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  1. I don't know if it's safe to remove or not. The safest approach would be to right click it, select properties and compress the folder contents. Yesterday I followed and did was is detailed in this article: cleaning up after installing WinXP SP2.
  2. It can be disabled by malware.
  3. Andavari

    L2 cache

    Cool tip! My factory specs say it's supposed to be 512kb, however after following your tip I found it was set at the Windows default 256kb.
  4. Are you saying when you click the button to fix the issue it causes your system to reboot?
  5. Perhaps it's the problem. Anything listed by the Issues scanner is safe to remove, however if you wish you can create a backup when prompted.
  6. That's why it's best left to Windows to manage.
  7. That swapfile/pagefile RAM x 2.5 reference has been around for ages. The only problem with it is you can run into memory related problems such as a program can run out of memory with such a "tweak" when it used to run fine. I used to use that "tweak" on my Win98 system however after undoing it I noticed no performance difference. ----- Edit: There's also this, I only tested it on Windows 98 and I don't even recommend using it anymore: ConservativeSwapfileUsage: On systems with more than 128MB Ram (not equal to) can use this setting to tell Windows to use the Swap file less and use system memory (ram) more for file usage. Normally the Swap file grows and shrinks constantly by 10's of megabytes every second, minute, etc., when you use different programs thus creating a lot of disk fragmentation. If you use big graphic programs it can grow by 100's of megabytes. The ConservativeSwapfileUsage line "may" improve system performance, and "may" speed up your system. It really isn't known just how effective this is. It was thoroughly tested on a Win98 system for over one year. The only thing that can really be said about it is that it DOES turns off the usage of the Swap file, e.g.; your system will not use the Swap file at all, this can of course cause severe system stability problems since your system memory is the only means for memory and Windows won't have anywhere to Swap the memory to a file. Note: All I could tell this was doing was causing less disk thrashing. It also decreases the time it takes to defrag, hence defrag doesn't have to move hundreds of megabytes around the swapfile. Below is how the ConservativeSwapfileUsage should look in the system.ini file: [386Enh] ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1
  8. I think ewido would probably be the solution, although it would need dedicated antivirus built-in as well as a firewall. Of course it would bloat the app, however I see it as being a prime candidate for such an evolution.
  9. This will do it. It will delete the log file and then shutdown Windows. Note: Save any open documents you have before running it, since Windows will shutdown in three seconds after running the batch file. XCOPY /Y "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.1" "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.log"ATTRIB +A "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.log"shutdown -s -t 3 -c "System Shutdown"EXIT
  10. Andavari

    Keep favicon

    I forgot I even posted that in that other thread. That other thread has much better instructions as well.
  11. I've noticed that WinXP will compress rarely used files on own without being told to do so. If your hard disk is running out of that much space you can free up space by burning setup programs, music files, etc., to CD's or DVD's. If you have really precious data that you want to last a long time I'd recommend being paranoid and make two CD or DVD backups that way if one backup fails you'll have another one.
  12. The best bet would probably be to visit a Mac software download site.
  13. Thanks Tarun, however Windows One Cure isn't exactly what I had in mind since I do have the time and technical expertise to secure and manage my computer on a daily basis.
  14. Andavari

    Keep favicon

    You can keep a favicon if you open the Temporary Internet Files folder, find the icon and then copy it to another folder. Depending upon how a webpage is written the favicon may be in one of your systems temp folders like: C:\Windows\Temp Note: Internet Explorer will give you a warning about copying any files from the Temporary Internet Files folder. After you've copied the favicon you can then right click the favorites shortcut and set it to the favicon you've stored elsewhere.
  15. It's safe to clean all of the issues detected, CCleaner unlike some other programs with registry cleaners only finds safe invalid entries to remove, it doesn't have the "best" registry cleaner however it does have the safest. If you're at all feeling paranoid go ahead and save a backup when a dialog pops up. A good place to store any backups would be: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Undo Tip: Keep re-running the issues scanner until nothing is found.
  16. The "ZoneAlarm tvDebug.log Emptier.bat" was just a name I gave the batch file, you can name it whatever you wish. If you don't understand exactly how to create it here's some more instructions: 1. Open Notepad. 2. Save an empty document as (use the quotes): "%windir%\Internet Logs\tvDebug.1" 3. Close Notepad, and then re-open Notepad and input the following three lines (copy and paste): XCOPY /Y "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.1" "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.log" ATTRIB +A "%WINDIR%\INTERNET LOGS\tvDebug.log" EXIT 4. Save this document anywhere you wish as (use the quotes): "ZoneAlarm tvDebug.log Emptier.bat" You can move the *.bat file anywhere you wish, I put it in the "C:\Windows\Internet Logs" folder and then created a shortcut to it in the ZoneAlarm start menu program group. It's only purpose is to copy the 0 bytes file tvDebug.1 to the tvDebug.log.
  17. Microsoft Search. I didn't look at what the search results are, however to get a correct answer get it from Microsoft.
  18. Although I don't like MSAS because the GUI is slowish/sluggish, and it ties up my dial-up connection for some minutes I would have to go with it merely for its plethora of resident protection agents. If Microsoft is smart they'll turn MSAS into more than just an anti-spyware program and integrate anti-virus features, and a full featured firewall as well and make it a standard feature of Windows.
  19. What I experienced could just be system specific, e.g.; a specific problem running on my systems. However I'm pretty good at finding bugs and faults in programs. Internet Explorer can be blocked by an outbound firewall, however just running explorer.exe to load a website will circumvent it which is completely silly, I surely don't understand why Microsoft will allow explorer.exe to fetch a website and then dump it into Internet Explorer. That's a huge security risk and is one reason why I deny explorer.exe any Internet access and have been doing that for approximately five years now. Also using a software-based proxy server in the form of some ad filtering software can fool an outbound firewall by letting a blocked Internet Explorer access a web site.
  20. Andavari

    Long live DJ

    Yes farewell DJ, he will be greatly missed here by all. This forum in my opinion has lost a genius. I'm not in charge however in my own opinion (now that I can look back) I think it was a mistake to add HJT analysis to the CCleaner forums, to me it seems that it dominates the forums. Although many people have had excellent help to remove malware from their systems, I personally think HJT analysis should be moved elsewhere to a different forum that is solely dedicated to providing analysis and security advisement, and let the CCleaner Forums revert back to being the CCleaner Forums. To me all forums go the route that a few or many long time members "may" be experiencing, e.g.; the honeymoon is over. As an analogy (think that's the proper wording, unsure) I love mint flavoured black tea with sugar and Equal to sweeten it however if I drink too much of it on a regular basis it doesn't seem to have any taste whatsoever (weird just had to throw that in). I think this happens when a forum (experience) is no longer new or exciting, and becomes a sort of routine like a job. That's just my take on it, and how I generally experience forums since I can get bored doing just about anything real fast. Glad to hear I'm wanted on Lunarsoft, however I'll have to think about it for a bit. I probably won't leave the CCleaner Forums, however if the likes (in no particular order) of; rridgely, CaPMan, Tarun, englishmen, agumon were to no longer show up I'd probably jump ship as well, however I'd still visit here from time to time hence I'll have to download new versions of CCleaner.
  21. Andavari

    Registry Compacter

    Compacting the registry has the potential of screwing up! I had a problem luckily only with some shortcuts after running NTREGOPT. There's also RegCompact.NET which displays the before and after compression results before committing to an actual compression which can save time if compression isn't necessary.
  22. To my amazement the Task Scheduler does the same thing on my WinXP SP2 system, I only found out when trying to add a new scheduled task.
  23. When I used to use AntiVir it was when they had an English forum and a good forum it was, however when they suspended their English forum and only had a German forum I stopped using it since their forum was the only form of support for the free home edition. There's another antivirus product that looks just like AntiVir however it isn't free with the same GUI, etc., so perhaps they share technologies with another vendor, sorry I don't remember the name of it.
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