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    Yeah, they impose all the laws and start two wars and still haven't caught the 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden yet. According to a cable news channel (don't remember which one), supposedly FEMA's slow response to Hurricane Katrina relief was the result of FEMA having to direct most of their resources to homeland security because of 9/11 here in the U.S.A.
  2. Indeed. Some of the best RPG's ever that are worth every cent.
  3. Sometime has already passed it's now some three months later after Spybot SD 1.4 was released.
  4. Make sure the program is closed before running CCleaner.
  5. Make sure the program is closed before running CCleaner.
  6. Cleaner->Cleaner Settings->Windows->Advanced->Place a check mark in Custom Folders
  7. So in other words you would've been looking for girls.
  8. You could uncheck the cleaning of Office 2003 for more than just the issue you've discovered, such as having your settings remain intact which is the reason I no longer allow CCleaner to clean Office 2003.
  9. I've been using Arovax Shield for two days now and so far it's good, I don't even notice it's running at all as it seems rather light on my system even though it's memory usage is currently 15,960 K.
  10. Compression is alright for things like "C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles" and other folders/files you'll more than likely never open. I've compressed some folders/files that I don't use that however may be needed by Windows at some time and have saved about 300MB disk space.
  11. Andavari

    OEM Computer

    I personally wouldn't overclock any PC for the simple fact it "may lead to instability issues that may result into random crashing," etc., I would instead invest into something newer and faster if the current system can't be upgraded any further. I think I've read about overclocking also possibly causing data corruption, and memory errors, however since I've never did it myself I really don't know for sure.
  12. Yeah but if the Prefetch folder gets messed up using pointless "tweaks" it can repair it by rebuilding a new layout.ini file.
  13. Yes in order to play the media files. Media Player Classic looks like Windows Media Player 6.4, however it's a different animal altogether since it can play so many formats including streaming them.
  14. IExpress is pretty cool. I was using a batch file to create sfx .cab archives, now I can use a simple GUI. Thanks for the info!
  15. So what are you doing making light of the gulf coast situation?
  16. Andavari


    Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic A free memory diagnostic program from Microsoft. It can create a bootable floppy disk, or a bootable CD using an .iso.
  17. Andavari


    That's how it is in WinXP. Sorry I didn't even notice the thread said Win2000. My bad!
  18. CCleaner doesn't secure erase the file, it just deletes it on the next reboot.
  19. Indeed they should. If something tries to tamper with ZoneAlarm it warns the user.
  20. Andavari


    Display Properties->Desktop->Customize Desktop->Uncheck the icons
  21. As Mangix already stated it isn't gauranteed. People are too damned paranoid, so calm down use the Windows Genuine Advantage and get the updates from the official source Microsoft.
  22. 1. 2 or more years, I'm talking about the CMOS battery. 2. If you have a battery tester you can check the CMOS battery which is nothing more than a battery used in digital watches.
  23. Get's my vote as well since it can do batch conversions like resizing and even outputting to a different image format.
  24. There's another thread here about the issue. I guess it's system dependent meaning rather it locks the system, or is just a slowdown for registry cleaning.
  25. The actual location IE places the bookmarks in isn't a folder called bookmarks, it's a folder called favorites and it is located at: %userprofile%\favorites Also CCleaner doesn't do anything to IE's bookmarks.
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