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  1. @login123 I do not blame you for the scare - It was entirely Burnaway's fault. @Andavari Congratulations on posting a message with single line spacing. The IPB forum software inserts unwanted blank lines when I attempt to place one line immediately after another.
  2. When I received the Piriform notification of Willy's post I clicked and was brought into this sequence of topics. At that stage I think I was correctly taken to Willy.s topic BUT the preceding post from login appeared to take priority, and I saw the message that is present immediately above Willy's post, i.e. BURNAWAY Premium HAS BEEN downloaded, etc etc. I have not found any evidence that "Burnaware Premium has been downloaded", but it cost me time and effort to investigate because I had been explicitly told of a BurnAWay download which I had NOT initiated. Regards Alan
  3. I have a MAJOR COMPLAINT AGAINST "BurnAWare" which DOWNLOADS AGAINST MY WILL. My only mistake was to click on Willy2's link for WizFile, and BEFORE I could read Willy's post my browser was SWAMPED with statements that BurnAware was already downloaded and ready to INSTALl. It does NOT tell me to WHERE it has buried this unwanted junk. My apologies to Willy2 for hijacking his post, BUT when I tried to complain on the BurnAware topic I just suffered more unsolicited "Downloads" Regards Alan
  4. Conversely you REALY do not have ANY CLUE about :- My knowledge of UAC as it was three years ago in the abysmal Windows 8.1 ; Nor of my PRESENT knowledge and experience of UAC in Windows 10 ; Nor of the fact that three years ago the prime purpose of CCleaner was to remove junk, and NOT to be a replacement for Windows inbuilt "program remover". Regards Alan
  5. Thanks Hazel and Login123. Just downloaded Wiztree 2.01 Over a year ago I broke my left femur just below the Hip. After a month in bed with no access to my desktop P.C. I have spent more time walking in the local park instead of using the computer, hence I have only visited the forum when I get notification of updates to topics that I was involved in. Two months ago my desktop MOBO/CPU died and a friend gave my his old discarded P.C. I took out his Windows 7 HDD and swapped in my Windows 7 SSD and it worked better than I feared. My old P.C. had an AMD C.P.U so some Microsoft security updates were aimed at AMD, but my new P.C. has an Intel C.P.U. I have seen no compatibility conflicts so far, I now plan to replace the Windows 7 HDD, and then create all the shortcuts to my applications which are on my previous HDD. Then I plan full image backups of both the "Intel HDD" and the "AMD SSD" and then while Windows 10 is still free to try Windows 10 on both the HDD and the SSD. and create an image and restore that image to my SSD. Regards Alan
  6. Thanks Waiting till tomorrow and hoping for 2.02
  7. In my particular case, which was probably 6 years ago, I subsequently discovered that in the Seconia small print the "latest" version of JAVA fixed a major Java defect, and that Seconia DEPENDED upon JAVA to facilitate their scan for all the OTHER software that might have been installed on my system. SECONIA REFUSED to scan my system with my existing version of JAVA, and deliberately chose to MODIFY MY SYSTEM REGARDLESS of my selection of INFORM ONLY. Seconia SHOULD HAVE WARNED ME and given me the opportunity to make a fresh partition image BEFORE they trashed my system.
  8. Secunia trashed my computer so badly that I had to restore it from a Partition Image backup. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE SECUNIA TO MAKE ANY CHANGES. I only allowed a preliminary scan to DISPLAY what was oui of date. Unfortunately Secunia took it upon themselves to FIRST WITHOUT ANY WARNING to update / install JAVA to facilitate their scan. I never allowed Secunia to have any contact with my computer after that fiasco.
  9. They chose to conceal their obstinate stupidity. Before the Windows 8 nightmare occurred, Palemoon supported both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of their browser. 32 bit machines had no choice - they could only use the 32 bit version. 64 bit machines could run either - BUT The code-base which was common to both Palemoon and Mozilla had incomplete 64 bit API support and EXTENSIONS which were common to both Palemoon and Mozilla needed 64 bit API's with 64 bit Browsers. As standard 64 bit Windows 7 included adequate 64 bit API's for some BUT NOT ALL extensions. Users that wanted extensions which needed missing 64 bit API's had to use the 32 bit browser. N.B. - I think that in those days Firefox only came as a 32 bit browser. I consider it most probable that the latest versions of Windows may include adequate 64 bit API support on 64 bit machines, in which case both Palemoon and Mozilla should have 64 bit browsers that support all the extensions that run on 32 bit browsers, BUT ONLY ON THE LATEST VERSIONS OF WINDOWS. My best guess is that if you are using 64 bit Vista or 64 bit Windows 7, then some BUT NOT ALL Extensions will run adequately with FF37. Not all Firefox users would be happy with such an outcome, but since when has Mozilla considered users happiness
  10. Welcome to forum. Sorry but you are wrong. Active File Recovery was not able to read more than 31.25 % of the capacity, Recuva appears a tad better at 33% In the past you could buy a 16 GB Flash Drive from eBay etc, and it may APPEAR to be 16 GB UNTIL you occupy the first few GB, because some crooks modify the drive to make it appear larger than it really is. I would guess that if you have a genuine 16 GB capacity, then accidental damage (e.g.. by unsafe removal) could have the opposite effect and fool windows into thinking it has a 5 GB capacity. Just possibly "Active File Recovery" was fooled into thinking that there was originally no more than 5 GB present, whilst Recuva has found an inconsistency between 16 GB expected and 5 GB scanned capacity, and is now spinning wheels whist trying to resolve issues.
  11. Try Pale Moon Spell Check always works for me in this forum OK The above looked like the following before I clicked each squiggled word and selected the relevant correction :- I jumped ship from Firefox after F.F. version 18 because it started to find different ways to go wrong each time I started up Windows.
  12. Firefox is in a constant state of flux. What can be cleaned on day may cause problems the next day. Firefox has abandoned us users to staify its developers, so I have now moved to Palemoon which is far more stable and uses the same Addons.
  13. Vitog, I am sorry you did not like any attitude that you may have perceived in my replies; but you commenced with an attitude of superiority over the CCleaner developers when you stated in post #8 that their "programming issues" were the cause of your problem, and that they had a duty to email you once they had fixed them; My first post #9 was a sincere effort to assist someone who claimed to have the skill to recognize a "programming issue", and I thought you needed technical information to understand the situation. I rather felt that you were acting superior to me by dismissing my response as "Jargon Filled". I would prefer to let this matter rest, and not continue to hijack this topic related to windows 7 and '' Error opening file for writing: C:\Programm Files\ CCleaner\ CCleaner64.exe'' Regards Alan
  14. Hackers would have no problem exploiting HTML5 - BUT ONLY IF HTML5 WAS AN ADOBE PRODUCT,
  15. What is the "jargon" that you fail to comprehend or understand ? I was responding to your post in which you FAILED to advise WHERE you obtained CCleaner. You now admit to having downloaded from Filehippo which I trusted in the past, but not now that it provides "extras" for the unwary and those that do not understand "jargon" So far as I am aware the NSIS installer is NOT part of the CCleaner application as created by Piriform, in which case it is YOUR fault to mistakenly demand :- N.B. If you have an NSIS installer on your computer, it may STAY there even after you uninstall CCleaner and replace CCleaner with a CLEAN download from Piriform so the problem may persist until you find and delete NSIS. If you need further help overcoming the problem I suggest you start your own topic, and not continue hijacking a topic that belongs to someone else with a different product "Professional Plus"and a different version of Windows.
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