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  1. I am not so found of SpywareBlaster. You see, the idea of blacklisting every single malware website and put that huge list into my registry doesn't really appeal to me.
  2. Eldmannen

    Ie7 Pro

    Seems like a nice add-on. Especially the "block ads and flash" thing. But I am happy with my Firefox, I don't think it ever has crashed for me. Currently I use the Adblock and NoScript extensions, but before that I used only the Adblock, and before that I used none.
  3. You can try uninstall it, and then install it again.
  4. An emotionless dumb metallic robot, exactly what I need when I am in the hospital dieing...
  5. I wouldn't. It looks dangerous, and I have no balls. I am scared of everything like that. She was kinda close to the ground, and those things was elastic, so those things could have easily launched her to the ground real hard.
  6. Wow, really cool, yeah its Jesus. I noticed instead of blinking your eyes, you could just close one of your eyes. - Oh the dragon and the dots are very cool too.
  7. An interesting stuff is reviews, on download sites such as download.com, people will praise and give 5 stars to pretty much anything.
  8. You shouldn't loose stuff you've put time down to make, should keep backup of stuff like that.
  9. I've used it some, it seems to be decent. It's alright. But why buy it, the trial version doesn't really expire. Maybe the active protection does, but that just slows down the system and eats resources anyways, better disable the active protection, and then do manual scanning which afaik, will still be possible even after it expire if it does that. I have used it and could considering using it again, but I would never to pay for it.
  10. Antivirus and antimalware is way out of scope for CCleaner.
  11. Yeah, but it would be cool of download sites such as download.com, Tucows, Softpedia, etc had some kind of test where they checked and gave software that don't uninstall fully and properly a lower score/rank or put a warning/notation on its page about it. Most of the software on those download sites are just junk, a huge deal of them are crippleware and trials/demos.
  12. Its funny with noobs who go and buy a new computer, just because of some software problem when all you need todo is reinstall the operating system.
  13. Wanna share your foobar2000 config/skin/theme/layout/whatever?
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