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  1. Hi Andavari, thanks for the response. you are right. i worked on the file but i don't think i forgot to eject the drive i always eject. in any case, even if i forgot to eject the drive, how come all the files in that folder alone were gone?!! They weren't corrupted or anything -- they were just gone! Every other folder and file is fine.
  2. The files in one folder of my USB flash drive are gone although the folder is still there. I didn't delete the files. How could these files disappear? Earlier in the day, the tech guy was showing me something else on the drive and afterward he pulled the drive out without ejecting. And then I worked on a file in the folder at a different computer. I am pretty sure I ejected the drive before pulling it off after working on one of the files in that folder and saving the file. But the next day, all the files in that one folder were gone from the drive. How could this have happened?
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