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  1. - New update for OE Classic available (version v3.1). Starting with this build/version the builds of OEC will contain both the Free & "Paid for" versions. To unlock the PRO features the user must "activate" the Free version with his/her license key. People who want to help to translate the program in more languages than those already available are still welcome to help out. @Airwolf4 You're not the only one who would love to see the program have an option to make OEC the default email client. The developers are saying that that this option ("default email client") is their "next
  2. Defraggler doesn't properly sort the numbers in the "Fragments" column in the "Search" tab (red arrow). Today I came across a telling example. In the 1st picture below there are 5 *.mp3 files of which 2 are not fragmented (blue arrows). These 2 files are the 2nd and 3rd file from the top of the list. When I click on the "Fragments" header (red arrow) then the program doesn't sort the list. It simply turns the "Fragments" list upside down (see 2nd picture). This is also confirmed by the sizes and names of all 5 files. Clicking on that header for a second time the list reverted back to its origi
  3. Suggestion: Currently Defraggler is able to defragment the pagefile (pagefile.sys). I would like to see that a new version of the program is aslo able to defragment other systemfiles like hiberfil.sys. I know that Windows 10 also has one or 2 additional (large) systemfiles (like pagefile.sys). Then these should also be defragmented by Defraggler.
  4. I must add that this "Exclude" option works throughout the entire program. E.g. it also works on the "file list" tab.
  5. @Pinfloid: This is indeed a problem/bug in Defraggler. And you are not the only one who has reported this/these bug(s). But CCleaner has (much) users than Defraggler and therefore Defraggler will have to wait until the developers decide they want to spend time fixing (a number of) bugs in the program. Alas. And given the amount of possibilities in the options menu it will give the developers a headache. If you want to move those files back to the beginning of the drive then you can do the following. Select Settings > Options > Exclude. There you must enter all folders that don'
  6. - Turn off System Restore. That will help to speed up the program - Let the program move LARGE files and files you rarely use to the end of the drive.
  7. @Kenmk: Post a screenshot of the Defraggler filemap. Could be very revealing.
  8. - No, the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 doesn't have such a "delay" function. - Interesting. Perhaps an additional reason to make the move to Windows 10.
  9. LIghtShot - This is a program to make a screenshot. The build-in tools (plural) in Windows all each have their limitations and drawbacks. E.g. if the user wants to make screenshot of an opened roll-down menu then e.g. the Snipping Tool (Windows 7) isn't able to do that. The Snipping Tool will close that menu. - But LighShot operates in a different way. It re-programs (very appropriately) the "Print screen" button/key on one's keyboard. That way e.g. an opened roll-down menu won't disappear and can be captured in the screenshot. - The program is not as powerful as other sc
  10. - Did some more testing and it turns out that CC does remove the thumbnail caches and that without restarting Explorer.exe. - And those caches are rebuild and grow with each folder the user opens. Then more and more icons & thumbnails are added to those caches. - I also noticed that Windows does not write those caches to disk the moment changes are made or the caches grow in size. It seems that Windows waits with writing to disk until the user shuts down his system.
  11. - Agree. But if Ccleaner doesn't want to kill & restart "Explorer.exe" (needed for removing those thumbnail caches) then this option ("Clean thumbnail caches") should be removed as well.
  12. - The program could display a warning like "Ccleaner will restart the process Explorer.exe" (or something along those lines)
  13. - But then why does Ccleaner contain that one cleaning option ("Clear thumbnail caches") in the first place ?
  14. - Yes, but Ccleaner should be able to re-start "Explorer.exe" again like Tweaking's Windows Repair does. Then the situation is back to normal. So, it can be done ........... - Or perhaps there is another way to get this done. Perhaps some small program or script can be executed when a user starts or shuts down his machine and which will delete those thumbnail caches. - "Corrupted Recycle Bin": that's also very easy. The trick is that one also first needs to reset the permissions of the Recycle Bins (plural) and then simply delete the appropriate folder (e.g. "C:\$Recyclebin") and Win
  15. - Every now and then one or more thumbnail caches are corrupted. One way this shows up is that one or more program icons have disappeared. Then a generic symbol shows up instead. But it seems CCleaner is unable to remove those caches. After running Ccleaner the proper program icon(s) didn't re-emerge. - Then I grab another program (Tweaking's Windows Repair) that's able to delete those caches (No, this program is NOT a competitor of Ccleaner !!!) and then Windows will be forced to re-build those caches. - To be able to delete those caches one must kill the process "Explorer.exe", del
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