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  1. I don't mind a signature if it isn't in bold text, for me bold text in sig's is too distracting. Not a problem for me hence I turn images off until I need them. And if someone has unusually large pictures that annoy or distract me in their sig's I simply block that site from loading images.
  2. Yes stricker moderation is needed on the forums. When the spam/warez url linker/malicous info posts by Mr. Clean started all over the forums I PM'd MrG and stated that the forum rules need to become more hard-assed, and with three offenses someone is banned, etc., and be something that new members should agree upon. His reply was that I had made good points. Now we'll just have to wait and see, however if a great majority of members wish for stricker rules that weed out useless members like Mr. Clean that have the potential of causing havoc on someones system who would stupidly follow his instructions and actually attempt to delete 'C:\Windows' we may just get what we want. I however don't agree with this:
  3. Andavari


    The only documentation I know of is online. Before you post the information you may want to ask permission or at the least notify the CCleaner developer MrG.
  4. Andavari


    No! And if I did the translation the whole of France would laugh me to death. You misunderstood my first post, I was merely trying to translate your first post so that English speaking members could understand what you had wrote, as it seemed significant and important.
  5. They were saying on a news channel today (don't remember which one) that if it hits New Orleans the city could be under water for six months, and that every building would have to be inspected to determine if they'd still be safe or a total loss. Ocean weather conditions (hurricane, typhoon) and other ocean related catastrophes such as the Decemember 26, 2004 tidal wave's are a wake up call to people living around the coastline's of the world.
  6. Pretty cool of them to have a list like that. I noticed they also listed RAV AntiVirus 8 Full Engine Update by GeCad Software what's even more interesting is Microsoft acquired RAV's intellectual property rights in June 2003, confirmed here.
  7. Possibly your installation of MS Visual Basic Runtime is messed up, download it, install it, reboot.
  8. Andavari


    Rough translation: Hello I'm about to translate the guide into French. I will inform you as soon as it's available on my site.
  9. That's happened before with rip-off's of Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, CDex, etc. It can also be because someone is lacking in the ability or creativity to create something completely unique so they instead copy bit's and pieces from another app's look. Copying or should I say mimicking isn't just a software issue as it has been going on for decades with automobile manufacturers, electronics, etc., now there's insecure people on T.V. who are willing to get plastic surgery or whatever else it takes to look like their favorite movie star or rock star.
  10. Andavari

    Start Up

    Lol, as if the Task Manager would do anything. I'm slipping.
  11. Please do! I'm very interested in your results and comments since I tried three different hardware type components over the past 1 1/2 years to convert VHS to DVD however all three components failed miserably as each one crashed my system, which was the reason I then bought a JVC home DVD recorder which unfortunately turned out to be ultra buggy, but nonetheless I was able to convert my most favourite VHS tapes.
  12. I tried that HostsMan program and really didn't like it, to each their own I suppose. It made my beautifully alphabetized hosts file a mess, good thing I make backups.
  13. I think he's talking about a soundcard.
  14. You may need the MS Visual Basic 6 SP6 Runtime Files if they're not already installed. Download them, install them, reboot after install.
  15. Well in any event it looks like Mr.G should protect the .exe and .dll files of CCleaner so they can't be so easily ripped off. Of course this would increase the download size a bit, and cause the program to load slower, however I would gladly put up with a bigger setup file an slower loading to stop rip off artists that are essentially just rewording a program and making some quick modifications.
  16. Andavari

    Start Up

    I would personally disable what Tarun stated was safe to disable via the Task Manager, that way if you want to undo the disabling of an item you won't have to figure out what a startup parameter exactly is such as "nwiz.exe /install", this can eliminate having to reinstalling an application that may not necessarily have a way to configure it to start when Windows does. Note: If you have a more than basic/standard Microsoft Mouse such as IntelliMouse Explorer, etc., disabling point32.exe "may" or "will" disable some of its functionality, e.g.; the extra buttons, however if you don't use those extra functions it won't harm anything to disable it.
  17. Andavari


    Stop fighting, it was a missed word in my post as I meant to type Visual Basic Script file.
  18. It's like the old saying "Q: When will I see you again?" "A: You'll see me when you see me." So in other words you'll see it when MrG posts it in the Announcements What's New forum area.
  19. Get the drivers from the graphics card manufacturer website for the newest driver version. Drivers listed on your PC manufacturer website, Microsoft Update/Windows Update will most likely be late to have the newest version. One important thing though is save an old stable version setup file that way if a particular new version is giving you problems you can always go back. I don't know what the install recommendations are for your display drivers, however with ATI it has always been to uninstall a previous version followed by a reboot before installing a new version. EasyCleaner has a built in space usage tool. It has a pie chart in the middle, and the directory/folder size listed on the right. Like any modern media player yes, it'll stream formats it supports such as mp3, wma, etc. The Shoutcast bit I don't know about.
  20. I replied in your other identical thread here.
  21. 1. Open Internet Explorer. In the menu click Tools->Internet Options->Advanced tab make sure you have enabled "Use inline Autocomplete" then click OK to save the setting if it isn't already selected. Note: The setting isn't selected with Internet Explorer's default settings. 2. Open CCleaner. In Cleaner Settings->Windows->Internet Explorer uncheck "Autocomplete Form History"
  22. @ cnj Everyone from time to time will mess up on spelling, unless of course they happen to be wearing a Webster Dictionary as a suit complete with a hat and matching tie.
  23. Andavari


    Yes it is, also CCleaners registry cleaner isn't as underpowered as some people may think or assume, it is rather powerful and indeed safe.
  24. Don't feed the troll. Ignore him.
  25. I write-protect mine which isn't necessarily securely locking it which Microsoft Antispyware does (I think). I only started write-protecting mine because a few years back I noticed when visiting a popular website run a member on another now thankfully dead forum we got into an argument about advertising, I gloated too much about blocking ad's and other sites with the HOSTS file and with CookieCop and not two days later visiting his website cause the HOSTS file to get wiped clean as well as my CookieCop blocked sites and cookies. (good thing for backups), that assclown. I make multiple backups, one with SpywareBlaster which encrypts the backup, one being in the same directory as the HOSTS file which I save as HOSTS.BACKUP, and the other being in a zip archive that gets put onto a floppy and a CD for later integration into my other system. If you're talking about antispyware programs adding their blocked site entries to the hosts file, such as Spybot SD I think it can already handle that since it has the option to lock it, while at the same time it will also create a backup of the original if you add it's entries. Edit: Forgot to answer your question. Yes lock it, it can keep you from unknownly getting hijacked or having blocked sites deleted from it.
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