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  1. The Shield Deluxe 2009 Cnet user reviews ain't too flash.
  2. Humpty


    Well to be honest with you if you're going to install an app like Regcure then it could be advisable to post a Hijackthis log in the correct part of this forum.
  3. The quality of the thumb drive can be a factor. Never have a prob with my 2 and 4 gig Sandisc Cruzers. Neighbour a while back asked if I wanted a 16 gig for 18 bucks off ebay which I grabbed. What a waste of dough as it randomly corrupts.
  4. Or could they have been hidden? Tools - Folder Options - View tab - Show hidden files and folders
  5. Bit of a kefuffle going on ATM about whether a PIFTS.exe belonging to Symantec is snooping. Symantec seems to be deleting any posts on their message board relating to such. Or is it just a story created to stir up a hornets nest with nothing really in it? Zone Alarm Discussion WARNING - I googled PIFTS.exe with very first two links being hijackers for two rogue apps in Internet Antivirus Pro and the second being System Security.
  6. Same speed as FF here so I doubt I will switch as I'm just too used to FF I think. Not to mention old and grumpy as well and I don't like change anyways.
  7. Below is a discussion on autorun.inf and I also use Flash Disinfector on all my drives. Quietman Over At Elder Geek's Diskheal is an app that can set drives back to default settings after an infection. Both Flash Disinfector and Diskheal get hits over at Virus Total but I have been told that they are false positives.
  8. There are a few rogue security apps out there that match or closely match the names of decent apps. Below are some sites that you should never download from as they are ripoffs.
  9. And only ever used through my own tinkering with the system and never a breach with Sandboxie. Below is a sample of a 44.0 KB decompression bomb rar file that I have.
  10. If you look at FF's settings in about:config you will see those sort of characters here and there. There was one setting "network.IDN.blacklist_chars" that I googled. Still not sure what it all means atm. MozillaZine Article Unicode Character
  11. Probably can't connect to the net which makes it much more secure. Just kidding, will have to wait and see? Computerwork UK Article
  12. Gave the sample below a run. Virus Total Sandboxie contained it easily as it couldn't or wouldn't run sandboxed. Installed it into an XP vm and trust me, it's one of the worst I've seen and a system destroyer. Downloaded heaps of data from the net including a rootkit, two other viruts and a coupla trojans. Dunno why it needs to download those additional malwares as it does enough damage by itself in needing a reimage or format reinstall. The vm came through ok after being in Returnil mode and deleting all changes after testing.
  13. Humpty

    Using CCleaner

    May be some help below? F-Prot Article
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