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  1. Good idea to make backup. Backup is always good to have. Yes, you can have like D: (Music) and E: (Downloads) or you could have D:\Music\ and D:\Downloads\
  2. My disk is only 80 gb too. But I have it partitioned. C: - 20 gb. (Operating system, programs, games) D: - 40 gb. (Media, music, movies) E: - 20 gb.
  3. In CCleaner at the options dialog, you can define which cookies to keep when you clean the cookies. So I add 'forum.ccleaner.com' and then I have to add other forums that I frequently visit so I dont have to login again everytime I visit them. I think it would be perfect to be able to use wildcards when you define what cookies to keep. So that I can add for example 'forum.*' then it delete all cookies except cookies belonging to the subdomain of 'forum' of any domain.
  4. That is why you either do not buy a commerical machine, or ask to get it delivered without an OS pre-installed, or repartion the computer as soon as you get it. Now, formating a harddisk is not difficult, actually, it is very easy. You can right click on the disk/partion in "My Computer" and select "Format..." Or you can boot with a floppy disk so you get to the CLI (Command Line Interface), and type: format C: or format D: or whatever. Doing any of the 2 mentioned steps above will format your disk/partion and erase all content on it. Partition a disk is a little more difficult than forma
  5. Not normally. But there is 3rd party software (such as Partition Magic) that supposedly can do that. But I dont trust it.
  6. Google dont save your search queries, that is your web browser who saves them because you have the "save form" feature enabled. If you dont like that feature, then you can disable it in your web browser. CCleaner also has functionality, to clear that. However, I do not like the Google cookie either, so I delete it.
  7. That would be great! 80 gb isnt too small (imho), creating two partitions 20 and 60 gb wouldnt be all too bad. However I see why you dont partition them as you have 2 disks anyways. Dont see why anyone would need a system disk bigger than 20 gb though.
  8. Thanks for the replies! I wrote it because I thought I should educate some people about computers and stuff. Sad thing is that maybe this thread will disappear soon, maybe I or someone should put it on a website or something. If anyone has a website and thought it was useful, feel free to put it on your website or something. Partition their drives is something everybody should do, it can save them alot of hassle and provide them with much convenience. As rridgely having two harddrives is also a good idea, unfortunately that makes more noise, cost more, eats more electricity, etc.
  9. It also has other benefits. Lets say you move around files, copy files, delete files, download files, etc to your harddisk. This will lead your files gets defragmented and your computer will be slower. But if you mainly use the secondary partition for your files, then it will take much longer time for your primary system partition to get fragmented which means your computer will work optimally for a longer period of time before you need to defragment the partitions. Want a deeper insight into disk partitions? See the Wikipedia article on disk partitions!
  10. Hello! This post is about disk partitions and why they are so great! They are so great, that in fact everyone should have one! A good idea is to partition your harddisk to have 2 partitions. This way you can have your operating system and system files on one partition (the primary partition) which usually is C: Then you can have another secondary partition which is D: where you store any other data such as media files (music, movies) and all sorts of stuff. Maybe you have a 100 gb harddisk. Then you can allocate for example 20 gb to have on a system/primary partition (C:) wh
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