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  1. Makes perfect sense, since many apps will try to steal file associations without warning, or the occassional click-it without really paying attention to what the dialog reads can be an annoying occassional application induced user error.
  2. ZoneAlarm temporary files. Can't be deleted when ZoneAlarm is running, EasyCleaner will pause for a long time and display they can't be deleted when ZoneAlarm is running, however CCleaner quickly ignores them without some lengthy delay: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ "ZLT00a68.TMP, ZLT01594.TMP, ZLT02105.TMP" Add to CCleaner's custom folders cleaning option to clean this folder since it isn't being taken care of: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent\ Perhaps a resident program such as SpywareGuard, since it creates similiarly named temp files which are always 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes), SpywareGuard always creates two of them. I've also seen other programs create similiarly named files however I don't remember what they are at the moment: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\~DF1790.tmp
  3. Andavari


    I listen to metal, mostly black metal and death metal with a few other metal genres thrown into the mix, and neo classical. Some of the stuff I listen to: Accept, Amorphis, Angel Dust, Angel Witch, Annihilator, Armored Saint, Benediction, Black Sabbath, Bolt Thrower, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Cathedral, Danzig, Death, Demolition Hammer, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Dismember, Emperor, Entombed, Fear Factory, Grave, Grip Inc., Hammerfall, Helloween, Hypocrisy, Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Judas Priest, Kataklysm, King Diamond, Kreator, Manowar, Marty Friedman, Mercyful Fate, Meshuggah, Metal Church, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, Motorhead, Motley Crue, MSG, Napalm Death, Nevermore, Obituary, Ozzy Osbourne, Paradise Lost, Primus, Raise Hell, Samael, Savatage, Sepultura, Six Feet Under, Slayer, Soilent Green, The Abyss, Trouble, Unleashed, Venom, Yngwie Malmsteen Machinae Supremacy: Some of their tracks are legally downloadable from their website http://www.machinaesupremacy.com
  4. I don't know if these assumptions are correct or not, however about the only other things I can even think of are: * Insufficient provileges on your user profile that restrict the editing of the system registry. * QuickTime is running when you are attempting to clean the Recent Movies entries.
  5. Is there any freeware or commercial software that can turn DVD-Video recordings made with my home DVD recorder into a single file on my hard disk without the meriad of .vob files, etc.? Also can such software edit out the commercials? Exactly what I want to do is take my favourite T.V. shows and put them on my hard disk for later viewing, I'm not interested in making another DVD, doing anything illegal, or anything like that.
  6. I was wondering how useful the Microsoft Windows XP Windows File Checker is, and would appreciate expert opinions from the likes of DjLizard and Tarun. I've ran it twice on my system since December 2003, and today it did restore some original Microsoft protected system files. WinXP Windows File Checker info and description can be seen by starting a command prompt and typing in: sfc /?
  7. The same info that rridgely posted, about 1 to 2 years. It's just an estimate. What I know so far from reading about it is that HD DVD "will" able to have 8 hours of video at "high quality, high definition". Here's some info (old as of now): Dual DVD, HD-DVD Disc Developed Format Battle Brews Over Next-Gen DVD
  8. There's the possibility that the settings are stored and/or duplicated elsewhere, I've seen this happen on my system for no apparent reason, and don't know why it happens. I do however know after dealing with it using EAC that the settings original location had no effect whatsoever, I could delete them, and edit them and nothing would take place because the settings were no longer being read from the original location. For example (I've seen this on my system): An app may store its settings normally/originally in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software" or "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software" and then out of nowhere the settings are auto-magically moved into "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-4067281427-51602624-102226825-1008\Software"
  9. Andavari


    Mr QuestionMan http://www.burrrn.net This is a very useful and impressive program that is freeware. A small download that doesn't install any adware, malware, spyware, or viruses. If you don't know which package to download get the installer version. Information below was taken from the Readme.txt file: Description: Mr QuestionMan is an audio inspector. You can browse through your audio collection and it will show you useful information, like average bitrate, used encoder and settings, etc. It supports many audio formats: MPEG Audio (mp3), Musepack (mpc), WAV (wav), TwinVQ (vqf), Ogg Vorbis (ogg), Windows Media Audio (wma), AAC (aac), Speex (spx), Monkey's Audio (ape), WavPack (wv), FLAC (flac), TrueAudio (tta), OptimFROG (ofr), AC3 (ac3) and DTS (dts).
  10. DVD-RAM drive comparisons: http://www.google.com/search?q=dvd-ram+drive+comparisons I agree about the waiting part. I should have waited before getting a home dvd recorder, hence the 2 hour SP mode and 1 hour XP mode really aren't good enough quality for me since I can see the compression, or is it called compression errors. However, current DVD technology which has already reduced in price will be even less expensive when HD, and Blu Ray are released, some already are I got my buggy JVC home dvd recorder for $299 USD. Also when HD, and Blu Ray are released they are supposed to be backwards compatible, however older devices won't be able to play the new format. --- Don't get a JVC home dvd recorder they have a weird loading bug and will refuse to erase/format DVD-RW's after they've already been erased/formatted a few times.
  11. Andavari

    CCleaner v1.21

    I'd think skins would bloat the application download size, it's an amazing program for it's mere size. I'm not trying to shoot down your recommendation, however if you want a Disney looking GUI I'd say make it and optional component/plugin.
  12. Even though I'm across the pond the attack hit home since there's many Brit's on this forum, and many others in other forums I've become familiar with. I was first wondering if everyone in the CCleaner family from the U.K. was alright since I had just logged off and turned on CNN. Then interviews they did with some survivors whom were visibly wounded made it all the more personal when they went into details about what they experienced. Wish you all well, and your sister nation the U.S.A. is with you!
  13. nLite is a dead link on my end it doesn't load anything.
  14. LCD should last many years longer than CRT. Whenever I use my old Win98 computer the CRT screen really gives me some eye trouble, it looks ultra fuzzy when compared to the sharp and crisp display my LCD produces. I think my need for stronger glasses each year was caused by using a CRT monitor for a little over five years.
  15. This information is for you DjLizard I had a constant file extraction issue with Office 2003 everytime I would launch one of Speek's Frontends for command line audio related programs. ---------- The only solutions that I found was to: 1. Input into cleaning programs to exclude the file: opa11.bak Note: If opa11.bak is deleted it will trigger a missing file dialog when launching certain programs that rely upon Office installed system files such as mscomctl.ocx ("Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control DLL"), and perhaps other files which I was never able to determine which are installed by Office, not necessarily just Office 2003. 2. Copy all the .msi and .cab files from the Office 2003 install CD to a folder on the hard disk "C:\DRIVERS\OFFICE" and when I was asked again for the install CD I simply pointed to "C:\DRIVERS\OFFICE" and was never again bothered with a prompt to insert the install CD.
  16. What .dll file did you delete that is needed? I'm thinking there may be a easier solution to helping you since you don't seem familiar with MS-DOS.
  17. Thanks! That clears that up. Edit: Yup you're right, it comes from Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager from the Office 2003 installation. Funny thing is I've never even opened it once.
  18. That can happen if too many programs are running. It can also happen much easier if say for instance you are scanning with Ewido and your antivirus resident shield is still active. The scanning process is taking up so many resources because while Ewido is scanning it's also causing your resident shield to scan every file Ewido scans. Edit: I also experience "page peeling" with Spybot SD during the update process when trying to move the update dialog. Perhaps it's using a higher than normal thread priority.
  19. Andavari

    How to clean D:?

    alguien sabe como hacerlo = somebody knows like doing it
  20. I tried it out and it was interesting. The only thing peculiar is when it gave recommendations of fixing SQL Server settings which aren't even accessable on my system due to the fact I don't have a way to edit the settings as suggested in MBSA. I don't know if SQL Server has to be installed individually or not. The only SQL related item I have is listed in services.msc as SQLAgent$MICROSOFTBCM.
  21. Looks like I'm better off sticking with MS then. I wouldn't doubt if the "more secure" rating came from the release of SP2 for WinXP.
  22. If drive E:\ is a cd/dvd drive you need to use the option on the bootdisk to load cd drivers, which will allow you to access your cd/dvd drive within MS-DOS mode. Note: When in MS-DOS mode be careful, drive letters may get bumped back one or more letters.
  23. Because I'm seriously thinking WinXP is the last Microsoft operating system I ever intend to use I'd like to know if Linux is as easy to use as Windows, or at the least somewhat similar to Windows? Edit: The reason's I want to eventually switch is because Windows is laden with non-stop security issues and bugs. And since there's a plethora of open source Linux applications available.
  24. I think so, it's never messed up either of my two systems (Win98, WinXP). The only thing to avoid in it is the duplicate files finder.
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