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  1. Is JkDefrag a better defragmenter than Window's built-in one?
  2. Someone made this topic some itme ago, but its gone now. So, I thought I'd re-make this thread. For me, its TuneUp Utilities 2008 and MS Office 2007.
  3. I recently got this. This and MS Office 2007 are the only shareware I have but they are both worth it.
  4. Same with me. I use DVD Shrink primarily, and if that doesn't work, DVD Shrink. So far, no problems.
  5. Generated: Mon Dec 31 2007 15:12:38 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time) User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071127 Firefox/ Build ID: 2007112718 Enabled Extensions: [9] - Adblock Filterset.G Updater - Adblock Plus - CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.1 - DictionarySearch 2.0.2 - Download Manager Tweak 0.7.2 - IE Tab - Java Console 6.0.01 - MR Tech Local Install - Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6 Installed Themes: [2] - Firefox (default) - Winestripe 1.2.2 Installed Plugins: (15) - 2007 Microsoft Office system - BitTorrent - DivX Web Player - IE Tab Plug-in - Java Platform SE 6 U1 - Microsoft? DRM - Microsoft? Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin - Mozilla Default Plug-in - QuickTime Plug-in 7.3.1 - RealPlayer Version Plugin - RealPlayer G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit) - Shockwave Flash - Shockwave for Director - Windows Genuine Advantage - Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library
  6. A few. I had to make my laptop boot from the cd drive in order to access it, which has now made my cd drive a ct a bit odd on occasions, which isn't great. The try-out version (as in before you install), couldn't display the internet. I was willign to wokr around all of this, but when it came to installing, I couldn't find an option to install on to my read-made partition for it, and when I went to manual, it kep giving me an error message for when I tried to select a drive or something. Overall, I didn't have a lot of trust in it, unfortunately. Still, if I was to buy a new laptop, I would go for it pre-installed, or insdtall it myself if I wasn't worried about possibly overwriting Windows.
  7. I know that, I meant just using WLM. I'd rather use an open-source alternative if its as good as the propierty software, but in this case, with Unlocker, I can't. For me, it is a big difference. However, you are right, Ubuntu in itself isn't truly FLOSS. Only Gobuntu is, which really isn't functional. I tried Ubuntu, hit upon some snags, so back Vista. I'm just gonna use Vista, but try and use as much open-source software as I can. However, of course, if there is better freeware (I don't want to use pay for software apart from Windows itself), I will generally use it.
  8. Maybe. As I said, I'll try it. If I can get it work though, and I feel I can survive with just it, then I will probably uninstall Windows. Probably.
  9. To each there own. Still gonna wait and see.
  10. I've tried it around other peoples, but not on my laptop, no. I will wait and see what happens. If it works, it will further my beliefs. if it doesn't, then yes, I will change. But from what most people say, it sounds great.
  11. Good point, though personally I think Ubuntu is better made, and am going to be using it as soon as my CD arrives. I have already made a partition for it, just gotta wait and see. Then I think it'll bea case of trying to sue Ubuntu as much as possible, and using Windows only when needed. Also, even though its pay for, I would never buy it, this came free with the laptop, if it didn't, I would only use Linux.
  12. I have personally found freeware, or FLOSS software for nearly all my old paid for stuff. The only thing that I still have on here is MS Office 2007 Enterprise. I know OpenOffice exists, and I like it, but it really doesn't match it for me, though eventually, it will.
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