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  1. My mom's computer is a Compaq. The touchpad is really annoying because I have to lift my finger at least twice to go anywhere and the pad doesn't seem very accurate. Even worse, there's no third buton and that makes using Firefox frustrating. I bought a little Logitech mouse today which works great. Btw, I'm glad I'm back. I missed me.
  2. I'm using my mom's new laptop and finally noticed if I rest the pointer on anything selectable (like a true or false choice, lol) it gets selected automatically while I try to come up with the answer. I scored about 112 if I remember. Huge drop from my teens and twenties (I'm 46). Maybe I should let this laptop and its obnoxious Synaptics Touchpad take the test without me...
  3. The report in my previous post was not the one I was thinking of after all. The one I had read before is actually a FEMA report entitled World Trade Center Building Performance Study. It's easy to understand and has some spectacular photography in my opinion. It can be found here. The catch is you have to download each chapter seperately. I've never found it as a single download. To get a good idea of the layout and quality of the study in general you could download Chapter 4. Thanks again and sorry for the mistake.
  4. I looked at the Flash Player section of the Mozilla Add Ons section and it says to install the latest version from the Flash Player website. I found a troubleshooting guide on Adobe's website here. A couple things it mentions are: Popup blockers Security settings This I didn't know. It says the latest version is the first where you have to uninstall any previous versions before installing the new one. It also says all browsers must be closed during installation. Hopefully there is something on the page that is helpful.
  5. I think found the report I was thinking about. It was produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It's mostly technical information and almost 300 pages long but I thought it was interesting. However, I'm not sure how many other people would find it interesting. Maybe you could take a look and see if it's something you think is appropriate for your website. Thanks Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers.
  6. I took a quick look around and will be visiting back again soon. I really like the colors and the setup on the homepage [and the other pages]. The attack map is very interesting but the white background is so bright and the style is quite a bit more basic than the high tech look of the rest of the page so it kind of distracts. It seems to leap off the page. Is there possibly a way to darken the background? I think the 911 pictures and info are very interesting. I used to be almost obsessed with 911 and looking through the pictures brings some of that back. But that's good and that's important to me because as painful as it can be, We Must Never Forget. On the 911 info pages could you add links to the official government reports? At the moment I can't remember the organization that produced the lengthy technical report with many photos and diagrams included. I'll look for it and let you know what it's title is if you're interested. I'm sure the material linked to on your site refers to it but I haven't read through most of it yet. Lastly, would you consider adding a page for Flight 800 information and theories? I was watching TV that night and in the live interviews of witnesses every one saw a streak of light eminate from the ground [more than likely the ocean] and then the explosions in the air. I think the conclusion that it was a spark in the fuel tank or a buildup of static electricity is preposterous. I agree with Saturday Night Live's comment on a Weekend Update segment that is more accurate: Flight 800 was brought down by a spark in the fuel tank that occurred after the plane was struck by a missile. All in all I think your think your website is great and I'm very impressed ! Keep up the good work.
  7. I'm guessing that by filing the lawsuit M$ can now try to get a court order to try to have him identified through his ISP. I'm not one who usually takes the side of a hacker but I think Fair Use is a valid point and you should be able to make at least one copy for a backup.
  8. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. has sued an anonymous computer hacker whose free program allows users to copy digital movies and songs by bypassing a software protection built into the company's Media player. The world's biggest software maker charges the hacker known as "Viodentia" has illegally obtained propriety source code to produce the program called FairUse4WM, sparking fears it could enable consumers to illegally copy digital content. Article
  9. GREENSBORO, N.C. ? Honda, the Japanese giant that has given the USA motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers and weed whackers, puts its newest product on sale starting next month: a little $3 million business jet. It's a sporty airplane that stands 13 feet tall at the top of its tail, seats six or seven people and flies faster than its closest rivals ? as fast as 480 miles per hour. Its distinctive look comes from top-mounted engines on the wings; an elongated, tapered nose; and a striking pearlescent dark-sky-blue color scheme. Article
  10. Ouch ! You could be right. But I think the more logical reason you think that is Donald Rumsfeld used his Neocon Telekinetic Mind Control Ray Gun on your brain and now he is secretly willing you to do his bidding . I've heard the Discovery Channel is really good but obviously since I have dialup I can't afford cable either. But hey, thanks for reminding me of my pathetic life [AGAIN!] .
  11. This story is just bizarre. Of course I don't really know if it's true or not but if it is it just seems ridiculous. I guess anything is possible nowadays. As a person who dabbled with sportscasting in college, I operated under the impression that my job was sports not politics. Sports were sports and you leave your politics off the air It's a very simple standard. If I want to watch football for three hours, give me football. Unfortunately, ESPN has continuously violated this concept. If ESPN is going to play phony tapes for politicians, then they need to be pressured off the air. Article
  12. TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- Japan's Sharp Corp. said on Wednesday it has developed the world's first liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that allows the viewing of three different images on one screen at the same time. Article
  13. Dude, you really crack me up ! I was even going write in my post that I hoped no one would make fun of my dial up connection or suggest I get broadband but I'm trying to keep my posts shorter so people don't fall asleep or start cursing or leave the forum or blow up their PCs with C4 or worse. No I don't live in the bush. Unless you mean The Land Where Bush is the King. Well I do but I don't have enough money to live here well. If I had enough money I'd move to Sweden or Finland and get a great connection for 32?! Thanks for the laugh !
  14. Thanks Eldmannen! I knew I had seen that somewhere and I couldn't find it by searching. I forgot it was called "Portable." Here is the link Matt1492: CCleaner Portable And welcome to the forum !
  15. To delete the second user account you can go to Control Panel and double click on User Accounts and delete from there. Assuming you can see the icon, lol. [sorry]
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