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  1. Good points. We may also have to take into consideration the fuel that's already in our automobile fuel tank.
  2. If CCleaner isn't offering the cleaning of Old Prefetch Data I assume it means it can't find this key: Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OptimalLayout To rebuild the key if it's missing: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OptimalLayout]"LayoutFilePath"="C:\\WINDOWS\\Prefetch\\Layout.ini"
  3. The commands can be ran in either regular Windows mode, or safe mode. It really isn't MS-DOS since in WinXP it's using CMD.exe to run command line utilities. It just looks like an old MS-DOS window, however many of the commands/parameters we grew used to from the Win9x/DOS era still work with XP. I agree with you I do miss MS-DOS a little, and I still use it on my old Win98 system. As for the HijackThis log one of the HijackThis log experts such as rridgely, Tarun, or Capman will analysis it for you.
  4. 1. Reinstall Microsoft VB Runtime 6.0 SP6. 2. Restart Windows, even if you aren't prompted to do so.
  5. MrG the CCleaner author has already given a statement about CCleaner and the cleaning of the Prefetch folder. Therefore those who keep complaining about it, and those who keep quoting the same person over and over need to give up. To stop the bickering, and complaining about the Prefetch "issue" paranoid users can open CCleaner and simple uncheck Old Prefetch Data.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how out of nowhere a file without an extension named "TempFile" appeared in the Windows XP SP2 C:\Windows directory. It gets recreated everytime I delete it with Unlocker and with HijackThis. A malware and virus scan in Safe Mode turned up nothing, the system was deemed clean. Some info on the file: Location: C:\Windows\TempFile Size: 8.01 MB (8,405,015 bytes) Status: Locked/In-use by the system Info I was able to grab from the file: * RajuRam * xV4 RamDisk FAT32 * MS-HORDRIVE A "RamDisk for FAT32" makes no sense to me since my file system is NTFS. Also the file first appeared on Oct 1st, and on that date I didn't install or remove anything whatsoever. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Edit: Disabling programs that startup with the system didn't solve the issue, therefore I'm leaning towards Windows itself as creating the file and not some installed application, however I could be completely off base with that assumption.
  7. The only explaination I can think of is some program on your system is creating the files, or Windows itself is the culprit. At least they're removable! For some reason out of nowhere WinXP has started creating an 8MB locked/in-use by the System file named TempFile in C:\Windows on my system, I can delete it with Unlocker or HijackThis however it returns on the next startup so I just ignore it. As for what the parameters such as the quotations (") and percentage (%) around the batch file commands it's real simple, as I'll explain: Quotations (") around a path is nothing more than an old DOS trick that allows for a file or files to be resolved without error messages such as "file not found" As for command prompt parameters the percentages (%) are just mapped out locations in Windows since not all people will for example install Windows into C:\Windows, someone may choose C:\WinXP, C:\OS, and so forth. In Windows certain directories can be found using the percentages, eg.; %ProgramFiles% = The path where the Program Files are installed. %Windir% = The path where Windows is installed. %Temp% = The path of the system default temp directory. %UserProfile% = The path of your WinXP profile. %AppData% = The path of the Application Data folder of your WinXP profile. The reason to use such parameters is because a batch file, or install script can be used to install files into the correct location on most Windows OSes.
  8. Hmm so KPF is going bye bye. I have fond memories of the 2.x versions.
  9. In its current state CCleaner doesn't scan a whole hard disk for *.tmp files, however you could make your own CCleaner winapp2.ini file to deal with the *.tmp files, and you could also make a batch file (.bat) to deal with them. If you wish to make your own winapp2.ini entry look at this thread for examples. Another freeware program does seek out *.tmp files on a whole hard disk, it's called EasyCleaner. For making your own batch file to deal with them open a Command Prompt and use the delete help file for the parameters you'll need, to see the help file type into the command prompt window: del /? Of course if they're hidden *.tmp files you may have to use attrib to change the attributes by removing the hidden attribute, to see the attrib help file type into the command prompt window: attrib /? Example batch file (based upon what you've stated): attrib -h "%windir%\system32\*.tmp" del "%windir%\system32\*.tmp"
  10. If M$ wants to give away a free theme it's fine with me since I don't like the original blue and green themes that're installed by default with WinXP. The theme I had been using for 22 1/2 months is the silver one which in reality is getting boring, therefore the Royale theme is a nice freebie.
  11. Nope, that doesn't make any sense to me because I've never know CCleaner to force a restart. The only thing CCleaner displays about files that will be deleted on a restart are Internet Explorer's index.dat files.
  12. For now: The Royale theme is available for free from Microsoft. Requires the usage of Internet Explorer and Windows Genuine Advantage to download.
  13. I completely agree! With Sygate I used to praise it, however it has the ability to self-destruct and flat out refuse to allow some applications to use their integrated updater, and it can refuse a web browser from visiting a website such as www.apple.com
  14. They more than likely won't be effected in any way. For example, I update ClamWin Free Antivirus everyday and archive the newly downloaded .cvd definition file into a backup .zip archive. Now when I run CCleaner->Issues it will find the unused .cvd file extension. Whatsmore in the Issues scanner you can right click to de-select items you wish to leave intact and CCleaner will leave them alone. As with all programs that contain a registry cleaner there "may" be some user decision involved of what to leave intact and what to remove.
  15. Syphus I'd recommend that you post what you want included into CCleaner in the Suggestions thread. And to add my 2 cents I also wish there was an exclusion ability because the Issues scanner constantly finds some Start Menu2 folders that are seen as "old" when in fact they have everyday used shortcuts in them.
  16. Andavari

    Registry Compacter

    I learn something new everyday! Some good researching you did! Perhaps I never got to the 8.5MB limit because I've used scanreg /fix each day on my Win98 system.
  17. Andavari


    Sounds like a nuisance, this was taken from the website: The free versions have limited functionality and must be re-registered on the DIRMS website every 30 days.
  18. According to Jeremy Clarkson from what he stated on the automotive T.V. show Top Gear if a vehicle is fueled in the morning hours when the temperature isn't as hot you'll get "more fuel for your money" because at a lower temperature the fuel is more condensed. I absolutely didn't know that, and with the current worldwide fuel prices it may very well be worth a try.
  19. Shhh, he's conducting a top secret mission called: Operation what's the size of your noggin. The turkey is just there so he figure out what will go good with it; mashed potatos, or wild rice - mmm delicious.
  20. With Internet Explorer that would be the index.dat files, they'll grow unless you use CCleaner to delete them on the next system startup. As for what Norton Clean Sweep cleans I don't know, hence I've never used it, however with most cleaning programs one may find some junk another doesn't, which is the reason to use several freeware ones, the same goes for registry cleaners. However CCleaner is safe -- not every cleaning program has that status.
  21. Andavari


    Hmm. Does anyone believe in reincarnation? Or is it just a plain weird coincidence!
  22. Perhaps it's your T.V. and perhaps not. Look in the Help documentation, or the display card manufacturer online support, there may be a solution.
  23. "Perhaps CCleaner is seeing them as some Windows logs." If CCleaner is wanting to remove them you may be better and safer off moving the files into their own unique folder. Also any important files you have it's a wise decision to have backups in for example the ZIP archive format, etc.
  24. Someone else posted an image of CCleaner from that theme not too long ago, and I noticed the button fonts weren't displayed correctly or chopped off. An option is to right click the CCleaner desktop link, select Properties, Compatibility, then select Disable visual themes.
  25. Installing Microsoft update patches, software installations, software uninstalls, etc., will add up to allot of junk files in the temp folders. As Gwailo already stated the browser cache can add to allot of the MB size of what will be removed, even for dial-up users.
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