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  1. I agree with you both. Andavari, your three steps are exactly what is needed after a complete CCleaner cleaning. The order is exact also in my experience. Usually step number 1 is all that is needed. I would suggest prior to the CCleaner run a quick file "defrag" also. This makes more large chunks of "free space" available after the CCleaner run. This gives better performance after the "reboot" of browsers,caches, etc. davey
  2. ISP provided hardware and good ole "Winders Far Wall". davey
  3. Am still using AVG 7.5 as Primary but I switch back and forth with Avast using three providers. These are the only ones that us low RAM users can use without serious slow down. Some small company is going to take over the "New World" market for security on these new tiny systems. They are going to get a good bit of the market share because of this. That is if one of the "Big, Big Guys" doesn't pickup the ball and run with it. The one that protects the most "little guys" is going to pickup a big piece of change. Let's face it, there are a few billion "little guys" running around Asia right
  4. Hello Phil, Thanks for reporting back.As far as the "problem" is concerned you can consider it reported.You see what is a "problem" for you is just the way that it is set up for Advanced users to do some "special" things that most users do not want done. The same goes for Adobe Flash Player "Flash Cookies" which I think is really affecting your connecting to the Internet. It could be something in Advanced cleaning options but it would require you turning Adobe Flash Player cleaning back on and seeing if that causes you the "problem" again. It may result in you having to restore again but I wo
  5. Hi again Philip, Maybe I can save you a couple of more restores.I say maybe. Not many people report your problem,just a few out of millions. Please turn off that option I told you about for Adobe Flash Player.Some users think that the Windows Tab and Applications tab mean 2 different cleaning tasks.The two tabs should be considered as one long cleaning list.Once you learn a little more about Flash Cookies then you can selectively Exclude them from cleaning.I just leave that option off for now. As far as the Advanced options are concerned I warn most users to leave them off.I leave on the C
  6. Hello Philip, Welcome to the forum. I look back to not too long ago and the same thing happened to me. Believe me I was as green as green could be as a "newbie" to The Windows internals and CCleaner. Thank goodness CCleaner gave me some breathing room.My PC was so clogged up. What happens is that when you first clean up,you then lose all Web type data related to sites and such.This also includes "COOKIES" and URL data that helps you to Connect to sites and servers and such. For right now I would turn off the Cookies ,History and Recently typed URLs at Cleaner > Windows tab > Inter
  7. Hi DennisD, I'M BACK!!! "Your in a heap a trouble now,boy." Gonna be lotsa newbies like me postin' and replyin'. I have been reviewing your post and I have been to the ImageSpeech website. I tried Applet upload but it said my browser doesn't allow it.I already have the latest version of SUN Java. I use IE7 so I guess I'm going to need some sort of Screen Capture program so I can do Upload From PC.. Thats why I provided this link for other users. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=13952 I picked Faststone Capture 5.3 also. I used your link to download the last Free Versi
  8. Hi ints, Welcome to the forum.Please send a Personal Message to MrG .He will be glad to communicate with you. Great to have CCleaner in the Estonian language. davey
  9. Hi DennisD and Andavari, Thanks again for your work and concern about us new Newbies and not so new NEWBIES. davey
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