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  1. As French, I learnt a new expression Backup may be cool, but I'm never sure of the result, moreover I have a SSD and space cost a lot for those kind of device (unless you're rich )
  2. The problem is not that simple. Under the Administrator account I cannot access to UAC configuration and i still can't change the power management of the computer. The problem is deeper than creating and using an other account. Because I don't have many time to search about this problem, and there is no simple solution, I simply reinstall Windows today. Thank you for trying to help me. Cristallix
  3. Yes, Less stress but a lot of time wasted for reinstalling all the software I use... I don't have a DVD for installation, and I don't have a DVD drive anymore but a bootable USB key should be enough (License is from MSDNAA) The fact is that those problems are linked because the same error message about CLSID appears under Defender and while I tried to share my HDD over the network. The last backup is dated of April 17th, so it is too late. Safe mode works fine, and editing files under "Program files" is working. Since the time I uses Ccleaner I stop using the save option for th
  4. Hi, Since two/three months I encountered problems under Windows 8. Those problems are: Unable to install updates for Windows No access to UAC No power management Unable to share over the network my 2nd HardDrive Unable to modify "Program Files" Can't see history of Windows defender Windows give me the error 80080015. After some search it turns out that nothing are helpful. Under Windows Defender I have the following error: "The activation requires a display name to be present under the CLSID key". After some search i founded into this forum other people like me who encountered t
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