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  1. I have a Transcend 16gb JetFlash that has problems. I have not modified it with any of the tools I have tried. I first ran the deep scan using ntfs.com Active File Recovery tool. It reported being able to read only 5gb but it did complete to where I could attempt a recovery. I did NOT perform the recovery. Next I tried Recuva first selecting the deep scan. As you can see from the attached screen shot it did not progress past 33% and is just spinning up the time to completion. It arrived at this 33% point in about an hour. So I left it running. After a day or so it continues to increase the time to completion but there is no other progress. Now at 2 days in it reports 5 days to complete. Clearly it is not moving forward. It should have completed it's scan after a few hours at best. Active File Recovery completed in a few hours. So, why is this not completing so I can move on to the recovery stage? Clearly Active File Recovery was able to do this. Why not Recuva? I didn't see any options and the popup dialog has no other options but to cancel this. How can I get this tool to progress to the next step? thanks oldunixguy
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