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  1. According to Jeremy Clarkson from what he stated on the automotive T.V. show Top Gear if a vehicle is fueled in the morning hours when the temperature isn't as hot you'll get "more fuel for your money" because at a lower temperature the fuel is more condensed. I absolutely didn't know that, and with the current worldwide fuel prices it may very well be worth a try.
  2. Shhh, he's conducting a top secret mission called: Operation what's the size of your noggin. The turkey is just there so he figure out what will go good with it; mashed potatos, or wild rice - mmm delicious.
  3. With Internet Explorer that would be the index.dat files, they'll grow unless you use CCleaner to delete them on the next system startup. As for what Norton Clean Sweep cleans I don't know, hence I've never used it, however with most cleaning programs one may find some junk another doesn't, which is the reason to use several freeware ones, the same goes for registry cleaners. However CCleaner is safe -- not every cleaning program has that status.
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    Hmm. Does anyone believe in reincarnation? Or is it just a plain weird coincidence!
  5. Perhaps it's your T.V. and perhaps not. Look in the Help documentation, or the display card manufacturer online support, there may be a solution.
  6. "Perhaps CCleaner is seeing them as some Windows logs." If CCleaner is wanting to remove them you may be better and safer off moving the files into their own unique folder. Also any important files you have it's a wise decision to have backups in for example the ZIP archive format, etc.
  7. Someone else posted an image of CCleaner from that theme not too long ago, and I noticed the button fonts weren't displayed correctly or chopped off. An option is to right click the CCleaner desktop link, select Properties, Compatibility, then select Disable visual themes.
  8. Installing Microsoft update patches, software installations, software uninstalls, etc., will add up to allot of junk files in the temp folders. As Gwailo already stated the browser cache can add to allot of the MB size of what will be removed, even for dial-up users.
  9. If scanreg is messed up on your system re-install a good copy of it from the Win98 CD using System File Checker (start, run, sfc.exe). I've been using this method for years, via batch files: First let's create a known good Win98 system registry backup: Open Notepad and paste into the window (save as "regback.bat"). Remember to double-click the batch file in Windows to create the backup: MD C:\REGBACKXCOPY.EXE /I /H /K /Y /R C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT C:\REGBACK\XCOPY.EXE /I /H /K /Y /R C:\MSDOS.SYS C:\REGBACK\XCOPY.EXE /I /H /K /Y /R C:\WINDOWS\CONTROL.INI C:\REGBACK\XCOPY.EXE /
  10. On some display cards you have to select the T.V. mode, such as:
  11. I think after adding a custom cleaning that it should either automatically tick the box, or display a prompt that it has to be enabled since many people have been baffled by their custom cleaning not being performed. I guess what I just wrote should've actually been posted in the suggestions thread.
  12. According to Microsoft Tweak UI which can also change the setting in Explorer->Customizations this is the info it states (screenshot):
  13. Download Ogg DirectShow Filters. Make sure you download version Stable, since the most recent version has a bug in it that won't play audio out of the right channel. Edit: You could also try QuickTime Alternative (you'll have to uninstall Apple QuickTime first), or Real Alternative (you'll have to uninstall RealPlayer first). Both QuickTime Alt and Real Alt include Media Player Classic, and if you install the Ogg DirectShow Filters Media Player Classic should also be able to play ogg's. However I think just installing the Ogg DirectShow Filters will enable Microsoft Window
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    If you download the drivers from Dell make sure you input the computer Service Tag number on the Dell support drivers and software download website. The Service Tag should be a sticker somewhere on the computer, or in the included documentation, or installed on the system in the Start Menu->Programs, or in the System BIOS screens. By inputting the Service Tag it will narrow down the available drivers that are specifically for that system.
  15. CCleaner deletes them upon rebooting. No matter what tool you use to delete them they'll automatically get recreated when your system starts, they'll of course not contain any retraceble data in them until you use Internet Explorer.
  16. That's the exact same thing that stumped me when I first used ImageShack.
  17. EasyCleaner will typically only find a few registry entries that CCleaner doesn't, and it's Unnecessary files finder can be customized to find files or ignore files. It's Registry cleaner can be customized to ignore entries, and one entry you should immediately put into the Registry cleaner to ignore so that it doesn't mess with settings is: CCleaner With EasyCleaner you need to avoid the Duplicates since that's the dangerous part of the program.
  18. NTREGOPT should be safe to use and it will create backups of the original registry files. If at any time you wish to remove the backups (they have the .bak extension) there's many system utilities that will find .bak file extensions and offer to delete them.
  19. While you're playing around linking an image you uploaded to ImageShack click the Preview Post before clicking Add Replay. That way you'll know right away if you need to use another link that ImageShack supplies. Another free image hosting service is http://xs.to/.
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    Not at all. You only need to do a backup if you've changed settings and have added or removed bookmarks. Your bookmarks are going to be the most important thing to backup and Opera will allow you to create a backup of your bookmarks to another location by clicking: File->Import and export->Export Opera bookmarks By the way your bookmarks are located at: Opera\profile\opera6.adr Opera automatically makes a backup of your bookmarks to the file: Opera\profile\opera6.adr.bak What I do is create a zip archive of the files I mentioned in my previous post about saving the sett
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    Opera's settings can be saved! Save: Opera\dialog.ini Opera\fastforward.ini Opera\OperaDef6.ini Opera\OUniAnsi.dll Opera\OUsr600.dat Opera\plugin-ignore.ini Opera\search.ini Opera\spellcheck.ini Opera\profile\*.* Don't save these folders (contains the cache): Opera\profile\cache4\ Opera\Profile\cacheop\ If you installed Opera for multiple users look in the Application Data folder for your Opera user profile.
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    I'm wondering if Mozilla still has problems with ATI display cards like the old 4.x versions of Netscape, although I use Mozilla Suite without any problems, and it has only crashed once in two years.
  23. Microsoft Update - (Windows, Office, etc. Requires Internet Explorer) http://update.microsoft.com/ Manually download Windows XP updates (download and installation requires Windows Genuine Advantage to be installed. Requires Internet Explorer) http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/
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    Reinstall over the existing installation the programs that won't uninstall, then reboot, then try the uninstall rountine again.
  25. Wouldn't hurt to also revert back to ZoneAlarm v5.5. I also had the BSOD, the inability to install, and a whole host of other problems when I installed version 6.
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