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  1. Disabling it with IE won't work. Here we go; get Firefox, Mozilla Suite, or Opera, with those browsers it's easy to disable.
  2. The simple solution is to call Dell support, give them the Service Tag and all other info they need and ask for the OEM CD. I don't know what it would cost, however if the CD is in anyway tailored for the particular system it would be the easiest approach.
  3. It's neither spyware or adware. However that doesn't mean that someone couldn't abuse it by using it for propogating malware. Macromedia is the only "brand", they develope, own, and maintain Flash. You'll quickly find that just about all automobile manufacturers use it on their sites, so much so that if you want to visit an auto manufacturer site you'll most likely have to have Flash Player installed. I personally disable it, and if I stumble upon a site that requires it I enable it. Edit: So to summarize your topic title "Do we need Flash Player?" I'd have to say yes.
  4. Haven't been to download.com "download.com.com" for years since in my views it became crappy years ago, and I certainly won't download anything they host.
  5. In EasyCleaner's registry cleaner input to skip: CCleaner This will stop it from messing with CCleaner. Note: EasyCleaner isn't the only program that will mess with CCleaners settings in the registry.
  6. Only WinRAR for me! If you need a freeware archiving program here's as few links: 7-Zip, ICEOWS, and TUGZip. Don't forget to check the freeware list in the software section.
  7. Not related to what DjLizard is putting up with, however now my signature has been removed. Now I'm pissed off as well. ----- Edit: I see someone changed the "Do you wish to view members signatures when reading topics?" setting in my profile to No when I had it set to Yes.
  8. It would probably detail checking registry values such as the installed source directory. Some programs write where they're installed and some don't (perhaps a security measure), however I suppose the data could be collected from the uninstall section. I think the solution is complicated at best since some programs don't even utilize the registry and run solely from .ini or .cfg files.
  9. Have you rebooted after doing all this?
  10. I don't know if what I experienced has any relevance to what you're wanting to do, if not just ignore it, however I use some of Speek's Frontends for command-line audio encoders, command-line decoders, etc., that all of a sudden didn't work correctly after I moved them to D:\. I couldn't add files to encode, decode, etc., which had me a little perplexed for a short while. After I moved them back to C:\ they all of a sudden started working correctly again.
  11. Personally attacking someone and modifying their profile data that is shown to every prying eye is a big no-no and shouldn't be tolerated at all. Whomever is doing it needs to first stop doing it followed by publically apologisizing to DjLizard, hence a real standup kind of guy would do that. DjLizard you're a very valuable member that provides solutions to problems that seem damn near impossible to fix or remedy. I would greatly miss you if you decide to leave, however I fully understand why you would choose to. Just learnt a new word. I had to look that up, never heard of it before.
  12. It's another one of the dreaded can't uninstall components, however you can disable it via these instructions: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article03-201 or http://www.theeldergeek.com/delete_pic_and_fax_viewer.htm
  13. Yup, however it can effect high speed connections as well. I've visited some popular software download sites that won't even load due to a widely used popular ad server that seems to be constantly overloaded.
  14. Perhaps it has something to do with the index.dat files. Run CCleaner then reboot, then see if the history list is still there.
  15. Even if a registry cleaner is very power it can still miss many things, hence the reason multiple registry cleaners have to be used.
  16. Glad to help. I only thought of that sometime later when I saw it check marked in my settings.
  17. Andavari

    XP home edition

    If we don't actively feed the troll by answering his questions or even making remarks it's the first step for him to realize we're ignoring him and he'll eventually go away and bother another forum. The CCleaner Forums needs a Recycle Bin to move posts to that the admin and moderation consider junk/crap/useless/way off topic.
  18. Do you have the setting highlighted in yellow selected:
  19. If someone wants to get some loot from their site it's their decision, however keep in mind that ad's are one of the most blocked/filtered things on the Internet.
  20. Copy it from C:\I386 to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
  21. One would think that Invision Power Board would implement an automatted spell checker.
  22. It's a good thing CCleaner won't do this, it's not a shoot yourself in the foot type of program! I can only imagine the kind of comments people would write after it deleted everything. If you are placing files in the rootdir the only solution I see is to create a batch file that will delete all files on that tempdisk, or create a batch file that will quick format the disk. Automatted delete information for usage in a .bat file can be found by opening a command prompt and typing in: del /? Automatted format information for usage in a .bat file can be found by opening a command prompt and typing in: format /? I suppose you could even use a standard shortcut for quick formatting the disk.
  23. Those left overs XnView entries should be perfectly safe to remove. After you remove them run the Issues scanner in CCleaner again.
  24. I don't understand what you're asking.
  25. Yup! No need to download anything else to do it since you've already got CCleaner.
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