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  1. A optimizing computer site says that CCleaner slows down the system performance by deleting old prefetch file you can prevent this by opening CCleaner under system uncheck Old Prefetch Data
  2. Anwar

    FF IE theme

    Well at least I can use Avant browser same as Internet Explorer but with tab browsing it can also display i.e sites like MS update
  3. Anwar

    FF IE theme

    Instead is there any extensions for Internet Explorer?
  4. Anwar

    Look here please!

    Hello!!! I am asking if openoffice supports all MS Office extensions please anwser!
  5. Anwar

    Look here please!

    But still does openoffice support all microsoft office extensions?
  6. Should I choose openoffice or microsoft office both of them have the same utility but openoffice supports more file extensions like pdf,doc does openoffice supports powerpoint files somethings I have homework with those! Oh yes my friends here the link it is also recommended that you use a download manager ( YOU CAN FIND ONE IN THE TOPIC CALLED FREEWARE) size 75mb
  7. Since outpost is great and it is the same as Lavasoft personal firewall which is better it looks the same but outpost has plug-ins and lavasoft doesnt still which is better? remember outpost is better!
  8. Then again agreed! I was so happy that day until nobody understand what I am talking anyway I found one but refuse to join because of horrid language! Horrid: Bad behavior Refuse: I dont want to
  9. Instead go to Softpedia to download it instead type in the search box "innovative firewall manager"
  10. ALL RIGHT rridgely I wrote google it by the way here Innovative
  11. It is a software to get more abilities from Windows XP SP2 firewall, I still dont know if it's invisible to hackers but it is special gooogle it to find more information!
  12. So you think I am joking like I dont know right? Good thing that I cant edit it at all! NO CHANCE to edit it!
  13. How about adding a shredder so some unwanted files cannot be found or recovered!
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