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  1. grits2


    I haven't the slightest clue about PC temps so I assume that as long as mine are green I'm good?
  2. So what's best way to post Speccy results to a forum where I'm asking for help with a PC issue & still keep my personal info hidden? Let me be more clear, the name of my computer definitely shows my gender whereas my user name is generic. Does that make sense?
  3. Just a quick "thanks" to both of you for now. Was going to post more but company just arrived so will have to get off PC.
  4. I don't even really know what some of these files are so have been pretty much just using CCleaner for Temp.Internet Files but out of curiosity I just enabled the Default settings in both Windows & Apps. & did just the Analysis which found 142.1MB. I don't even know if that amount is considered a lot. Anyway . . . my actual question is: should I really keep all the Default selections? I read somewhere that there's at least a couple that shouldn't be selected,especially by a PC novice. I guess the ones I really wonder about are: Index.dat files System Memory Dumps System Windows Log files Windows MS Search Thank you. eMachine Windows 7 IE 9
  5. yup, all the leftovers are Flash.
  6. Never had this happen before. It did keep my "To keep Cookies" just fine but left about 20 in the "Cookies to Delete". I'm assuming they're Flash cookies? I'm still on CCleaner version 4.02 w7 64 bit IE9 just updated a couple days ago. I suppose I should update CCleaner, am quite behind. So, if I do, will the update still save my Keep cookies? iirc, I had quite a time trying to get them set correctly. Thanks a bunch, grits
  7. I believe these are 'Default' selections. Under 'Windows' - IE- " what is Index.dat files?" Under 'Applications' - Windows - MS Management Console - "is that referring to Event Viewer?" Also under Apps - it still lists Thunderbird which I uninstalled long ago. ? - lists 2 versions of Foxit Reader. ? - lists 2 versions of Avast. ? - lists 2 programs that I've never used, came Pre-installed when I bought PC. ?
  8. Thanks Dennis, I'm in U S A but yes that's the one. After I'd lost them so many times, I just picked everything in cookies list that had anything 'weather' in it to move to Keep side.
  9. Sorry for this dumb question but can't seem to find an answer otherwise. Are "portable" & "slim" the same thing? I did see something that kinda sounded like the "slim version" is intended more for 'advanced' people, not a 'novice'. ???
  10. Nope, don't have that set. I'm probably doing something wrong when I select the cookies to keep when I run CCleaner?
  11. I'm still on version 4.02.4115 Windows 7 64 bit IE 9 I like to keep cookies for the weather channel 'cuz I'm watching at least 2 - 4 locations. I move everything with "weather" in the name to the "Keep" column but the keep getting deleted. What am I doing wrong? Thank you, grits
  12. Is it better to use ini rather than registry?
  13. The only thing I'm paranoid about is messing up my PC. I'm still trying to learn. So . . . sounds like I should/can just Uncheck those 2 & just go about the regular junk cleaning. Thanks to all.
  14. Sorry for my stupidity when it comes to computers. I'm the only one using this PC & don't at this point have to worry about my drive filling up. I'm guessing that MFT means Master File ? which at this point is "Greek to me" Both of those have check marks by default but not sure I really need them checked? Thank you.
  15. @Andavari, I don't even know what you mean by "INI file. 99.9% of anything in my machine is at Default Settings because most of what I read in 'Options' might as well be printed in a foreign language, I don't know what I'm supposed to pick or unpick. I probably shouldn't even be allowed to have a computer due to my lack of knowledge.
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