
  4. AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes . . .running it, thanks. It's done. Fast. It found the ebay link and hp sotware, including one which I thought was gone. Says it found 41 items but only lists 9. Is 41 the number of registry entries, you suppose? Will run it again when SD is off and see what happens. Thanks again.
  5. Well, that was a chore! I remember now that those softwares were useful at first, helped to check & troubleshoot. No use now, of course. There might be a quicker way, but I investigated each software separately before uninstalling it. They are indeed tightly bundled. Many odd glitches during the removal process, but nothing crashed and all seems well now. I tried it w/ shadow defender on at first, to save me from my own mistakes, but eventually just gave that up and made a macrium differential image at each critical stage. Five or six minutes for each. Fwiw, using the control panel with shadow defender on increases the time required to remove each software from 2 or 3 minutes to over 30 minutes. During that time the uninstall popup just sits there. Everything else works, but it won't budge & won't cancel. It always did eventually finish. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. This win 7 box now boots and shuts down faster. The registry is a mess, but I'll get to that later. lol
  6. Update. I am going to wait a bit before removing that HP software. On this win 7 computer that software seems to be tightly integrated with some funcions I want to keep. Not sure exactly how much stuff will be disabled. Just don't know enough about the issue to proceed yet. Might be a bit over my head.
  7. Right, and this computer is too old to benefit anyway.
  8. I intend to remove it soon. Have known it to be a chatty software. It MAY? affect the OEM backup system, not sure, but Macrium has that covered anyway. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Yes indeed. Thanks to both for the heads up. Mypal browser is fast & functional on the old xp box, far superior to the last available Firefox. Runs great in sandboxie too. Can be set to automatically start in a sandbox if you wish.
  10. Merry Christmas and May God Bless.
  11. Great find, Hazelnut. Thanks for sharing.
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    11 September.
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