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  1. Yeah, and make sure nothing has mute check marked. You may want to try some headphones on the output jack as well just to make sure the soundcard is alright. Probably wouldn't hurt to check Control Panel->Device Manager->Sound, video and game controllers.
  2. Easiest solution is to fire up your file archiver and zip the remain folder contents (settings) storing the full folder information.
  3. Empty your browser cache ("Temporary Internet Files"), download CCleaner and try to install.
  4. Auto racing, automobile, motorcycle, women in bikini's, etc.
  5. Andavari

    Windows ME

    The underpinnings are still MS-DOS if I'm not mistaken. It's a bit late to worry about the reputation of WinMe, does Microsoft even support it anymore? I know they stated Win9x was obsolete and no longer supported, however the laughable thing is Windows Update still finds critical updates for Win98. After going through the Win98 era of format+reinstall every 6-12 months, completely avoiding WinMe due to hellish horror stories I read online, and now WinXP which took me time to like since I initially utterly hated it and still hate it a bit since my old videogames won't run properly on it. I really don't care what the OS looks like. The main features should always be stability, security, and great functionality. The "Mickey Mouse (or Goofy to some)" buttons and menus can come after the thing is proven not to crash due to OS related files.
  6. Andavari

    IE 7 pics!

    I don't care if they make it look like a rip-off of a Corvette Z01, I still ain't gonna use it for everyday surfing, only for Windows/Office updates.
  7. PageDefrag has never showed more than 1 file fragment for pagefile.sys on my system, don't know why. Hmm, just looked in PageDefrag and noticed some new entries in "Windows\System32\Config" called ACEEvent.evt (don't know), Antiviru.evt (don't know), and Antivirus.evt (left over from me trying avast and it giving two false positives).
  8. If it's an old style glass tube monitor play with its settings buttons to see if it has a built-in degausser. If it does then degaussing may help.
  9. Most likely, along with several freeware registry cleaners. And only if you know what you're doing you may have to manually remove things from the registry after running the several freeware registry cleaners.
  10. Copy/unpack the file from the .cab on the install CD to a floppy if it'll fit if it won't use a CD-RW disc. Then use a Win98 bootdisk and copy it when in DOS to the proper location.
  11. After I run the Window disk defrag program PageDefrag no longer shows any fragments.
  12. If your system is still under warranty phone Dell support! If it can't be fixed whilst still under warranty they'll send you a new drive. In the mean time check this out: http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showto...indpost&p=11283
  13. Suppose if it's at all sophisticated enough to know it's being scanned it may "deactivate or hide" itself. Or your antivirus/antimalware may have already taken care of it since trojans, worms, etc., are usually automatically deleted since they aren't necessary executibles.
  14. Andavari


    Does jotti scan archives, such as rar? Edit: Nevermind it scanned a zip file. Now to notify Esset and Grisoft about a false positive.
  15. I've never had a problem with PageDefrag. Something of interest after I defrag using the Windows disk defragmenter PageDefrag no longer shows any fragments of the files it can handle, and since I defrag everyday I don't have too much use for it. At least I don't think I do, could be wrong in my assumption. Perhaps the registry was in the process of doing something whilst the registry defrag program(s) was processing/compacting the registry. I'm only going to use RegCompact.NET if I run into problems again like when my mouse acting slow, jerky, and plain frustrating to move.
  16. Andavari


    Yay, cool! Now to kill this damn un-removable empty folder on my D: drive. Soon it will be ist death!
  17. Andavari

    Ewido inquiry

    Well whatever it disables is alright. The weird thing is the shortcuts its installer creates show it as starting in the Windows Fonts folder, had to fix that. At least my security defenses are working as it didn't find anything. The only thing I don't like about it is the gold/yellow icon, it's difficult to see in the systray using the XP silver theme, and forget about it being on my desktop.
  18. Andavari


    I've noticed with Google the past few years that more and more b.s. links show up even when looking for something as simple as Ford GT.
  19. Andavari

    Ewido inquiry

    In Ewido Security Suite after the full featured 15 day demo expires what features does it disable to become a free edition?
  20. http://www.google.com/search?q=itunes+skins I don't use iTunes so if you download anything you find scan it for malware, spyware, etc.
  21. They release a new version every year for what I see as multiple reasons: * Mo Money! People whom don't know any better will open their wallets and buy it because they think their system will be at risk. * To actually fix bugs from a prior version by rewritting the program in part, or whole. Too bad this introduces some bugs as well.
  22. The U.S. gov should hire him to help defend the systems!
  23. That's the one thing I don't like about these types of programs, they seriously need a bootable CD that can restore the backups they made without someone having to go through loops, or a dreaded reinstall of everything. It's another reason why I don't use them too often, even though when I used NTREGOPT it did fix my mouse problem.
  24. This happens even if it isn't running? Does the shortcut property in "Accessories\Entertainment" show as: "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:1 Also does the shortcut property have a shortcut key inputted? From reading the help file under the topic "Keyboard access." it seems as though keyboard access is interfering somehow, how, why, perhaps another marvelous bug.
  25. Emm. I wouldn't personally try it since their final versions of software even contains issues.
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