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  1. I agree hazelnut, They (and others) freely admit that they are collecting data. Their privacy statements that you link to are disjointed, and statements made there and elsewhere conflict with each other. The question of importance is if that data that could identify you (or your device) individually or not? Piriform/Avast (and others) seem to be relying on the reply that they are not collecting your name, address, email, etc. what is known as "Classical Personal Data". This is not sufficent under GDPR, any information at all that could identify an 'individual' has to b
  2. An Explanation of GDPR for those outside Europe. The General Data Protection Regulations are an EEA wide set of regulations about personal data protection. They are incorporated into each member countrys' own Data Protection Legislation. Each countrys' own legislation then makes additions for certain areas like security and health records. They are aimed at making what data/information organisations are storing about you, and what they are doing with it, more transparent and accessible. They have put greater responsibilities on organisations that collect and/or process da
  3. There are a number of threads popping up about the removal of the 'privacy' opt-out with v5.45. I'll have a go at explaining it, seeing that Piriform have made such a poor job of it (again). Remember that this option was only ever added to comply with GDPR in Europe, it was never a legal requirement in the rest of the world. They have previously been collecting this data anyway, they just weren't telling you about it until GDPR. Piriforms' latest privacy statement says that their software is not collecting Personal Data from users. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/arti
  4. I'll have a go at explaining it, seeing how Piriform have made such a poor job of it. 1) Remember that this option was only ever added to comply with GDPR in Europe, it was never a legal requirement in the rest of the world. They have previously been collecting this data anyway, they just weren't telling you about it until GDPR. Piriforms' latest privacy statement says that the software is not collecting Personal Data from users. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004083951-What-changes-have-you-made-to-ensure-compliance-with-GDPR- If this is true then they d
  5. There's another thread about that somewhere on here. To put it shortly- what that dumbed-down screen is calling 'Tracking Files' is not what you or I (or anyone else) would normally consider as tracking files. In fact I ran a test and that screen calls every file found by CCleaner a 'tracking file'. It's just advertising to make you think you may be being infected/tracked (and so may install the Avast offer). It was one of the reasons there were a lot of complaints about that new dumbed-down screen and they had to put the option of the old 'Advanced Report' screen back. G
  6. You can tell it what duplication to find- Name, Size, Modified Date, Content, or any combination of the four. These are 'and' combinations so files have to fit all the selected options to be considered duplicates. You can tell it to ignore certain types of files, or files smaller than / bigger than a certain size. You can tell it to include or exclude specified drives and/or directories. It does not delete any files automatically, it gives you a list and you have to select from that list which you want to delete, if any. There is no way a programme could know which y
  7. I like to explain it like this - Your computer is using and creating temporary files all the time. These files are created as empty 'storage' and 'fill up' with information as you use your computer. (So even though it shows 0.5MB it/they could be empty). Rather than trying to edit these and delete any contents, it's simpler just to delete the whole file and let Windows create a new, empty, one. So when you run CC again it finds and deletes these files again even though they are empty. Think of it like someone putting an empty box on your desk and then coming back and putting
  8. They have released another update, taking Windows 10 1803 up to build 17134.166. Don't know if the fixes have anything to do with your particular problem, they seem to be more server and networking fixes? But it is a bit unusual to put one out so soon after patch tuesday last week. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4345421/july162018kb4345421osbuild17134166 https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-releases-windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4345421-521987.shtml
  9. Other (Microsoft) programmes use IE's storage, not just IE. If you are not using IE then you can untick all it's boxes, except for 'Temporary Internet Files' which other programmes also use. (See the first 2 lines of your screenshot, those 2 files are in 'Temporary Internet Files'). If you are not using IE then there will be nothing in the other IE boxes to be cleaned so CCleaner doesn't need to look at them, so untick them. (There may be the odd 'proteced' cookie which CC can't clean anyway, or if it does then it comes straight back). That will speed CCleaner up again for y
  10. keith, That's fine you seem to be doing everything right, and CCleaner is running on startup but not cleaning the Chrome cookies for whatever reason. It's a problem that seems to come and go as Chrome changes things then CC has to play catch up. You see a frequent threads about it here. One problem could be the way that lots of things get synced to the cloud these days. (Unless you tell then not to). So when you delete something off your PC it's gone from the PC but not from the cloud, and can imediately get copied from the cloud back to your PC. I'm not saying that is def
  11. I respect your decision. And it was very eloqently stated. I've not quite got there yet, I'd rather stay here for now and shout about the worst of the stupid developments.
  12. I'm not sure what you are expecting from that description. You seem to be saying that once you launch Chrome you get a lot of cookies, thats about normal. News websites are all full of cookies, ads, clickbait and so on. Have you set CCleaner to 'Run when the computer starts'?
  13. PS. I also notice a typo in CCleaner itself from Speedracer's screenshot. Surely it should say "Every day of each week..." and not of each month?
  14. I had thought of that and added a rider about different countries. Still it would explain the wording of the error as 'an invalid combination' and is a simple thing to try.
  15. The others may have missed something in your screenshot. I think it's because you have the date format wrong. (Unless there are different installer settings for different countries?) Looking at the example given with my CCleaner (admittedly Free) it should be day/month/year - so yours should be 18/07/2018. From your screenshot it looks like you are trying to set it to the seventh day of the 18th month, and obviously there is no 18th month.
  16. That sounds like a Firefox 'new tab' setting. I would check your Firefox options. And check if any of your FF extensions change new tab behaviour. If you need to you can 'refresh' Firefox, to reset the settings But take note of what that does and backup your bookmarks etc. first.
  17. You can't set CCleaner to run on shutdown, but there are 2 similar options, either of which may do what you want. In Options>settings you can set CCleaner to "Run when the computer starts" - so when you boot again after a shutdown it will clean the cookies and other files. or In Options>Advanced you can set CCleaner to "Shutdown after cleaning" - so when you run CCleaner it will shutdown the computer once it's finished cleaning.
  18. CCleaner is a temporary file cleaner. The name tells you it is a cleaner. It is not an Antivirus/antimalware/antispyware. There are plenty of those in the google playstore, pick one and install it.
  19. I'm sure you have done your own searching on what could be causing these volsnap errors. It does/did seem to be a common problem with these errors removing all restore points. Dual booting systems seemed particularly prone to it. This thread suggests that a defrag could be doing it: (His particular defragger was Auslogics, but some of the later threads suggest that Windows own defragger can also cause it). https://www.dell.com/community/Virus-Spyware/Warning-Disk-Deframenters-can-quot-ruin-quot-System-Restore/td-p/4474855 That also suggests that any process moving lots of data
  20. Just to add to that: In the past I found that analyze/clean of Internet Explorer was taking a long time. As I hardly ever use Edge or Internet Explorer I just told CCleaner to stop looking at them. I have everything unticked for Edge and Internet Explorer - except for 'Temporary Internet Files' because other Microsoft applications use that as well. (There is always one cookie in Internet Explorer cookies as well, but I just ignore that because it just come back if you clean it). If you want to double check after a week or so then you can right click on each of the ones yo
  21. Could you elaborate a bit? Is CC slow to launch, slow to analyze/clean, or something else? If it's slow to analyze/clean then it shhold be noticable what it is cleaning when it's taking the time. (Usually its Internet Explorer).
  22. Of course a side effect of this constant evolution is that smaller software companies and 'one-man-bands' can't keep up, so will just give up. Which in the end stifles innovation. When you look at it most of the current big software companies started out this way, Microsoft itself started with just 2 people, Paul Allen & Bill Gates.
  23. I think he wants CC to just close open browsers without asking the user. Maybe a settings option and a 'Don't ask this question again' checkbox?
  24. sethm1, No you do not need to have the RPLifeInterval registry key. I don't have one as said above. If you don't have one then Windows will just use the system default. I also don't have the ErrorReportFiles or the Volatile that you show in your screenshot. (Maybe because I have had no errors?) Neither do I have anywhere near that many entries (I have Firstrun, LastIndex, LastMainenanceTaskRunTimeStamp, RPSessionInterval, & SRInitDone). Obviously our systems have been setup differently, is your Home or Pro? I wouldn't mess unless you know what put them there in the first pla
  25. Just posted at Malwarebytes, no further details on just what the "compatibility" enhancements are though. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/229458-ladies-and-gentlemen-malwarebytes-35/?tab=comments#comment-1255618
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