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  1. Have been usingCC for years and never noticed that! I was referring to Applications>Windows>Windows Backup (18 up from the bottom. At least with "enhancer" installed). What does it remove? One of my three imaging applications is W7's. Of course the image is stored on a different drive. Would CC be removing the archive referrence? Thank you!
  2. Is this the "Windows Backup" attribute? If not how do you enable it? If my PC is working perfectly, before I image I run CC then I run Windows Cleanup as Administrator so I can remove all but the last restore point. This would save me from even having to take that step. Thank you!
  3. I'd stumbled upon the thread after the first release when it was considered grossly dangerous. Realizing one must still be cautious, how is it functioning? Thank you!
  4. Although strictly in lay terms, allow me to relate my experience. I updated to the new version earlier this week. I was most curious how effective the dupe cleaner was so I used it. The next day or so the PC experienced BSOD. I built this PC in May and have never had a serious issue. From safe mode I just used W7s System Restore and all was good. I never associated it with the dupe cleaner so I re-installed CC and tried the dupe cleaner again. After lunch today I woke the x64 W7 SP1 PC from Sleep and my 120gb SSD had gone from 87gbs of free space to a few MBs. I now suspected it had something to do with the duplicate cleaner, of course I still don't know for sure. I restored from my weekly Paragon image I made Saturday (I also image with W7s backup which is very good too.) and every thing is back to normal! Also, why doesn't Cyberfox's spell check work here? That is kind of dangerous for me. lol
  5. Thank you for the quick reply and the link hazelnut!
  6. Haven't been able to get on all morning (1:07PM now). Thank you!
  7. I've been using CC for years and yesterday stumbled upon this part of the GUI that I'd never seen before. I googled and came upon this thread (may be more recent) and am more confused. By default, Normal file deletion was checked (good) and by default, Wipe Free Space drives © and Wipe MFT Free Space was checked (not sure good or bad). I've unchecked both the C MFT. The thing is I'm running a SSD so I need to know what I should do. Thank you!
  8. So indeed, under advanced power settings and USB there was a "Selective Suspend" setting that was enabled. I've disabled it and so far so good, although it's hard for me to believe that an active port would be involved. I also read where fans can interfere with the connection. There are three plus the CPU fan. If it occurs again I'll try a M to F USB cable and put the dongle up on the desk, away from the case. If that fails I'll try the same with a powered hub as there like five bucks on ebay. I love this mouse. It's big and it doesn't have a segmented scrolling wheel and that is the reason I bought it for the old XP machine. It is a little harder to middle click admittedly. I still haven't checked the BIOS yet. It did work fine the first several weeks so perhaps it is dying as Andavari suggested!
  9. Nice reply. Especially like the Power Settings! It is 64 bit Windows 7.
  10. I don't see a peripheral categorie so here I am! I've built a desktop with an Asus P8Z77-M Pro mother board, a Core i5 3570K CPU and a SSD. I use an Asus VE 228h LED monitor. After a week or so with the dongle in any given port, the cursor becomes erratic and eventually it will actually freeze. Sometimes a change of ports rectifies it, other times only a reboot. Definitely not the batteries or drivers. Well I guess you can't always say definitely not the drivers. Any theories? Thank you!
  11. At the grand old age of 64 I built a PC (Went pretty flawless actually, although I was scared to death!) with Windows 7. My old XP machine has these really neat arrow cursors I downloaded years ago but I can't find a matching program on that PC. When I search for it on the www there are dozens and dozens and dozens but I can't find the ones I have. They are in the mouse options on the XP PC, is there a way I can find that file and import it to the new PC or does anyone suspect they know which app I'm looking for? Thank you! Found their name: alphablend, may still be around!
  12. No one knows (except Brad, the devepoper) what is going on. Apparently it's getting the feed from The Weather Channel again. As you recall, back in October Brad posted on his site (The story) (Not sure why the WOT flags it red but it is safe!) that TWC was now charging a monthly fee, so with WP being freeware Brad had to stop using them. It is still the best and the most amazingly configurable weather app ever!
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