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  1. If FileHippo is somewhat untrusted and has the "evil practices" of bloating it (which I had not been alerted to by my security/malware apps) then I would have expected it to have taken me there instead of Piriform. However, it is Piriforms domain that is sending people TO FileHippo intentionally, or at least certainly sending me there, from a Webpage and not the app itself. And obviously I AM being aware to beware ^5 which is why I am STILL not yet updated. As I do not trust either until I can get to who is at fault for the FileHippo redirect. I was just now considering an entire uninstall, total clean of apps and registry, and then re-install, BUT something was corrected it seems, as the Piriform Download page now does NOT take me to FileHippo but to Piriform instead. Although not made public, it seems to me Piriform made an incorrect decision and then later changed it back. Which I am thankful for! But makes one wonder WHY they try link to FileHippo at all unless there is some monetary advantage or collusion to do so, I'm sure they have resources to host themselves without a problem so that could not have been the catalyst for the change and link to such a repository of malicious nature. THANKS all for replying and I am satisfied it has been fixed! Hafta protect the populace, after all, lest things get outta hand with such bloatware implications running rampantly! ^5
  2. I do not see how bookmarking the build page the devs use helps to fix the problem (except for only myself because I took time to ask, and I DO appreciate the reply!). The app itself still will go to FileHippo. The public leymen knows nothing of this link existing for the build downloads. And FileHippo is not a well known repository, so it seems suspicious when no mention is made via the app itself and you are taken there unannounced.
  3. The DOWNLOAD Button ON Piriform goes to FileHippo. See: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download?upgrade So there is a hosted download from Piriform instead of another source like FileHippo? If so I am unable to locate it and am therefore not able to update my software. I need to know what I am downloading CLEARLY, and that should be the case. It does NOT say it will take you anywhere, so the Piriform "Download" Button is MISLEADING to start. Then on being taken to another page, there are multiple options with no clear selection for the Free Version at all and a greyed out type of selection among a few others. This is not a good way to conduct this process and I hope it is rectified soon. Until then I will just have to stay... un-updated.
  4. Thanx craigathus I followed the apps recommended shown links. They do not go to Piriform, but instead Filehippo? Everyone get this and are not taken to Piriform. How will anyone know which to click? Going to Piriform helps me out, but does not solve anything. Ya know?
  5. I am getting a FileHippo page urging to Buy Now, download a Free Trail, there's another Download Button but it's lighter as if greyed out. And a Button for Updates notification. Nothing says Download Free Version. ?? Therefore, I opt not to download anything at all, which is NOT good! Can this not be made more clear as to what we are to click for the Free Version download? Thanks in advance!
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