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  1. I did search and read that before asking. Either the explanation isn't very clear or the function isn't working as expected. From the description I would expect it to make freespace contiguous... I didn't realize this was a volunteer forum. I thought this was the Piriform official forum. My mistake, I apologize... Thank you for your answer!
  2. Is this question so absurd that it doesn't deserve an answer from people at Piriform?
  3. My concept of defragging freespace (in an old DOS Norton SpeedDisk way) is to pack all files (unfragmented) in such a way that all freespace available is contiguous at the end if the used space... Apparently this is not Piriform's concept... Can someone explain what is Defrag Freespace supposed to do? When I run it on a drive with plenty of empty space between unfragmented files, it just takes 2 seconds to report "Freespace Defrag Complete" and nothing has happened...
  4. jesuitx, thank you very much for an excellent answer. I had almost given up on getting an answer. Apparently the question wasn't interesting enough for admins or forum helpers to bother to answer. I guess your answer also covers the benefits from multiprocessor (or multicore) use. If the bottleneck is the HD activity (which makes sense) then there is no need for more processing power. Thank you again!
  5. Hi MrRon Thank you for the answer. Wouldn't using 64bit code speed up the task? What about using multiprocessor or multicore tasks? Thanks!
  6. Hi davey This does not answer at all to my question. It just shows that Defraggler can run on a x64 system. But as a 32bit program. My question is: do you (Piriform) plan to release a native 64bit version? Thanks!
  7. Hi all I tried searching the forum for x64 but the search engine doesn't work with words smaller then 3 characters (which renders useless any search by XP Pro x64...) Is there a native 64bit build of Defraggler? Is it planned? Thanks!
  8. Hi all at Piriform Thank you for creating and distributing Defraggler freely. I have downloaded it today, and I like it very much (and I have used quite a few, believe me!). It does a very thorough job (reminds me of the old Norton Speedisk for DOS) I have a feature request (couldn't find it on the Forum)... BTW wouldn't it be easier to have a Feature Request and a Bug Report tracker? Could you please add a "Delete file" option to the context menu when in File List view? This can be quite handy. E.g. if, while looking through the File List, I notice that a .tmp file is fragmented, I don't want to defrag it. I just want to delete it (permanently, so please allow Shift+Del to delete or add a config option to use Recycle Bin or erase) Thanks!
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