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  1. >If you've said to allow discovery then Windows assumes that's because it's a private network and you trust any other machines on it. If you've said not to allow discovery then Windows assumes that because it's a public network and you don't trust other machines on it.< Thanks. That explains it well. And I successfully changed my home network from Public to Private. In my version of Win 10 there is an actual choice for that, with no need to specify "discovery".
  2. >Your network showing as public is a setting you make when you first connect to a network, you have told it not to let your computer be discoverable on that network so it's public.< Did you mean "you have told it to let your computer be discoverable on that network" (without the "not")?
  3. Thanks. I have ESET NOD32 installed and running. About Windows Defender, I never even think about it but looked just now and see the attached status. What seems strange to me is that my network right here at home, "seri_art 5", appears under "Guest or public networks". When I was trying to install the ccleaner update, I did try disabling ESET and that didn't change anything.
  4. Thanks, that worked perfectly! Does that mean that each time I want to update ccleaner that I need to download the latest "Slim" installer? I now note that I installed MalwareBytes after the prior ccleaner update. Would that the the issue?
  5. Ccleaner Free v5.77.8448(64-bit), Windows 10, set to update automatically and also to notify me of updates available. It stopped updating automatically or notifying me a while ago. Now, when I open Ccleaner, click "Check for updates", it opens a window saying "A new version is available". I click on "Update Now" and it displays a horizontal progress bar showing the update downloading, and then Ccleaner closes without updating.
  6. v 5.02.5101. The following are checked in the FF section (they wre checked by default): Internet Cache, Internet History, Cookies, Download History, Session. Is the "Cookies" check eliminating the login cookies? If so, why is that happening with this version when no other versions did that (don't know what was checked with those; always used the defaults)?
  7. One of the thiungs I've alwasys liked about ccleaner is thawt I didnt have to spend any time with it, just run it. That seems to not be the case any more.
  8. I ran the cleaning and registry sections, as I always have done..Main browser is Firefox. Win 7 computer. No ccleaner enhancing software.
  9. After installing and running the latest version (64 bit), v 5.02.5101, I had to sign into all sites that previoiusly remembered me. I don't recall this ever happening before. How do I prevent this from happening again?
  10. Thanks. I thought I did that the last two times, but can't really be sure. I'll do those things carefully the next time and report back.
  11. Win 7, ccleaner 4.11. At some point, the recent versions of ccleaner started removing my browser (FF and IE) history and cookies regardless of the options I checked (can't remember the exact options, though). I want to keep those instead of having them cleaned. How do I get that to happen?
  12. I set it to receive immediate topic reply notifications and I received an email about your #8 message with the same time on it as your posting. So that worked fine.
  13. Thanks for the heads-up about Notification Options.
  14. Thanks. Yes, I had run Registry cleaning. In the Firefox section rules, Internet Cache, Download History, and Session are checked. I fixed the problem by resetting Firefox back to its original settings. Then I re-ran CC 4.04 and Firefox is still OK. Next question :-) I had clicked "Follow this topic" (right now, "Unfollow this topic" is displayed), but got no notification that your replies were posted above. Should I have received an email after you posted replies?
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