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  1. I love Firefox and extensions. Kind of like moding a car. So a while ago I changed CM's schedule to every 10 minutes on this old XP. Like I said, been using it since Shane developed it.
  2. I've been using it since the day Shane first offered it. I also have it scheduled to run four minutes after startup. Since I have very conservative machines: six year old Pent 4 XP with 1G RAM and an inexpensive Acer laptop (not using it now but pretty base AMD dual core processor) with Vista and 2G of RAM, I also like to view my memory usage with MemInfo. Sits in the notification area. It is rare if memory use ever exceeds 50% in either one.
  3. Ok, case closed. I failed to get the multiple windows part. Thank You!
  4. Thank you Dennis! I swear though I get the toolbars in Active mode with both Gadwin and FastStone. No big deal of course because I can just use "rectangle". This Active snapped with FastStone and it shows all of the browser as full screen would have.
  5. So what is the difference between Active Window and Full Screen? I use Gadwin or the Ff addon usually and FastStone for Scrolling Window but AW or FS screenshots with either app are always the same image. I've searched this question and used DennisD's link but can't come up with an explanation. Thank You!
  6. For Firefox users, the easiest and most efficient way (and I've tried/used many mentioned in this thread) is to just use the extension Screen grab! 0.95! I can't even differentiate mem usage between enabled or disabled. Captures defined areas and whole (scrolled) web pages. http://www.screengrab.org/
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