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  1. Although IE has many problems, the most of which I see as security issues I still find it necessary to occassionally use it when a site won't work with my other two installed browsers Mozilla Suite, and Opera. Anyways, this thread isn't about IE's rendering or failings, it's about configuring IE to display similiarly to FF.
  2. I think detected devices are stored in a file on the hard disk, however I'm not completely sure. Sounds like you need a computer technician.
  3. You should still create a system restore point beforehand, and a known good registry backup using ERUNT, that way all of IE 7 beta can be removed.
  4. So you don't get countless spam from spambots I'd highly recommend that both above posts have the email address edited out.
  5. I've seen bad page rendering happen in every web browser I've ever used; IE, Mozilla Suite, Netscape, and Opera. Too many site's I've seen rely upon a WYSIWYG program which doesn't necessarily end up being "what you see is what you get." It's too bad that site designer's have to do so many hacks, or have more than one version of a page just to make a site viewable for all browsers which is sometimes futile since not all browsers will be able to display the page correctly.
  6. Andavari


    Yeah really annoying, just take me to the main page.
  7. There should be a readme file on the CD disc, or in the downloaded setup files that will detail which supported operating systems it can be used on.
  8. Who knows if it's legal, it was leaked out of the test group. I wouldn't download any MS software that is so intertwined with the OS from any website even if it's a trusted download service or not, I'd only use Microsoft Downloads, Microsoft Update, or Windows Update. More than likely it will install over IE6, therefore for system stability avoid it until it's finalized and is made available from Microsoft Downloads, Microsoft Update, or Windows Update. There's also some discussion about it here, on a different forum.
  9. Then use a search engine and search for eBook creator, or eBook compiler.
  10. I don't exactly remember the metriod title, you're asking me to go back ten or more years in remembering something that's nothing more than a vague memory. I just remember playing the game so much and fighting countless hordes of aliens. Speaking of SNES, I still have my original one wrapped in a plastic bag it's so old the plastic has a non-removable yellowish discolouration to it. Although I have the system I did however sell all the working games in a yard sale and the rest to Bresoftware.com. Ah nostalgia for a 20+ years gamer. I can't even remember how many systems and how many games I've owned, and how many thousands of dollars I spent on them and will only be doing it all over again with the release of the next systems.
  11. That'll be a decision for the both of us come next year when our EZAV trial's end.
  12. There's another thread here about the same subject that "may, or maynot help."
  13. SouceForge.net search.
  14. Sounds cool. I haven't played a Metroid game since the original and really wanted to play a next-gen one with powerful graphics and sound, but I wasn't interested in buying a new Nintendo system just to play one, or maybe a handful of games.
  15. The FF screenshot looks like it's using either Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana, or something similiar. The IE screenshot looks like it using Times New Roman, which isn't the best for reading. Open Firefox and find out what font it's using then: Right click the IE desktop icon -> select properties -> click Fonts Use the font Firefox says it's using, or use a different similiar font. You may have to play with various fonts, etc. Also after you select the font you may have to: In IE click: View -> Text Size -> Select a font size.
  16. First I thought what the hay and gave it a try, that was around 3PM. To my surprise I was still playing with it at 8PM.
  17. Personally I would telephone Dell's tech support for help since our suggestions are a complete dead end. A Dell search I did: CD drive does not work
  18. What were you doing to cause such a problem? Just curious.
  19. Andavari


    In other browsers you can also grab it from the cached files which is much easier if the browser uses actual file extensions. It's however a bit time consuming to do it that way. Also if you try to copy it from IE's Temporary Internet Files it will give warning prompts about copying it can be dangerous.
  20. Now you know. It only works with IE though, however I don't see that as a current problem. The thing I really like about it is I can disconnect my dial-up and once it's loaded it will function so long as the IE window remains open. I only found it after skimming through someone's HijackThis log and noticed the reference to it.
  21. In the Device Manager right click a CD/DVD drive and click Troubleshoot to bring up Windows Help topics. Also right click a CD/DVD drive in Device Manager and click Scan for hardware changes.
  22. That sounds like a very good ideal. Thank you MrG!
  23. My new on-demand is RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan. Whatever Trend Micro has did to HouseCall it now won't get to step 3 and endlessly loops trying to load the page so I had to ditch it. Also I noticed RAV's online scanner is quicker to download on a dial-up, it only took a few minutes whereas Trend's was taking approximately 45 minutes. It also doesn't even come close to putting as much stuff on the system compared to Trend's which will make it much easier to remove.
  24. For people customizing CCleaner via winapp2.ini who have had CCleaner crash this is a possibility that I stumbled upon today purely by accident. You add a program to winapp2.ini that has the parameters inputted incorrect, example: [RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan (Log)] LangSecRef=3024 DetectFile=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\rave\avirexe.vdm Default=True FileKey1=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\update.log Notice that FileKey1= is using an incorrect path variable "\" that CCleaner doesn't support for files, this will resort into a crash dialog when running Analyze, or Run Cleaner: This is the correction: [RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan (Log)] LangSecRef=3024 DetectFile=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\rave\avirexe.vdm Default=True FileKey1=%windir%\Downloaded Program Files|update.log Notice that FileKey1= is using the correct variable "|" that CCleaner supports.
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