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  1. I have finished working on the computer with MBAM expert and everything is OK. Now, I am ready to deal with the CCleaner issue and need some help. Thanks
  2. OK, I'll post back when I'm finished with MBAM.
  3. I have been working with a expert from Malwarebytes in regard to this same problem because I initially thought it was related to updating Malwarebytes from v. 1.65 to 1.70. He instructed me to use ComboFix. I tried it but it would not finish the scan. I have also run Kaspersky Boot antivirus and Eset Online scan and no viruses have turned up. After I was working with MBAM a few days on the problem, I ran CCleaner and it produced the problem. So now I am thinging that it wasn;t MBAM in the first place but rather CCleaner that was the problem because I also updated and ran CCleaner at the
  4. Here is the analysis log: ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.675 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0.89 MB to be removed. (Approximate size) Secure file deletion enabled - Simple Overwrite (1 pass) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files 176 KB 15 files Windows Explorer - Recent
  5. I am having trouble with posting the screen shots-hope this works. I will try attaching a file of the screen shots
  6. Thanks for the help. Below are some screen shots:
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. It would be a very slow process because I would have to reboot after every time I ran CCleaner. I will consider this however.
  8. I use Avast Free. There was not other updating going on at the time. I tried running CCleaner again and got the same results and had to restore in safe mode back to Jan 29th.
  9. I am using XPsp3. I did not use the registry cleaner, just the main cleaner.
  10. I updated to v. 3.27.1900 and ran the CCleaner. I restarted my computer--it booted up, I entered my password, heard the Window chimes, but then the desktop would not come up. I tried rebooting several times, but the desktop would not come up. I finally booted to safemode, and restored the computer to Feb 29, and now it works ok. There must be a problem with this new version. Please help.
  11. After updating to 3.17, I have started getting a "bad allocation" error message when I run CCleaner: I have never gotten an error message before from CCleaner. What does this mean?
  12. I installed Speccy on my Win 98SE laptop. When I try to start Speccy, I get the following error message: "Error Starting Program--The Speccy.exe file linked to missing export SETUPAPI.DLL:CM_Get_Parent." Please provide me with some help so I can use Speccy. Should I send this problem to Tech Support? Thanks
  13. Please consider adding an Advanced Setting for Recycling Bin to delete files that are older than 7 days or a variety of time periods eg 48 hours or 72 hours. This would be similar to the current Advanced Setting for Temp Files. This could allow for more frequent clearing of the Recycling Bin with the added margin of safety of reconsidering more current files. I would hope that this could be incorporated with the secure delete of CC. There an older app called BinManager (http://www.cheztabor.com/BinManager/index.htm) which provides this function, but it do not offer the option of secure
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