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  1. - Another post meant to trigger another notification email.
  2. - No, the problem hasn't been fixed. I just received 2 notification emails ("Forum Digest") again, as a result of my previous post in this thread. - I still have one or two ideas why this behaviour occurs. But that requires a bit more time. I need to dig a little deeper and check a few things.
  3. - It certainly seems that the double notifications problem has been fixed. In that regard posting this problem in this sub-forum has helped to fix the problem.
  4. - And I didn't change any of the settings in my email program in the last say week. No, all things considered I do think the folks here at CCleaner.com "tweaked" the forum software (a little bit). Just enough to make the problem go away.
  5. - I thought there were more people who had the same problem. But perhaps those people / visitors didn't report the odd behaviour ? I don't know. - I don't think I want to blame my email setup or email program. Yes, there was a recent update for my emailprogram but I installed that update before I started this thread.
  6. - It seems the problem (as described above) has been solved. Only a few minutes ago I received another "Forum digest" notification email but this time I received this email only once. I will keep an eye on this problem to see if this problem REALLY been solved. - By posting this message I expect to receive another "Forum Digest" tomorrow. If tomorrow I receive only 1 "Forum digest" then I think I can safely assume that the problem has been solved for good. Other visitors of this forum will also benefit from this forum software improvement / fix / tweak / ..........
  7. - And another known bug in the program has resurfaced again. Defraggler sometimes moves files I didn't select. I assume that this is due to the fact that perhaps Df doesn't "protect its internal variables good enough". Let's assume that I have moved files A, B, C, D, E & F towards the end of a drive (as best as possible) with DF. But I discovered that after say 2 or 3 months e.g. file C & D have been moved back towards the beginning of the drive again. I suspect that when I defragment say 10 or 100 other files DF also mistakenly moves that one file (C and/or D) towards the beginning of the drive again. (No, I didn't use the build-in Window defragmentation program in the meantime (I disabled that program) or any other defragmentation program). - It's quite possible that there is a link with the CPU remaining (very) high for MINUTES after DF has finished a task. In that regard I think fixing that "high CPU problem" will be VERY benficial for the overall perfomance of the program, will help to stabilize the overall execution of the program. - I am aware that the high CPU is due to the fact that DF must do A LOT OF calculations in order to find a new empty spot on a drive where a file can be placed. Perhaps slowing down the execution of the program will help to reduce CPU and make the perfomance more stable. (just my 2 cents),
  8. Below a picture of the emails I received today in my emailprogram (Outlook Express Classic) from the CCleaner forum. I received this ".......... Forum Digest" twice. While I receive other notification email(s) only once. The good folks here at CCleaner should investigate why this happens only in this particular situation.
  9. - I could imagine that Malwarebytes & McAfee are the reason why those files are "lost", why Windows has "problems" with those files.
  10. There is problem with the notifications from this forum. This problem has surfaced since the latest CCleaner forum software was installed. - When I receive an email notification for a new post or or for a new Private Message then I receive only 1 email. But I also receive every now & then an email called "Your CCleaner Community Forums digest" and every "digest" Iis received by me twice (when sent). - No, I didn't change any settings for the notifications after the last forum software was installed. So, it could be that the forum gets "confused" by the old settings.
  11. - Odd very odd. After turning the swapfile off and then back on again 2 times solved the "Pagefile.sys" problem. The pagefile now shows up in DF again. Again odd, very odd. But it seems that this problem has disappeared.
  12. - Another problem has surfaced again. DF fails to detect / find the file "pagefile.sys" on my Windows 7 system. I tried to find "pagefile.sys" with the "Search" feature (in DF) but to no avail. DF finds A LOT OF other *.sys files but "pagefil.sys" is not found by DF. - DF tries to defragment "pagefile.sys" upon system start up. The behaviour seems to suggest that DF finds the pagefile but isn't capable of doing anything with the file, in spite of having several large open spots on my HD. - Yet, when I use 4 other programs (Everything, WizTree, WizFile & XYplorer) all 4 are able to find "Pagefile.sys". Odd, very odd. - When I start "clicking around" on the filemap (in DF) then a odd thing shows up. The drivemap shows blocks (scattered around the drive map) that are occupied but when I click on those blocks the program responds with "No files in this block". It seems the program is a "bit too critical" when it comes too detecting the pagefile. Don't know what to make of it. - Already tried if disabling and re-enabling the pagefile would make a difference. But again, to no avail. ============================================= In addition to my previous post: this behaviour could be result of the program code "winding down" (/ trying to "wind down") colliding with some other piece of software. Or perhaps there was an "internal conflict" in the program code of DF itself. That's why - in my opinion - making sure that the amount of CPU - used by the program - is being reduced as fast as possible (after performing a task in DF) could / will have a very positive impact on the performance of the program and should have top priority.
  13. - Another problem with Defraggler: Lately another problem in DF has reared its ugly head. Sometimes simply selecting + highlighting a few files from the list in the "Search" tab pushes CPU to (very) high levels for several minutes. This would suggest that the combination of 1 or more programs running at the same time causes the CPU of DF to go "through the roof". But then the question becomes: what programs ?
  14. - The author of the OEC backup program (see my post of august 7, 2021) has the intention/has plans of making a multi language version of the program. If you are someone who has a non-english Windows OS and wants to translate the program into your language then send the author a message you want to help him out.
  15. - I must add something to 3) in my previous reply. #3 would only apply to bugs that are fairly simple to fix and don't take that much time to fix. And there are certainly still A LOT of those "small bugs" to be fixed.
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