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  1. Andavari

    Google talk

    You can have that added to the winapp2.ini section by visiting this thread and submitting it.
  2. Andavari

    Unable to clean

    The only think I can think of now is to run the built-in Internet Explorer tools that allow you to delete files, etc., personally I would press all of the cleanup tool buttons labeled Delete Cookies, Delete Files, Clear History. And then I'd do exactly what jccomputer stated: "u can also try to run CCleaner in safe mode......."
  3. Andavari

    CCleaner via USB?

    The problem with it is CCleaner writes its own registry entries, it may work off of what is listed in the .ini files however it isn't necessarily solely using the .ini files to function, MrG can correct me on this if I'm wrong. Even if it did work you are then left with registry data for a program that isn't even installed.
  4. Andavari

    Unable to clean

    Try to manually delete the folder "OAQRYEUJ" You could try the freeware program Unlocker, perhaps the files are in use and locked. You could also try to delete them with the Misc Tools section of HijackThis.
  5. Yep, the /v option is only used to clean/remove unused indexes on an NTFS disk it doesn't correct any file errors. Errors can exist within indexes hence the reason to periodically clean them using the /v option.
  6. You could uninstall CCleaner then reboot, then install CCleaner, and then reboot again to see if it works properly after that. That routine seems to correct some problems some people have experienced.
  7. Andavari

    Unable to clean

    If Internet Explorer, or your system has frozen or ever crashed while Internet Explorer is open it can easily corrupt files, which in turn can be difficult to remove after that, however I don't see why CCleaner isn't able to remove them. First use make sure Internet Explorer is closed! Next use Internet Explorer's tools by right clicking the Internet Explorer desktop icon, select Properties, and then click Delete Files. Optionally if you wish you can also click Delete Cookies and Clear History. --- If all else fail's this "may, or may not work" however it's worth a try, no gaurantee's: Open a Command Prompt and paste the next two lines one at a time and press enter after you've pasted each line:attrib -r -h -s "C:\Documents and Settings\Tracey\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OAQRYEUJ\*.*"del /q "C:\Documents and Settings\Tracey\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OAQRYEUJ\*.*" Then run CCleaner again to make sure the files are gone.
  8. Yup, and if people don't have the proper security protocols installed they could get attacked whenever their system is on with a broadband connection.
  9. Old news, most folks on here know about QuickTime Alternative. If you have software suggestions, etc., post them in the Software sticky/pinned thread Freeware.
  10. All programs can have faults or other unexpected anomalies in them. If you know of any problems you should post them in the Bugs thread.
  11. The installation is possibly failing at some point. Open Internet Explorer and try to get the update from Windows Update.
  12. I'm unsure if ChkDsk works the same on Win2000 as it does on WinXP, however you could try these parameters: 1. Open a command prompt, or from start->run and type in: chkdsk /v c: Note: Do this for each hard disk and partition you have. The /v option removes unused indexes, and from what I know "may also remove some errors." 2. Run a standard chkdsk with the fix option: chkdsk /f c: Note: Do this for each hard disk and partition you have. 3. Reboot. If the error presists you should probably have chkdsk do a full scan that also scans the disk surface, however only do this when you know you won't be using your system for at least 2 to 4 hours. To have chkdsk do a full scan use: chkdsk /r c: Note: Do this for each hard disk and partition you have. Corrupt files can also be the result of faulty memory, therefore you may want to use Memtest86 to scan for memory errors, Memtest86 is freeware. Allow Memtest86 to complete at least one pass.
  13. Some message boards have a feature you must either click before logging in, or a feature in your profile that will remember your login info for you.
  14. Andavari

    Missing Drivers

    Packard Bell of Europe has the drivers listed at the bottom of the page here for multiple operating systems, and the Win2k drivers are located here.
  15. Make sure you aren't using a download manager e.g.; Getright, etc., and also make sure you have enabled in your browser Cookies, JavaScript, and Referrer. If it keeps failing to download in one browser try another one, e.g.; Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  16. All I could think of was the copy protection that was blocking you, I personally have only tried DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink once using the Terminator 3 DVD and that's it, I completely gave up since the copy protection was what I'd call "too strong" or "undefeatable" however I could be wrong, and since I really have no experience ripping and/or encoding movies to the hard disk.
  17. Andavari

    Registry Compacter

    Yeah, and I clearly trust the registry backup of ERUNT versus the likes of System Restore.
  18. Andavari

    what to do?

    Also after running CCleaner and depending upon how much crap it removes it'd be a good idea to defragment your hard disk following the cleaning process. Optionally use a registry compacter like NTREGOPT or RegCompact.NET to give your system a new spring in its performance.
  19. Well within the past week CCleaner did delete my Opera bookmarks for some unknown reason which really was no problem since I already had them backed up. It only happened on the one occassion and I've been using CCleaner since the end of 2004. Please note: I couldn't duplicate the problem, so maybe it was just a one-off error, don't really know.
  20. Well the $50 laptop incident can be summed up in one little nasty word: Greed
  21. Another one bites the dust to a corporate gorilla!
  22. Andavari


    From what I understand he only wants a shortcut when clicked will open or close the CD drive. The only problem is I've never known of such a way of doing that without the usage of software, I'm thinking it would also mean an ASPI driver/layer would have to be pre-installed. I don't know if it could be done with a JavaScript file (.js) or Visual Basic file (.vbs).
  23. RegSeeker is somewhat "safe" so long as someone knows what not to delete and what to put into the exclude.ini file. If anyone wants to see my exclude.ini file I'll post it but only if requested to do so.
  24. Andavari

    Registry Compacter

    I prefer and use RegCompact.NET (thanks to Tarun for mentioning it) only because it displays the before and after results before actually compacting the registry, therefore if it will only reduce the registry by 100 to 200 KB I don't perform the compacting hence it would be a waste of time and within a day or so it'd grow that amount again. The first time I used NTREGOPT my registry was reduced 5 MB from what I remember, or maybe slightly more, I do however remember my system performing as if it were brand new. That was my experience even though I constantly keep my registry clean using several registry cleaners. Both NTREGOPT and RegCompact.NET create backups, however neither of them have a restore function built in to automatically undo the compacting, which is the reason I make a known good registry backup using ERUNT before compacting. One thing I'll repeat myself on is that not long ago on my first usage of NTREGOPT it fixed my optical USB mouse issue that was acting very sluggish for a very long time, NTREGOPT literally saved me $50 or more dollars since there wasn't anything wrong with my mouse.
  25. Seems to be the theme these days. "Next week parents fight over moldy bread, and stale wine."
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